Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let Me Bring Some Colour to Your Day

In yesterday's post I showed you how I spent my morning and afternoon...shoveling and snow fort building.  That was repeated again today but with a little extra.

I skipped my early morning workout because I knew I had to shovel again this morning.  You might call it an excuse, I call it smart.  When I woke this morning, my shoulders, back and arms were sore, very sore.  But I got up, got dressed, got my son up and ready for school and then back out to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.  Just when I had the end of the driveway finished, the plow went by and threw in 30 minutes of shoveling to do.  I helped out the neighbor out while the kids starting showing up and then we moved into the backyard.  The backyard, home of my snow fort.  The daycare kids and let me get that right...I continued on building the fort.  Since the window wall broke last night, the fort needed something else to make it special and fun.

This is where I bring you the colour...

I posted this same picture on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook calling on the people from Color me Rad 5K to bring their event to Ontario Canada.  Once my colourful snow melts I will need more in my life.  Bring it on!  Let's hope they this post and bring it to Ontario.

I coloured it with food colouring.  Please note: I did not use yellow as I didn't want to confuse the kids.  They thought the pink and blue looked like cotton candy.  So I knew I had to keep the lid on the yellow.
I'm glad I snapped this picture when I did because then it continued to snow and the fort got covered with more snow and the colours were not as bright.  And then it started melting.  And then the kids got home from school and they started to knock some of it down.  They are CRAZY!!!!  When I was a kid, I was building tables and chairs and shelves and all sorts of things to use in the forts.  These kids just wanted to break it down.  I was upset.  Some of it's still standing but I told them I was not fixing it.

It was a great workout with building it, but now that I can see that it was appreciated, I will get my mind back to my regular workouts indoors, early mornings.

I posted on today that I am in need of a massage.  Last year my husband and my children gave me a gift card for a Thai Treatment from a local spa here in Waterloo.  I treated myself to this same treatment last year and I loved it, so they gave me a gift card to enjoy it again.  I STILL have the card in my wallet.  I SO NEED to book an appointment for this soon.  But not too soon.  With my luck we will probably get a huge snow storm the day after and I would be right back to the way I feel now.  So for now, I will wait and Stay Strong!

Tomorrow I will make up for the couple days without a formal workout besides my yoga yesterday.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Early Morning Yoga Morning Followed by…

Shoveling heavy wet snow, this was quite a workout.  It was so nice to stretch out and relax with the yoga this morning.  I needed that, and I need it again.  After getting ready and getting my children ready for school, I got dressed in my winter coat and grab my shovel and began to shovel the end of the driveway.  UGH!!!!  The snow was so heavy that by the time I was done I was a sweaty mess.  It continued to snow and I thought the plow would go by again and block the driveway again, but I was wrong.  But that wasn’t the end of my shovel and the snow.

This morning, the daycare children and I started to build a snow fort in the backyard.  The snow was perfect for it.  I set the footings for the fort and started to shovel and pile up the snow.  The kids packed it down to make it strong.  Well…not really…they just played and watched this grown woman play in the snow too.  We stayed out there until lunch time, and I’ll tell you…all the shoveling and the building was definitely another workout.  But I wasn’t done yet…

After lunch it was nap time for the kids.  They went to bed and I went out to play in the snow again.  I wanted to have something built for when my children and the other After School children get home from school.  So away I went…biggering and biggering.

I grabbed a Tupperware container to make snow bricks to build the walls up after I had a pretty good base.

In this picture it’s a bit hard to see because everything is so white…

Then I got creative and decided a window was needed…

This is my Dr Seuss-like snow fort.

Needless to say the window didn’t last though.  After school I told the kids I had a surprise for them out the back.  They LOVED IT!  We built it up a little more and they played in it.  The window wall fell after all the daycare children had gone home and my children and I were out building some more.  But that didn’t stop us; we just rebuilt the wall without a window.

The reason I am telling you all this is because exercise doesn’t always have to take place in a gym or by following a workout DVD or from a magazine.  You just need to be alive.  And that is how I felt when I was out there building this snow fort, I felt alive and I felt like a kid again.  I was excited to see what it was going to look like and to see how big I could get it before the other kids came home.


I feel tired.  My body can tell that it has been through a full body workout.  So I am going to go rest now.  Since I didn’t do my “Build Your Best Body” workout today (Day 28) will do it tomorrow.  And yes, I will probably be back at the fort again too.

