Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 89 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 89 = Workout 12...I did Workout 6 again

Workout 6 is another great workout.  I think Workouts 6 & 7 will be my go to workouts when I want to mix things up with other workouts in the future.  Don't get me wrong all the Body Revolution workouts are great but these are two of my favourite.

They say bad things usually come in 3's.

#1 - I got my period this morning.  I really wasn't hoping to star in a commercial for "Tampax was there!" for my first 5K race but I guess it's going to happen.

#2 - I pulled something in my neck/shoulder/back area on the left side.  Remember a few weeks ago when I tried moving the table from the daycare up 3 flights of stairs for my son's birthday party, and I pulled something in this same area?  This morning during my workout, I was doing the Lat Pull/Sit Up with 10 pound dumbbells and during the second round, the pain came back.  Thankfully I was almost done with the workout.  Once I got upstairs, I could barely get out of my workout top.  I have been in pain pretty much most of the day.  I won't really affect me in my running, but it just sucks that the pain is there.

#3 - The weather is crap for my first 5K race tomorrow.  So at around 2pm today it began to snow here.  It continued on into the evening, the roads are crap and lots of accidents around because people don't remember how to drive in the snow yet this snowy season.  The first few snow falls always create accidents on the roads.  Anyway, that gets me back to my third point...crap weather.  For me, the person who is slowly coming out of their shell of running in not-so-perfect conditions, I am being christened with everything for my first race.  The weather for tonight is freezing rain and in the morning too.  GREAT!!!! 

Well...with all this going on, it will show me how strong I really am.  I will get through it all.

Tonight I went to pick up my race kit which included my new running clothes for tomorrow's race...
Sorry...I forgot to shave for this one...hehe
At least it will help keep my face warm...I hope.
The hat is a bit on the small size.  I was hoping to wear a toque underneath the Santa hat.  Maybe I'll wear some ear muffs.  I will have more pictures tomorrow.  Once I tried on my suit, I went upstairs to show my husband and kids and this is what happened...
This was the second time my son has sat on Santa's lap.  He has never wanted to go to the mall Santa and I have never pushed it either.  Maybe he knows something we don't.
And this was my daughter's first time on Santa's lap.
is this a little doll from Santa's workshop????
Either way, she is SUPER cute!

I was going to get into today's food, but it is getting late and I must get some rest before tomorrow.  I want to get rid of this shoulder pain.  Hopefully a good night's sleep will help it out.  In regards to my period...well...thankfully I'm will be wearing red tomorrow...sorry.  And with the weather, well...I just hope I don't slip and fall.  If I have to walk at some be it.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Until then...Stay Strong!
Good night

Santa Trina

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 88 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 88 = Workout 7 instead of 11

I LOVE this workout!  Have I mentioned that before?!?!?!? LOL  I think so!  This workout alone has brought me out of that flabby state that I was feeling just a few short days ago.  I feel strong and fit once again.  Not that I was, I just wasn't feeling it because of the lack of energy I had this fall.  I feel like my body is now ready for another change.

This has to be a short post today.  Things didn't turn out as I planned for them to.  I told you all that I wanted to go for another run didn't happen.  My husband had to work late, and then once he returned home, we ate dinner and then I had to go out and pick up some more thread for the job that I am working on.  By the time we got back home it was too late.  I wanted to work some more and I was messing around with something else.  It all started last night when a friend had posted something on Facebook.  He posted a video of his daughter made up through JibJab.  It was hilarious and I just had to do one of my son.  Take a look...
Here is another one coming up that my kids and I made up tonight.  My daughter got upset because her character hits and goes right through the tree.  Real tears were streaming down her face...

We made a bunch up and that is why this post must be cut short.  You can too.  Check out the JibJab Ad in the side bar of my blog.  There are a lot of really fun videos and cards to choose from.

I'm running out of time in my day.  And that's about the only running that's happening today.  Hopefully I can get out for a short one tomorrow.

But before I go I MUST tell you about my breakfast this morning.  It was to die for!

Today's food...
Breakfast: Phat's French Toast topped with Peanut Butter and Honey

This was SO good!
I may just have it again in the morning.
I used to love eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches.  Sadly, I do not do that anymore.  Today however, I created this master piece.  I combined my French toast recipe...2 egg whites, cinnamon, 7 grain bread, topped with heated peanut butter and honey.  Mmm...good!  Packed with protein and only a bit of natural sugar from the honey.  Try it and tell me what you think.

Okay I must go now...I must.  Tomorrow's workout will be the back of the body, not sure yet which one I will do.  Maybe 6 again or maybe 8.  I will check it out in the morning and I will let you know what I have done.  This will be the last weight workout for Body Revolution for this round.  I will finish off the 90 days with my 5K run on Saturday.

