Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 87 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 87 = Cardio 3

I chose to do some Yoga instead.  But don't worry, I did not stray away from Jillian.  I did her Yoga Meltdown.  It felt really good, no GREAT, to stretch out this morning after running last night.  I am planning on running again tomorrow so I am not too worried that I did not do Cardio today.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Chocolate Banana Protein Mug Cake
Today's Mug Cake was made with 2 egg whites instead of just 1 egg.  Not so nice looking...
It needed a longer cooking time and it didn't set up like the one made with the whole egg.
I think I will stick with using the whole egg from now on.

Lunch: Chicken and Barely with a Salad
I was cleaning out the freezer and I came across a bag of Barely Soup with Turkey sausage.  I had started to cook up some chicken already, so I added the soup in the pot with the chicken.  I let most of the liquid cook up so that is was not like a soup any more.  I paired it up with a salad and enjoyed it very much.

Snack: Cheese Balls
I bought this HUGE container of Cheese Balls from the store the other day thinking that the daycare kids would love them, and they do.  I know it's not the most healthiest of treats to eat, but it's fun!

Dinner: Turkey Burger, Guacamole and Chips
SO good!  
Enough said!

Snack: Clementines
These are much better than cheese balls!

Last night I became aware of a HUGE sale on these babies.  @btc_blog had posted the below picture on Instagram and Facebook of the Truck Load Sale that Dutchie's was having on the clementines.  
I needed to get some.  SO...if you live in the Waterloo, ON area, Dutchie's have them on sale for $1.99.  They have more coming in tomorrow as the people the Guinness Book of Records is coming in to check out the display.  It's out in the parking lot and it's massive, you won't miss it as you can see.

I will be doing Workout 7 again in the morning.  I love that one!  Then sometime tomorrow evening I will go for another run.  

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S. go get your clementines before they are all gone! LOL

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