Until then…Stay Strong!

And have fun in the snow (if you have it)

Good night


P.S. A quick recap of the past couple days…
Monday – Day 27 of Build Your Best Workout – ROCKED!!!!
Tuesday – ATS Jaw Breaker Towel Workout + ATS Wet, Wet, Wild Dance 2x…my legs are really feeling it from yesterday’s workout.  I was able to get in more reps of the leg movements during the towel workout.  While doing the Splits move, I seem to be better going to left side than my right.  I kept falling over when I went to the right.  STRANGE!!  Something to work on I guess.  The first dance on the Wet, Wet, Wild DVD is called Ride the Horse.  I did this dance twice…I am really getting the moves down with this one.  LOVE IT!!!!

Last week when my daughter and I did the dance workout from Addicted To Sweat, I forgot to add this very short video of her doing one of the dances...

Plus, yesterday Tosca Reno put out the word for all the women out there to submit pictures of themselves to @toscareno to help celebrate International Woman's Day by March 6th.  You can do this via Instagram or Twitter.  Also use the #sistersiniron2013.  I don't have one of me yet, BUT I thought I should show a "little" sister in iron...
She should be tagged #slavedriver

That's AWESOME!!!!

I enjoyed some more great food too, over the past few days…here is a picture montage for you…

made this...

These were just a few of the things that I ate.
So good!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Addicted To Sweat - Jaw Breaker Chair Workout + ATS Dance Wet, Wet, Wild

This morning I started my day with the ATS Jaw Breaker Chair workout, the first tutorial and breakdown on the ATS Wet, Wet, Wild Dance and the first dance on the Get Wet dance.  Today I was sporting my Material Girl shirt that I picked up at her concert last September in Toronto.

The shirt came off half way through the Jaw Breaker Chair workout.
No, nothing dirty...just got very hot and I guess I was doing something right.
Addicted To Sweat!

Part way through the Chair workout I was joined by my daughter…AKA…slave driver.  She did not join me in the workout, but she got out her weights, resistance band and her mat.  With the JB Chair Workout there is a lot of ‘leg out to the back’ or ‘leg to the side’ and I was afraid of clocking her in the head.  But she stayed out of the way.

The Chair workout is another tough one.  The only equipment you need is a good sturdy chair and a mat.  The chair that I had was not the greatest, but it was all I had to use.  I still got a great workout, but I will be on the hunt for a better chair to use.  This workout including the Warm Up and Cool Down is about 32 minutes in length.

One of the moves in this workout made my foot feel like a fish out of water.  I don’t know what she called this move, but it’s tough.  What you have to do is…knee on the floor beside the chair, then lift your leg out to the side and place it on the chair.  Once your foot is there, you have to tap your toe and then your heel…slowly (fish out of water)…then the tempo changes and you have to double time it.  Once I got to this point, my foot felt more like a one that was about to take its last breath. 

Here is the proof…
My Skora Form running shoes are hard at work.

After the chair workout I decided to try workout disc #3 ATS Dance Wet, Wet, Wild.
My daughter joined me for this dance workout at this point.  Together we worked our way through the first tutorial and then made our way to the breakdown.  It was a bit hard to learn the moves because my daughter kept talking to me and asking me questions, so I just kind of guessed my way through this one today.  Once we hit the breakdown, I was able to figure out the moves a little better.  It’s a fun one; you get to do the Vogue move.  Rather than moving on to the next dance on this DVD, I decided to practice the first dance on disc #1.  My daughter liked doing the twirls…Me too.

These workouts are fun and fierce.  Discs #1 & #3 are fun.  Discs #2 & #4 are fierce.  The dances are great because you can chose which ones you want to do.  You can do 1, 2 or all of them.  For killer legs…I will be doing as many of these as I can fit into my workout time.  

After my workouts I got a surprise trip to the spa.  My daughter is not only a little slave driver, she is also a hair stylist and an Esthetician.  The spa was here in my home and she took care of my treatments.  LOL  I didn't get a picture of my hair that she styled, but here is a picture of my nails...

You can see all her supplies and tools in the background.
The other hand did not match this one.  She decided to do this technique after she finished the other hand with full polished nails.

Today's food...
Breakfast: PB2 Banana Chocolate Rolled Oats & Egg Whites
The base of this breakfast was the same as yesterday's, only I lessened the amount of oats to make way for the other ingredients I used.