I will catch up with you tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 87 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 87 = Cardio 3

I chose to do some Yoga instead.  But don't worry, I did not stray away from Jillian.  I did her Yoga Meltdown.  It felt really good, no GREAT, to stretch out this morning after running last night.  I am planning on running again tomorrow so I am not too worried that I did not do Cardio today.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Chocolate Banana Protein Mug Cake
Today's Mug Cake was made with 2 egg whites instead of just 1 egg.  Not so nice looking...
It needed a longer cooking time and it didn't set up like the one made with the whole egg.
I think I will stick with using the whole egg from now on.

Lunch: Chicken and Barely with a Salad
I was cleaning out the freezer and I came across a bag of Barely Soup with Turkey sausage.  I had started to cook up some chicken already, so I added the soup in the pot with the chicken.  I let most of the liquid cook up so that is was not like a soup any more.  I paired it up with a salad and enjoyed it very much.

Snack: Cheese Balls
I bought this HUGE container of Cheese Balls from the store the other day thinking that the daycare kids would love them, and they do.  I know it's not the most healthiest of treats to eat, but it's fun!

Dinner: Turkey Burger, Guacamole and Chips
SO good!  
Enough said!

Snack: Clementines
These are much better than cheese balls!

Last night I became aware of a HUGE sale on these babies.  @btc_blog had posted the below picture on Instagram and Facebook of the Truck Load Sale that Dutchie's was having on the clementines.  
I needed to get some.  SO...if you live in the Waterloo, ON area, Dutchie's have them on sale for $1.99.  They have more coming in tomorrow as the people the Guinness Book of Records is coming in to check out the display.  It's out in the parking lot and it's massive, you won't miss it as you can see.

I will be doing Workout 7 again in the morning.  I love that one!  Then sometime tomorrow evening I will go for another run.  

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S. go get your clementines before they are all gone! LOL

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 86 of Round 2 body Revolution

Day 86 = Workout 12

I did Workout 6 instead today.

You know how I said that Workout 7 may make me hurt while I breathe???...mission accomplished.  My abs have been worked, and it feels so good.  I wasn't sure which workout I would do this morning until I was in my workout area.  I put in Workout 6 and I know my abs are going to be screaming tomorrow.  This was a great combination I would say.  Always remember if you are going to switch things up, do the front and then the back of the body.  Make sure you let the muscles you worked the day before rest before you work them again.

My plan this week was to run two more times before my first 5K run this Saturday.  So...tonight I decided to run to my daughter's dance class.  I ran about 5.5K with a few sprints at the end.  The only reason why I did those was because I was listening to my music and Katy Perry's Firework came on and I couldn't help myself during the chorus.  Plus I was late for my daughter's dance class(but she knew I would be a little late).
Ooh...I look so serious.
NO...the people around me probably thought..."look at her, taking pictures of herself".
This is MY life and MY proof of the good run I had tonight.

I got stuck at a few lights on my way there too, so it took me a few minutes longer.  I felt a little bit slower because I was looking out for icy patches, but it was pretty clear for the most part.  I have already told you that I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to outdoor running.  I am getting over my fear of not-so-perfect conditions, it's a work in progress.  Just like everything else on my journey.
I was thinking tonight, many people wants abs like steel, or buns like steel...I want Quads like steel.  I want to have rock hard quads that have that nice curved shape in the back.  I have always wanted that, and now I am that much closer to getting them.  Don't get me wrong, I want to hard abs and the hard buns too.  After my workout yesterday and today, my buns are feeling stronger again.

Throughout this fall, I have felt that I haven't been myself due to that nasty cold.  I have felt that I haven't been very motivating to you and I apologize for that.  But this week, my last week of this second round of Body Revolution, I finally feel like myself again, that Stay Strong Trina that I became this year.  I will finish this year off strong and so will you.  I posted on my Facebook page, to Start TODAY and NOT the beginning of the New Year!  Just think how much better you will feel ringing in the 2013 if you start TODAY.  Even if you have a few treats over the holidays, you will be ahead of the rest of the people that already have it set in their minds that they will start to get healthy on January 1st(of what year I ask them???)  If YOU start now, you will not be one of those people who start off the New Year with good intentions and then slide off your so called Resolution a month after you have made it.  Start NOW...well maybe not right now as you might be going to bed, but you know what I mean.  Don't wait until 2013.  Finish 2012 off with a new beginning.  The beginning of YOUR journey to A Healthier Version of YOU.  I want to hear your plans.  Your plans inspire me too.  YOU are an inspiration to ME.

