Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dirty Dash Day

Today was the day to get down and dirty at the Waterloo Running Series' Dirty Dash here in Waterloo, ON. 

My children and I had a great time!  I ran the 4K race at 10:00am and then joined my children for the 1K fun run at 11:00am. 

Here we are at home before leaving to go to the event...

Now at the start line as we were waiting for the 8K runners to hit the mud pit...

There was no way I was taking my iPhone with me for this race, so I left it with my husband to take pictures of us. 

It was a hot day and today's 4K run felt harder than the 12.79K I ran yesterday. LOL  Today was to be my rest day but I could not pass up this fun event to be a part of. Plus, I was able to get a full body mud wrap without having to make an appointment at the spa. 

That's me in the middle swimming in the mud pit. 

I had to pull up my shorts as I exited the pit...
My whites were no longer white. I must see how well my washing machine works later.  After finishing the 4K, I made my way over to the Dirty Dash photo banner for my first after shot ...
I think I was sporting about 5+ pounds of mud by this time. LOL  I remained covered in mud as it was almost time for the Kids Fun Run. With 5 minutes to go until the start, we got ready at the starting line. 

The mud was starting to dry as you can see on my left shoulder, so it was time to run and end with the mud put again. 

My son wanted to run on his own and my daughter wanted me to run with her. I wish I had a camera at this point because my daughter was a star. So was my son, but I only saw him for a few minutes and then he was off and running.  The 1K course went into the woods shortly after we started, which was nice because it was cooler in there. We ran through the woods down to the stream which was about the half way point.  Then once our feet were cooled by running through the water we made our way up the hill into the final stretch. The reason why I say my daughter was a star was because she pretty much ran the entire way. The final hill was a bit tough for her so she decided to walk, but not for long. She was off and running towards the mud pit finish. 
We were able to catch up to my son at the finish. He was in the middle of the mud pit as we were about to enter. 

My son is the one in the white t-shirt. In the last photo, my daughter and I are just at the edge of the mud, getting ready to dive in. She was a little bit nervous I think but she went in anyway. She got scared when she thought she was stuck, but I pulled her out and plunked her down once again. She was starting to have fun again and she crawled her way through the mud. 

Here she is swimming through the mud...
We are the muddy ones in the middle going under the flags...
Here we are, the Dirty Duo making our way out...

After grabbing a drink of water, we made our way over for our group "After" shot...
They don't look happy, but they were. They were hungry and wanted to wash off a bit. But first...

We went back down to the stream to wash off. My kids loved that too!

It was a great day!

Looking forward to our next run together. That one will be, In Running Colour, on Saturday August 24th at Columbia Lake in Waterloo. 

Thank you Waterloo Running Series for putting on such great events. 

I will keep you posted on how clean I get out clothes from today. They are soaking right now and will be hitting the washing machine later tonight. 

I know it's been awhile since my last post, but I was on holidays the first week of July and then this past week was time for getting back to reality. I hope I will be able to do a recap of the past couple weeks. I stuck to my 21K training and I will tell you all about another day. 

Until then...Stay Strong!


                         Face First
                     All Cleaned Up