This was so good.  I know I seem to say that about a lot of the things I eat, but it's the truth.

Snack: Cottage Cheese and PB on Rice Cakes

Lunch: Cashew Butter Banana Quesadilla
This was a change up.  I didn't feel like making the Veggie Omelette that was on the meal plan.  I was feeling a bit lazy.  But I still put together this clean protein packed meal.  Plus I used up the other half of the banana from breakfast.

Dinner: Salmon Stir-fry
This was to be a chicken stir-fry, but I wanted to try it with salmon instead.  It was delicious.  

Snack: Jazz Apple 
A little writing snack.

So I know I said that I was going to watch the tutorials today and I thought I would be able to watch them and learn the moves easier today since it was Saturday and I would have more time, but I was wrong.  Once my daughter came downstairs…all things changed.  The focus was not there and it made it hard.  That is the reason why I wake up at 5:30am during the week to get my workouts done.  Even though I am tired then, I can focus on what needs to get done.

It’s like writing this blog post today.  My children are playing and fighting and asking me questions and fighting and playing and so on.  Plus my husband has a movie playing that I keep stopping to watch.  So with that being said, I am going to cut this post off now.  Tomorrow is Rest Day and I am looking forward to it…BIG TIME.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


Friday, February 22, 2013

Workout Day 26 of “Build Your Best Body” by @OxygenMagazine

 After a so, so kind of “Healthy Sleep” (my little girl came in again and used me as her kicking post), I was up and made my way into my workout area.  I wasn’t really feeling it this morning, but pushed my way through the first 10 minutes and then I was fine.  I still felt a bit slower but it could be because it’s P.I.T.A time again.  If you are just joining me in my journey, or you have forgotten what P.I.T.A means, well it stands for Pain In The A$$ time of the month…AKA…TOM, Aunt FLO, period…get me now???  Don’t worry I don’t talk about this in great detail.  I only mention it once in a while because I hear, and see so many people let this time distract them from their journeys, either by skipping their workouts or eating junk food OR worse BOTH.  I found out years ago, by avoiding foods with SUGAR in them before this time, cramping was always non existent.  Now I don’t have to worry about that, because I don’t really eat sugar at all.  I may get a little from time to time, but I try to avoid it as much as possible.  Because of P.I.T.A., my lower back is a bit sore, so I think some serious stretching or some yoga is needed.  But that will not be all.  Tomorrow I will hit the dance floor again with some more dance workouts. 

My advice to you: Do NOT let this time of the month or P.I.T.A. as I call it, distract you from your workouts and your clean eating.  Stay focused and you WILL reach your goals.

Moving on with my workout today…

During my BYBB workout this morning, my numbers on the Squat Jumps weren't nearly as high as the other day.  THAT is a result from yesterday’s wonderful Addicted To Sweat - Jaw Breaker Towel workout.  My legs were sore.  But not as sore as I thought they would be.  I do still feel it a lot in my calves, which is great because with all the other workouts I have done, this is a new area of soreness.  And with the soreness, comes change.

My Plyo Push Ups are coming along.  I have been doing these from my toes ever since I scraped the skin from my knee the very first day of doing these from the knees as stated in the workout.  So the first day I did 20 reps from the knees for 3 sets.  That number decreased as that first week went on because of my injured knee.  On the fourth workout I switched to my toes after only completing 14 reps from my knees in my first set.  During my second and third sets, I did 10 reps each time from the toes.  That number increased over the past week and a half up to 15 reps for all three sets.  Next week I will shoot for more!

My Speed Skaters have also gone from 40 reps on Day 1 of Month 2 to 80 reps today.  I don’t find this move that difficult, but it’s great for getting your heart rate up there and burning calories.

Today on Facebook, Oxygen Magazine was challenging people out there with the Build Your Best Body Workout.  Take up the challenge if you are looking for a change.  
Fit Friday Challenge time! This weekend, run through our Best Body training program! Push yourself to failure for each exercise. You will feel the burn--that’s a promise! Get the basics and the program:      

Your body will thank you.
Besides my workout this morning to make me feel great, my friend Courtney from got tickets to go see Jillian Michaels in Toronto, ON in May.  Her “Maximize Your Life” Tour will be touring across the U.S.A. and Canada beginning April 4th in Winnipeg, Alberta, Canada.