I received a message yesterday from a friend of mine from High School.  She was asking me about Body Revolution and how it could help her get rid of some fat around the mid section and release her from the hold that sugar has over her.  I loved her line..."I am a carb ho thru and thru".  That could refer to many people out there.  With Body Revolution, as well as some other programs out there such as the Eat Clean Diet series and the Clean Eating Magazines and cookbooks, they can all help get the "Carb Ho" out of us.  For years I have been buying and trying meals out of the Clean Eating magazines and it wasn't until I did Body Revolution that I realized just how I NEED to be eating in order to eliminate fat from my body and build muscle.  Through the 7-Day KickStart of BR, it will help free you from the hold that sugars have on us.  All sugars are removed from the meals that you will be eating.  The following weeks you will reintroduced some sugars but in the natural way through fruits and other natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup and agave syrup.  I like to use coconut palm sugar when I bake or sucanat.

My friend is also training for a Half Marathon, (AWESOME!!!!), and she was wondering if training and doing BR would be too much.  My response...If it feels like it is too much at times, just back off a little.  With the workouts only being around 30 minutes long, I think it would be a great compliment to her training.  Since I have been running on and off throughout this year, I have never found it to be too much.  Saying that though, I am not training for a Half Marathon, well not yet anyway.

She sent me another message today, saying that she got Body Revolution and was going to maybe start it December 1st or January all know what I think already.  I suggested to read through everything and decide on which day of the week would be the Rest Day.  Once you know which day will be your day of rest, start the weekday after the selected Rest Day.  My Rest Days are Sundays, I began the program on a Monday.
I guess she was reading over all the information and she came to the part about NO alcohol.  She sent me another message stating that she has 3 kids and how NO alcohol would work.  I sent her a message back stating that I run a home daycare.  If that doesn't stress you out, I don't know what will. LOL.  There are days where IF I drank, I think I would be drunk from the moment the last child left the daycare until my head hit my pillow or the toilet, I guess depending on what I was drinking. LOL  But I don't drink, you all know that.  Maybe once in a while I may have a few if out with friends, but that hasn't seemed to happen lately.  You all know how my "Girls Night Out" didn't because I was sick with the flu or something.  With the whole "No Alcohol" thing for the 90 days, it will help teach you self control.  It's the same with cutting out the sugar the first week.  You must learn self control and will power.  You will get stronger in every way as you go along.  Yes you might have a day where you lose it, but just remember how far you have come and where you want to be.  You don't want that spare tire around your waist anymore.  Get the laundry off your gut, and let's see that washboard stomach you have hiding under there.  Oh yeah!'s there, you just have to put in some hard work to find it. Don't worry you are not alone, I am talking to myself too.  I still have a few pairs of socks and some knickers resting on my washboard.

BIG REMINDER to EVERYONE: Before you begin your journey TODAY...take some measurements, take some photos of yourself(as unpleasant as you may think they are, they are a necessity to your journey,  and YES, step on that scale(but don't become a slave to it).  I haven't stepped on the scale in months.  I think the next time I do, will be January 1, 2013.

Thank you CC for your messages.  I hope I have been able to answer your questions, and please feel free to contact me any time.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Chocolate Banana Protein Mug Cake...Talk about a "Carb Ho" LOL...this looks sinful!
I thought I would try another one.  This one was divine...

It looks like there is a lot of chocolate in this because all the chocolate dropped to the bottom of the mug.  When you turn the mug over, the bottom becomes the top of your cake.  
My protein powder that I used, is a unflavoured one, but you could use chocolate if you want or any other flavour.

Lunch: Chicken Salad
Quick and simple...
...and oh so good!

Snack: Guacamole with Chips
I made the guacamole earlier and made the chips after we returned home tonight.  So even though this appears like an afternoon snack, it was an evening snack while Working, Writing and Watching again.

Dinner: Chicken Teriyaki Salad
On our way home from dance class tonight, my husband asked me "What's for dinner?"  I replied, "I don't know, whatever you are making."  He then started heading away from the direction of our home.  I thought "WTF?"  We ended up at the Golden Arches, McD's, the place that has french fries that are totally bad for me, but taste oh so good.  I was good though.  I ordered a salad like I normally do now at any "fast food" restaurant.  I did sneak a couple fries out of my husband's box(he doesn't need them all either).  With my salad, I didn't add on any extra dressing and ordered it with grilled chicken.
I forgot to take a picture as we ran into one of my daycare kids and his Dad there.  My kids wanted to sit with them so we all got to talking and I forgot the picture.