It should be an interesting and exciting evening.  Our seats ROCK too!  We got VIP seating which includes a 30 minute Q&A session following the show plus some other extras.  I am SO looking forward to it.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Oats and Egg Whites with Raisins and a Sprinkle of Maple Flakes
This morning I added a sprinkle of maple flakes to my breakfast, it was nice.

Snack: Greek Yogurt with Cashew Butter

The “Muscle Up” meal plan called for actual cashews, but I had picked up some cashew butter last night, so I thought I would mix it in with the yogurt instead. 

Lunch: Haddock Sandwich

This meal was changed from the meal plan as are the ones from the rest of my day.  I had a piece of fish that I needed to cook up, so I thought instead of a chicken sandwich, I would have a fish sandwich.

Snack: Cottage Cheese and Pineapple
This was to be with an orange instead of pineapple.

Dinner: Smoked Salmon and Salsa Pizza
This was a BIG change up...

My kids were having pizza and my husband was having his Friday night sub from Subway.  So I quickly made up this pizza with the leftover smoked salmon that I had in the freezer.  I already had the cheese grated and I used salsa for the sauce. 

It was delicious!

Snack: Jazz Apple
I have missed these so.  I went to the store last weekend and they were sold out.  I went to another store, they wanted WAY too much money for them, and they looked like crap.  I went back to the store last night that had them on sale, they didn’t have them.  Tonight I went back, they had some…SUCCESS!

Last night I received a post on my wall of from a friend asking me if I was at Toys R Us last Friday night.  My reply…“Yes I was”.  Wow!  Someone recognized me out in public!
I wrote to her and asked her why she didn’t say “hi” to me.  Her reply…

 I didn't want to seem stalkerish because I couldn't remember your name and I wasn't sure what to say other than that I read your blog. I will say hi if I see you again :)

I wrote back to her with this…
I would have been flattered if you would have said something to me. Name or no name, it wouldn't matter. I would have felt like a ROCK star LOL. 

Thanks for reading my blog; it means a lot to me. 

Stay Strong! 


Seriously, I would have felt like a ROCK star.  So if you see me out and about, please stop and say “hello”, unless we are at the movies and the movie has already started, then save until later.  Many people say that I inspire them; well knowing that I do that and my words are helping others, that truly inspires me.  I have told you that many times before.  Even motivators need motivators.  This may sound corny but I am going to say it anyway… “Don’t be shy, just say “Hi”.”

Well I think it’s time for me to get some “Healthy Sleep”, I have some dancing to do in the morning.  AND I am either going to hit the ATS Towel workout or I might try the Jaw Breaker Chair workout.  I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S. I just want to add the link below…This is from my friend’s 10 year old daughter who writes a blog, she is helping to change this world and make it a better place.  Her post today was from a friend of hers.  I will say no more and let the children speak.  Be sure to check it out.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Addicted to Sweat - Jaw Breaker Towel Workout + ATS Dance Get Wet

I was up, and ready to do the Jaw Breaker Towel Workout this morning.  I grabbed my towels and pressed play.

I started with the Warm Up as you should, then I continued on with the workout.  I think I will check out the tutorial for this one on the weekend when I have more time.  Time, it has got away from me again today.  This is going to be a short post, but don’t worry, I will talk more about the Jaw Breaker Towel workout when I do it again and again.

In yesterday’s post, I showed you the picture of Nicole Winhoffer doing the JBT Workout with her hair all done up.  Well here I am trying to channel Nicole and Madonna to find the strength to get through this workout…
This was taken before the workout had started.
Mine isn't a neat as hers, but you get the idea.
My hair and make up girl was still asleep in her bed upstairs.

It actually did help that my hair was done up like this, and I will tell you why.  In the workout, there are some moves where you are holding the towel behind your head and then raising it up.  If I had my hair in a ponytail, I would have been catching the towel on it every few seconds during those particular moves.  Plus, there is an Abs section in this one too, and to lay down with your hair in a ponytail is NOT very comfortable.  So this will be my new look for doing this workout. LOL I tweeted the picture, and Nicole seemed to like it…

Okay, enough about me and my new workout look…onto the workout itself.

Here is the picture of Nicole again…
See how she is positioned????
Well this is pretty much how YOU will be in this workout.  BUT…I DO NOT mean you will be stationary.  You will be moving those legs in and out and in and out, and then to the side and to the side, and then you do the splits, only they are more like cross-splits, then you circle the legs out and in and reverse.  “Only 8 more”, she says.  Yeah!  8 more of the first exercise and then it’s on to the next one.  It is a KILLER!  

BUT…it is doable!  

With saying that (“it is doable”), I did not keep up with all the reps in all the moves that Nicole did in the workout, and I am not afraid to admit that either.  I am glad that it is challenging.  I have done some workouts where I can do the moves and then I think…"now what?"  Not with this one though, that's for sure.  The “what” is keep on trying until I am strong enough to keep going without taking extra breaks, to keep up to Nicole, and to ROCK a pair knee high leather boots, fish net tights, a body suit and a white top hat…
Did I type that out loud???  
Of course this would be this year’s Halloween costume. 

It also comes down to knowing the workout so that you are not constantly looking at the T.V. to see what is going on.

Speaking of knowing what is going on…after I completed the Jaw Breaker Towel Workout, I did the ATS Dance Get Wet Workout again.  I must say…I was better than I was yesterday.  Only by a little bit.  Repetition is the key.  Today I only did the Warm Up and the 3 Breakdowns of each dance, and I did the Cool Down too.  Again, I think I will watch the tutorials again on the weekend.  Then I will break it down even more to make sure I know each of the moves.

I mentioned that there is an Abs section in the JBT Workout…It’s good.  It’s tough.  It’s doable.  So do it!  During this one exercise, Nicole flashes you a cute and innocent looking smile, but don’t let that fool you…she’s the devil. (I’m just joking…she’s not really)  LOL She’s a slave driver just like my little girl. LOL

As I said, “It’s tough.”  It’s very challenging and that’s how I know it will help my body change.
Right now as I sit here and type this to you, I can feel the workouts in my abs, my calves, and my quads and also in my arms…and that’s just me sitting here.  When I walk up and down the stairs, I can really feel it in my calves.  Tomorrow morning should be interesting.

I am going to skip Today’s food as it is getting late and I need my healthy rest.  No more of the “beauty rest” thing, because when you are healthy, you feel great and look great.  So I am going to get my butt in bed for my “Healthy Rest”, and I will talk to you again tomorrow.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Addicted To Sweat - Workout 1 - ATS Dance - Get Wet

I was up at 5:18am this morning…I was that excited to get to my workouts today.  I had set an earlier alarm for 5:20am and I guess I just couldn't wait.

I couldn't help but try out this new dance workout, so I put my notebook away for the morning and inserted the ATS Dance Get Wet DVD into the player and pushed play.

This workout consists of a Warm Up, 3 Dances, Bonus Performances and a Cool Down.  Before each of the 3 dances there is a tutorial to show you the moves that will be performed in each dance.  This definitely helps you to learn the moves and get them right.  Well maybe not right the first time through, but with practice, you will improve.  I found once I got into the dance section of each, I improved each time through. 

The workout is led by Nicole Winhoffer.  Nicole is Madonna’s personal trainer and the creative director of Addicted to Sweat.  You can tell she loves what she does, that’s for sure.  She’s great!  The high energy she has really got me going this morning.  When I was waking my two children up this morning I started singing to them.  They probably thought I was crazy, but that’s okay.  It’s better to be crazy and having fun, than to be boring and wasting your life. My singing brought smiles to both their faces, so it was definitely worth it.  I had a spring in my step that I felt has been missing for a little while. 

During the tutorials, Nicole demonstrates the moves in a lighted area where you can see what she is doing.  During the dances themselves, she is on the dance floor in a not-so-well-lit area, plus she is wearing darker colours for most of it.  A bit hard to see what her feet are doing, but that’s when you really have to put your heart into it and push on.  Again, the more you do this workout, the better you will learn the moves, and pretty soon you won’t need to look at her at all.  You will just hear and feel the music and move your body…and sweat.  Listen to me…it sounds like I have the moves perfected…LOL…far from it.  I just know from other dance workouts, it does get easier.  That goes for everything in life…practice makes perfect.  But we don’t need perfection…we just need progress, that’s what counts.  

If you are a Madonna fan, then you will recognize some of the dance moves that you see her do on stage during this workout.  It’s so fun!

The 3 dances in the workout are as follows: Step Together, Cha Cha and the Electric Slide.  My favourite was the Electric Slide.  I found it to be the easiest out of the 3 to follow, but I am not saying it was easy by any means.  It could also be that I was all warmed up and limber by this point too.  After the Electric Slide there is the Bonus Performances.  This is where Nicole dances her way through each of the 3 dances.  I was not ready for this yet this morning, so I proceeded to the Cool Down instead.