I must go now.  As you can see I am on a roll tonight with this post.  I am in my element right now.  My sewing machine is by my side working away, and I am writing this post between snipping threads and setting up a new cape.  My movie is done, so that tells me that I have been done here long enough.  My husband and children are all asleep in their beds and that is where I must go in order to get up in the morning to KILL whichever Cardio workout I plan to do.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 85 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 85 = Workout 7

You're like..."WTF is she doing?"  This is the first day of my last should be Workout 11, but I chose to do Workout 7 instead.  I find Workout 7 to be very challenging, and it really works the Abs...BIG time!  My weights for this one have all been through the UP button, I used 8's and 10's for this workout.  And all the Push Ups were done from the toes. The first time I did this workout in Round 1 back in the spring, it hurt to breathe the next day.  Since then my abs have gotten much stronger so I know that I won't be feeling like that tomorrow.  Or will I???  We shall see.  When I did this workout the first time in the 2nd round, I was just getting over that nasty cold I had, or maybe I still had it, either way I wasn't feeling the energy and the strength as I did during the first round.  Today however, I felt strong and I had the energy to push through all the moves.  Looking backing at this second round, I should have really started over midway through.  As I have mentioned about that cold, because it knocked me on my A$$, I haven't had the results I wanted to get.  This is not an excuse what so is reality.  I try to push through my workouts as best I could and helped to maintain my body without much change.  Which is good too.  Does it sound like I am trying to convince myself that it is okay that I didn't lose any pounds or inches????  If so, it's because it's true.  I really wanted to hit my goal by the end of these 90 days, but sometimes things out of our control happen and alter our plans.  As long as you can stay focused, you can still come out on top.  I am still fitting into the new jeans that I bought myself way back in the spring and that right there is a BIG plus.  I can run 5K still and this weekend I will be running my first 5K race.  A bit of a downside, I feet like I have lost some muscle mass.  I am feeling a little bit on the flabby side.  I have done more cardio the last couple weeks and went lighter on some of the weights through the nasty cold period, so it's time to bump it up again.  Today I did that.  I think I might ask Santa to bring me another 25 lb plate so that I can do some heavier Dead Lifts.  That might be asking too much though, I don't know if Santa has been working out or not, he might not be able to lift that...LOL.

Over the month of December I am going to resume my Killer Abs workouts with Jillian.  When I got sick with that nasty cold, I didn't have the energy to continue on with them.  But it's time to do them once again.  I may even do the 30 Day Shred again.  That is the one that started it all for me.  Well after about a month into working out in 2011, I buy myself Jillian's 30 Day Shred and it made me one of Jillian's crew.  I have all of her workouts with exception to the Beginner ones, so I have a variety to choose from.  I may even mix in a little Brazil Butt Lift...the High & Tight is a good one.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Multi-grain Pancakes Smothered with Raspberries
This wasn't my first idea for my breakfast this morning.  I mentioned yesterday that I might try making another Mug Cake only with fruit, and I did.  I tried making one with raspberries...oh crap, I forgot to take a picture of it.  I made it and then took to kids to the bus stop.  By the time I returned home it was all kind of rubbery like.  I tasted it, not so nice.  I think if I would have eaten it when it was still warm, it would have been okay.  With the whey protein powder, it does kind of dry it out.  Maybe a little bit of almond milk would help things out a bit.  It's worth a try...tomorrow.
So with that said, this is what I had for breaky this morning...

A friend of mine whom I follow on Instagram, posted a picture of a delicious looking treat yesterday.  A Cashew Butter Cup.  It looked so good I just had to try making one.  But I didn't have any Cashew Butter in the house.  Soooo, I grabbed the few raw cashews that I had and ground to a paste.  That's what Omar said that Jillian and her crew were going to do this morning in Workout 7, so that's what I did to the cashews.  I melted some dark chocolate and put it in a silicone baking mold.  I let outer layer of chocolate set up, and then placed a scoop of Cashew butter in and poured some more melted chocolate on top to seal it up.  I let it sit to set up.  Que the Jeopardy music here >>>>______.  

Lunch:  Baked Sweet Potato topped with Chicken and Salsa

This is one of my favourite quick and easy meals.  Well it's easy as long as I have my homemade salsa on hand.

Snack: Is the Jeopardy music still playing???  Ah...No!
It was ready.  The Cashew Butter Cup.  Mine wasn't really a "cup", but more like a heart.  I don't have any silicone baking cups so I made it in a heart shaped mold.  
It worked! And it was really good.  
Next time though, I will make them smaller.  I do have other proper chocolate molds(bite size) that I will try next time.  Those could be dangerous though...bite size...yikes!  Too many bites can make for a BIG A$$.