The total time for what I did this morning was about 49 minutes.  That included the Warm Up, the 3 Tutorials, the 3 Dances and the Cool Down.  It was a great workout!

No equipment needed for this workout.  Unless you have a pointed cone bra kicking around your home that you can put on, then I say GO FOR IT!!!!  I don’t have one of those…LOL.  All you will need is a pair of shoes that are not too heavy.  I have been wearing my SKORA Form running shoes for all of the dance workouts that I have been doing and they are GREAT!

This is what I was talking about in yesterday's post in regards to the shorts I was wearing.  You will see my starting point with my legs too...


You see the overflow of my thighs at the bottom of the shorts???


SO...with that being said and shown to you...I had some time left this morning, so I decided to start the Jaw Breaker Towel Workout.
I am going to do my hair like that for sure for this workout.
(the above picture is just a picture and NOT a video as it appears)

I began with the Warm Up and started right into the workout itself.  There is a Tutorial with this one as well, but I wanted to check the workout out right away in the little time that I had.  It is FANTASTIC!!!!  I may not be able to walk for a couple days after completing the full workout, but it will be worth it.  Because I AM WORTH IT!!!!

I WILL transform those legs above, to take a shape more like Madonna's... 

...if I keep up with the Jaw Breaker Towel Workout.  And I WILL!

I will talk more of this one when I actually do the full workout.  Equipment needed for this workout is: a hand towel that you can hold about shoulder width apart, and 2 wash cloths or folded hand towels, those are for your feet.  You MUST be on a floor that you can slide on.  A carpeted floor WILL NOT WORK with the small towels for this workout…UNLESS…you use a plastic disc of sorts…i.e. a Frisbee or a plastic dish with a smooth bottom.  I have not tried these, but I’m thinking they may work.  Your best bet is to find a hard floor and use the towels.  
As the Hard Candy motto states…“Harder is Better” (that phrase is a trade mark of Hard Candy Fitness…I hope it is okay for me to quote it). 

I mentioned earlier about the shoes I have been wearing for my workouts lately, my SKORA Form Running Shoes.  Remember they were my Valentine’s Day present from my husband.  Awesome present!  I am really, really loving them.  I want to thank my friend Courtney from for opening my eyes to them.  They are SO comfortable.  The first few times I wore them, I had them on with socks…then…I tried them without socks…SO much better.  They are made for minimalist running, so what better way to workout or run, than to eliminate the thing taking up the space in between my feet and the shoes.   They are made from goat skin…and the last time I checked…Goats don’t wear socks either!  I will definitely be picking up another pair of these in the future…maybe in another colour.

So yesterday I mentioned that I have become a Sweat Pink Ambassador.  Sweat Pink is a community of women living healthy lifestyles and sharing it with each other and others outside the community as well through social media and social events.  Together we help to inspire and motivate others.  If you want more information about sweating pink, you can check it out here

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Chocolate PB Banana Protein Shake
I used PB2 for this shake, along with unsweetened chocolate almond milk instead of skim milk.

Enjoying my breakfast FINALLY after a great early morning workout, making the kids' school lunches and their breakfast, getting them to the school bus, and then shoveling snow.  All that before the daycare kids showed up.

Snack: Cottage Cheese and Pineapple

Lunch: Turkey Burger with Carrots and Celery Sticks

Snack: PB&J Yogurt
This was SO yummy!  I used an organic raspberry spread rather than strawberries this time.  You know me and raspberries, we are like one.  I mixed the natural peanut butter with the raspberry spread, then mixed it in with the yogurt.

Dinner: Steak with Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions served with Brown Rice and Broccoli
I will let the picture speak for itself...

It was a totally Wicked Workout Wednesday for me.  To add to the workouts that I mentioned above, I was also able to get in my Oxygen Magazine “Build Your Best Body” workout.  

No excuses!  Get.  It.  Done.  

I did, and so can you!
The picture of me in the pink shirt...well...I was just being silly.  That wasn't part of my workout at all, I hadn't started yet.  See I have my Skora Running Form shoes on and there is my notebook and pen.  
A great calorie burn.  And I do Sweat Pink. 
And of Stay Strong necklace. 

Tomorrow I am going to do the Addicted to Sweat Jaw Breaker Towel Workout.  As I said, I may not be able to walk the following day, but I will keep you posted on that.  Looking forward to the morning.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night