Dinner: Chili from Tim Hortons
I couldn't eat all of my chili tonight, I think I was too full from the Chocolate Cashew Butter Heart. LOL

So tonight I am working, writing and watching, which equals MULTITASKING at it's finest.  I am working on the embroidery job that I have going on right now.  I am writing this post. And I am watching a movie on the T.V. in the other room which I can conveniently see from my sewing table(I set it up like this when I set my room up).  The movie is more so just for company and noise.  I am watching Rock of Ages yet again.  "I Wanna ROCK!"

I am going to wrap it up now though, time to get my butt into bed.  Not sure which workout I am going to do in the morning, maybe workout 6.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 84 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 84 = Rest Day

I did take my rest day as a rest and recovery day from being ill yesterday.  It wasn't all rest though, I did do some work down in my sewing room.  I love being in there...except because I haven't been able to spend much time in there it is a mess.  A complete and utter mess.  This mess causes me stress and more so now because I have a job I need to get done.  SO...tonight when I was working, I also started to clean up my sewing table at the same time.  I could feel some of the stress lifting off of my shoulders.  I was starting to feel better about my work space again.  I can feel some creations brewing in the future.

This is the eve of my last week of Body Revolution.  Instead of Workout 11, I have already put in Workout 7 in the DVD player for tomorrow morning's workout, as I mentioned I was going to do.

I experimented with making a protein mug cake today.  I have seen a lot show up on Instagram, and thought I should try and make one of my own.  So easy and so good.

Here is my creation...

Serves 1
1 scoop of protein powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 egg
1/8 cup dark chocolate chips
1/4 cup unsweetened coconut

ONE: Mix all ingredients in a mug and cook in the microwave for 1 minute.  Enjoy!

If you want to make up your own Mug Cake creation, use the first 3 ingredients and add in what ever you want.  Such as...berries, nuts, honey etc...

Try one for yourself.  The protein in you Mug Cake will all depend on the size of the egg and the protein powder that you use.

I might try out another variation tomorrow maybe with some berries.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 83 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 83 = A Not So Good Stomach = No Cardio 3 + Not much Food

WTF?!?!?!?!?!? Is what I was thinking at 4:30 this morning when I got up and spent my sleeping time in the bathroom with a bad stomach.  That's all the details you need to know.  I will not gross you out with any more information.

With all that said, my plans for today were drastically changed.  No workout, not much food, no nail appointment and no Girls Night Out.  Instead my time was spent in the bathroom, building LEGO again, I had some toast...

 slept for about 4 hours on the couch in the most uncomfortable position, with the cat sitting on my lap.  I did actually get my nails done by the prettiest Esthetician...
She was so pleased with her work.  

 I watched the movie Rock of Ages with my family tonight.  My son loved it, he turned into a ROCK star.
I am not really a fan of Tom Cruise, but he wasn't too bad in this movie.  I think because he didn't really talk that, I am a fan of musicals.

This Round of Body Revolution has had too many interruptions with illness, cold and flu...blah  Let's hope this in the end of it.  Next week is my last week of Body Revolution and I will finish off strong and end with my first 5K run.  Which I am really looking forward to.

If my stomach is feeling better tomorrow, I will try to get my Cardio done.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 81 & 82 of Round 2 Body Revolution

A recap of yesterday and today...

Day 81 = Workout 11

Yes it happened today!  I was up at 6AM rather than 5:30AM, and had plenty of time to get it done.  I really do love this program, but I kind of have to disagree with Jillian about these last two workouts as being the "hardest ones" in this program.  Yes there are some tough moves in Workouts 11 & 12, but I find that some of the other workouts in the previous weeks have been tougher throughout the entire workout.  Like workout 7 for instance, I will be doing this one again next week as part of my last week.  I am going to mix up next week with some of my favourite Body Revolution workouts.  I found the first time I did BR, that last week of repeating 11 & 12 kind of dragged.  So that is why I am going to mix it up.

Tonight we took our little girl to my Mum and Dad's house for a sleep over.  She has been bugging me to go there since the summer time for an over herself...without her brother.  My son has school tomorrow but she does not.  So tonight would be the perfect night for that.

Once we returned home, I had work to do in my sewing room.  I had to stop and smile at the thought of my little girl enjoying her time at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  She was planning on sleeping in this tent that they have in the one bedroom.  She was so excited about that, and the fact that she didn't have to fight her brother for it.  LOL  "Good night sweetie", I thought to myself with a smile.

Day 82 = Workout 12

Today was the day I was supposed to be going Black Friday Shopping in the United didn't happen, but I knew that  many weeks ago.  I still had the day off from the daycare today, and went out for breakfast and shopping with my husband here in Waterloo, ON CANADA.  As I mentioned above in yesterday's recap, my daughter was at my Mum and Dad's and my son was at school, so it was like a mini vacation.  It was wonderful!

I started my day off with Workout 12 at 6:00 this morning.  I was going to try and get out for a run before I had to get my son up, but by the time I was done and cleaned up my workout gear I ran out of time.  I jumped in the shower and carried on with MY DAY OFF!

My husband and I walked our son to the bus stop and then shortly after we made our way out for breakfast.  KID FREE!  I love my children to death...BUT it's nice to have a break from them once in a while.  Every time we go to a restaurant they argue over which one is going to sit next to me.  It turns a very stressful time. So today, there was none of that.  After breakfast we headed for the mall...again KID FREE...SO VERY nice!  We actually did some Christmas shopping for them.  Just the boring stuff though, well at least to them it will be...CLOTHES...not toys.  It was a nice relaxing day.  After our son came home, we spent some quality LEGO building time together.  Just the 3 of son loved it!  I loved it!  My husband loved it too!  We had a surprise for our son.  He had some birthday money still that was burning a hole in his pocket so we were taking him to Toys R Us, to spend it.  Also to check out some toys for our daughter while she was still away.  My Mum called me this afternoon to let me know that my daughter wanted to stay another night.  Her cousins were at the house and they were staying over tonight and she wanted to stay again too.  That was fine by me.  She would have had a broken heart if we said no.  I know she is having a good time.

Sorry for no recipes the last few days and the missed days with recaps.  As I mentioned the other day, I am busy finding balance again.  Family, Fitness, Health, Work, Eating right, Writing and more work with Maus Wear.  I am also thinking about what to do next with my fitness regime.  I am going to continue with my running as well as mixed up weight training too.  I will keep you posted on what I do.  MAYBE I will get something for Christmas.  If so, that program with begin...after I open it.  LOL.

Today has been a picture less post so far.  Let me see what can I share with you...
While out at the mall shopping we stopped for a break and had some lunch.  I chose a Mango Chicken Curry from Tandori Indian Cuisine.
I felt that this was one of the healthier choices at the mall food court.  

You know how I could tell???
The line ups were non existent.
The lines up at the unhealthy food places were very sad.  
I know that people are busy, but they should not be too busy to make healthy choices.  The time they spent standing in that line was wasted.  Wasted on empty calories, and calories full of bad fats.  They could have stepped to the front of the line at the healthier places, saved time and filled their bodies with good calories, healthy fats and fiber.  I'm not saying that my meal was 100% CLEAN, but I think you may agree that it was better than say, oh, some greasy chicken or some fried riced.  Try and make healthier food choices while out Christmas shopping this holiday season.

Today has felt like a Saturday and with that I must remember that I have cardio to do in the morning.  I want to go out for a run, but the snow has started to fall here tonight and who knows what tomorrow will bring.  I know I can't let that stop me because next Saturday for the Santa Pur-Suit 5K run may be just the same or even worse.  My running shoes that I have may not be the best for these winter conditions, so I may be walking through some of my run, we shall see.  The last thing I want to do is slip and fall and set myself back.  That would SUCK big time!  I have already said that I am doing this run a something fun and to prove to myself that I can do it, plus to get my first race under my belt, my Santa Belt of course.
Santa Pur-
This is my outfit for next Saturday.  Isn't it gorgeous???  At least if it's cold, it will give me an extra layer of clothing, PLUS...I can use the beard as a face warmer.

If you would like to sponsor me in my Santa Pur-suit, you can follow this link...
Thank you for your support.

I am now going to end my day off by putting my feet up and relax for a few minutes before going to bed.  After my workout tomorrow I think I may just go get my nails done.  It has been a while and tomorrow's a girls night's been a while for that too.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 78 & 79 & 80 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 78 = Workout 11...didn't happen

I took Monday as a Rest day.  I spent last night sorting through my son's LEGO...for about 4 hours.  I was separating LEGO from MEGA BLOCKS.  He has too much.  We were given a bin full of both kinds of blocks, but he has trouble keeping his good sets together, and then the pieces get all mixed up with everything else.  That results in never being able to rebuild his original sets the way they are supposed to be built.  PLUS...he has to work on his organizational skills, so by ME starting the ball rolling, hopefully he will follow suit.
With all that said, my lower back is KILLING me now, from sitting on the hard floor crouched over a pile of blocks.  But now that I have them sorted apart, NOW I am separating the LEGO into colour blocks of white, red, black, blue, light gray, dark gray etc...  This is so that we can find the pieces, easier, to rebuild his sets.

I know all this has nothing to do with fitness, but it does have to do with organizing all the little things in life.  This was NOT a little job by far.  The fun part is building the sets and we are far from that still.  I told my son that if he didn't take care of his LEGO, Santa and Mummy and Daddy would NOT be buying him any for Christmas.  He has lots of LEGO sets on his list too.  We'll see how this works!

Organizing your life is ALL part of becoming A Healthier Version of YOU.  If you have clutter...not healthy. You can't think, you get stressed out over the clutter, and that will result in bad food and fitness decisions.  As you can see I was stressing over the LEGO situation and I did not workout and my eating has been healthy but not enough.

Day 79 = Workout 12...didn't happen either

I have been consumed by LEGO.  LOL  All the pieces have been sorted by colour now and it's rebuilding time.
Sort of ALL sorted.  As you can see my kids have started building the little sets in the middle of this above picture.  They are SO creative!  
Still missing a few pieces on both these sets, but at least the majority of them have been found and I'm sure they will turn up eventually.  I hope!

What does this have to do with fitness?  It doesn't did give me and my son some quality family time together having fun with LEGO.  And my stress over the LEGO is decreasing.  I will not let this situation take over me completely though.  Some times when we get obsessed with things, we forget other things in our lives...hence the word "Obsessed".  Such as...ME writing this blog.  I can't help but think that the LEGO may not have got in the state that it was, if I had spent more time helping my son keep in organized.  I know a few times since starting this blog my kids have asked me to stop writing and play with them, a I have, but sometimes they won't let the game end and I NEED MY time too, which is writing this blog as well as other things, like the spa(oh how I have missed you so).  Jillian I have missed you too, but I will make up for the time missed, I promise, not to you, but to myself.  I hope all this make sense.  Right now I am in the middle of finding balance again in life.  So having taken these last couple days as a rest has helped me quite a bit.  I have gotten a little more rest and I still feel like I am on track with my health and fitness level.  It's not like it's been 3 weeks and I have been eating cake the whole time.  It has only been 2 days off and still eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water, plus my Davids Tea Organic Detox Blend.

Yesterday's breakfast...
Greek Yogurt with the same berry mixture I used on my pancakes the other morning.
So Good!

Day 80 = Cardio didn't happen either...BUT...

I did go for a run tonight.  A run with a specific destination in the end.  Because I did not do Body Revolution Cardio 3 this morning, I decided to run to my children's swimming lessons tonight.  After the last child left the daycare with his mum, I put on my running shoes, as I was already dressed to run run otherwise, grabbed my HRM and took off out the door.  I left 45 minutes before my son's lesson was to start, so I was sure I had plenty of time to get there.  I ran just over 5KM tonight to the Recreation Centre, and I made it there just as my husband and the kids were getting out of the car.  Get.  It.  Done...
I.  GOT.  IT.  DONE!
And felt great!

Once we got back home, it was back to sorting out a bit more LEGO from MEGA BLOCKS.  I finally found some more instructions for sets that I bet my son forgot that he had.  Some of the pieces needed, I had tossed them in with the MEGA BLOCKS, so it was back to sorting through that bin again.  BUT it is done now too.  I will NOT be going through it again.  

Earlier today, the daycare kids and I, well most I, they just tasted them, made some Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies and some Ginger Cookies.  These are the Almond Butter Cookies, they are for me and my family.  You and your family could enjoy them too, unless you are allergic to almonds then I guess not, the recipe can found in The Best of Clean Eating Cookbook.  I tried loading up the link to the Clean Eating magazine recipes, but it's not working tonight.  I will get that recipe up to you soon.
Here are the Ginger Cookies.  This was my first attempt at making Ginger Cookies and they turned out okay.  I CLEANED UP the recipe first of course.  I say that they were just "okay", because I thought that they had a strong molasses taste to them.  The daycare kids seemed to enjoy them for snack time.  Healthy Kids!  The original recipe is a refrigerator cookie, but I couldn't wait until tomorrow to try them, so I placed the dough in the fridge all wrapped up of course and waited about 20-30 minutes until they firmed up a bit.  Took it out and cut off 12 slices and threw them on a pan to bake for 6 minutes.  Maybe the cookies tomorrow will have a different taste to them with leaving them in the fridge overnight, AS THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE FIRST PLACE TRINA!  I couldn't wait!  I'll let you know tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S.  Happy Thanksgiving to ALL my American neighbors celebrating tomorrow!  Make good food choices and make sure you get some sort of exercise in, even it's a nice walk with your family.  Have a great day!
I was supposed to come shopping on BLACK Friday, but it's not happening, maybe one year I will get down to the States for that day.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 77 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 77 = Rest Day

Rest day turned into a 5K run and a 3K walk with my family.  A little bit work, a little bit of a work out and some family fun.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Mutli-grain Pancakes with Berry Syrup
I haven't made these in a while.  They are so good and I have missed them.  Today I changed the recipe up a bit.  The recipe is from the Jillian Michaels Fat Burning Meal Plan cookbook.  The change that I made was with the flour that I used.  I only had a little of the whole wheat flour left, so I topped it up with Spelt flour.  Another change, it was more of an add on, along with the blackberries and raspberries, I added pomegranate.  This berry/pomegranate syrup mixture was the perfect topping for my pancakes.  I'll let you decide...
Here are the berries and pomegranate...

SO delicious!

Breakfast and a little bit of sunshine...
...even better!

I enjoyed the rest of the day with my family and then made Spaghetti Squash for dinner tonight.  I added mushrooms and onions to the meat sauce.

I am going to chill out now and maybe rebuild some of the LEGO sets that my son broke apart yesterday in one of his fits of rage.  Time for the stress to go...

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 76 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 76 = Cardio 3

I started my day off with Body Revolution Cardio 3 as scheduled, only after feeding my children their breakfast.  I made my way downstairs to get through the mere 34 minutes of this great workout.  After becoming a sweaty mess with Cardio 3 I decided I needed to get some stretching done.  I pulled out my Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD and it felt great.  Here was my Yoga partner for about 5 minutes...
While I was in Chair Pose, she decided to sit on my lap. 
The workout is about 45 minutes long and it's wonderful.  There are four levels that can be followed from beginner to advanced.

I wanted to go out for a run, but my husband was not home from work yet so I could not go out until he returned.  I started working on something before he got home, so once he was back I couldn't go out for a run then.  Time started moving on and we needed to go out, so again no run.  We got back home late afternoon and I started to procrastinate about going out running by this time.
However, I went upstairs put on my new Gaiam running pants...

layered up on my top half and made my way back down to get my running shoes on.  I was off and out the door.  34 minutes later I had my run done and feel great, not because of the run itself, but because I just did it.  I could have easily went downstairs to my sewing and continued on with the project that I have on the go right now.  OR sat down watched T.V. with the family OR Sang my heart out with my Glee Karaoke...but I didn't...I went out and...Got.  It.  Done.
Today turned into a Wicked Workout Sexy Saturday.

Many of my fellow blog writers have been creating Gift Guides of their favourite things.  I wish I had the time to do that and show you some of the products and services that I like to give and receive.  That's right!  I said it...RECEIVE.  I like to get gifts too, even if they are from ME.

I haven't had the time to make up a gift guide, but I have had the time to add some Ads to my blog with some of my favourite things.  Some of them are products and/or services that I had tried or would like to try.  so please browse through them as you read through my posts.  Maybe you will find that perfect something for that perfect someone in your life.  You can check out the Yoga DVD that I did today, Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss in the side bar of my blog.

 My new Gaiam running pants were on sale a couple weeks ago through the ad on my blog.  I love them!  Check out the up and coming promotions that all my advertisers offer.  This will be my gift guide for the holiday season and thereafter.  Remember to REWARD yourself with things other than food once you hit your goals.  Like a new pair of running pants may just give you that extra motivation you need.  I will change it up as I go along to bring the BEST to you.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Banana Almond Butter Greek Yogurt/Davids Tea Organic Detox
Another one of my own creations...
A slight variation of yesterday's breakfast.  I had a banana on the counter that needed to be used up, so I mashed it up into the yogurt, and started to add in some other ingredients like...almond butter, a dash of cinnamon, a sprinkle of Chia Seeds and a splash of vanilla extract.

Lunch: Turkey Bites and Baked Garlic Chips and Salsa

Dinner: Roast Beef and Sweet Potato Mash

I went out after dinner to pick up a Spaghetti Squash to cook up tomorrow and did a little bit of Christmas shopping along the way too.  My daughter asked for the "Red Dress Barbie" from Santa AKA the Holiday Barbie and she wants the "Pink Dress Barbie" from Mummy and Daddy...I have no idea which one she is talking about.  Must do some research.

I also made a stop at the Bulk Barn to pick up some more Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, I want to make up some gingerbread cookies tomorrow or this week sometime.  I also grabbed something that is my weakness when I go into the Bulk Barn...Dark Chocolate Coconut Cubes...
I try not to make a habit of buying these.  But when I do, I only buy a few.  
If you get a chance you should try these gems out. 

Tomorrow is to be my Rest Day, however I want to try and get out for another run to help prepare me for the Santa Pur-suit on December 1st.  Then I must get to my sewing room and continue on with the Voila job that I have on the go...
I have 2 done...40 more to go.
I love it!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night