Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Addicted To Sweat - Workout 1 - ATS Dance - Get Wet

I was up at 5:18am this morning…I was that excited to get to my workouts today.  I had set an earlier alarm for 5:20am and I guess I just couldn't wait.

I couldn't help but try out this new dance workout, so I put my notebook away for the morning and inserted the ATS Dance Get Wet DVD into the player and pushed play.

This workout consists of a Warm Up, 3 Dances, Bonus Performances and a Cool Down.  Before each of the 3 dances there is a tutorial to show you the moves that will be performed in each dance.  This definitely helps you to learn the moves and get them right.  Well maybe not right the first time through, but with practice, you will improve.  I found once I got into the dance section of each, I improved each time through. 

The workout is led by Nicole Winhoffer.  Nicole is Madonna’s personal trainer and the creative director of Addicted to Sweat.  You can tell she loves what she does, that’s for sure.  She’s great!  The high energy she has really got me going this morning.  When I was waking my two children up this morning I started singing to them.  They probably thought I was crazy, but that’s okay.  It’s better to be crazy and having fun, than to be boring and wasting your life. My singing brought smiles to both their faces, so it was definitely worth it.  I had a spring in my step that I felt has been missing for a little while. 

During the tutorials, Nicole demonstrates the moves in a lighted area where you can see what she is doing.  During the dances themselves, she is on the dance floor in a not-so-well-lit area, plus she is wearing darker colours for most of it.  A bit hard to see what her feet are doing, but that’s when you really have to put your heart into it and push on.  Again, the more you do this workout, the better you will learn the moves, and pretty soon you won’t need to look at her at all.  You will just hear and feel the music and move your body…and sweat.  Listen to me…it sounds like I have the moves perfected…LOL…far from it.  I just know from other dance workouts, it does get easier.  That goes for everything in life…practice makes perfect.  But we don’t need perfection…we just need progress, that’s what counts.  

If you are a Madonna fan, then you will recognize some of the dance moves that you see her do on stage during this workout.  It’s so fun!

The 3 dances in the workout are as follows: Step Together, Cha Cha and the Electric Slide.  My favourite was the Electric Slide.  I found it to be the easiest out of the 3 to follow, but I am not saying it was easy by any means.  It could also be that I was all warmed up and limber by this point too.  After the Electric Slide there is the Bonus Performances.  This is where Nicole dances her way through each of the 3 dances.  I was not ready for this yet this morning, so I proceeded to the Cool Down instead.

The total time for what I did this morning was about 49 minutes.  That included the Warm Up, the 3 Tutorials, the 3 Dances and the Cool Down.  It was a great workout!

No equipment needed for this workout.  Unless you have a pointed cone bra kicking around your home that you can put on, then I say GO FOR IT!!!!  I don’t have one of those…LOL.  All you will need is a pair of shoes that are not too heavy.  I have been wearing my SKORA Form running shoes for all of the dance workouts that I have been doing and they are GREAT!

This is what I was talking about in yesterday's post in regards to the shorts I was wearing.  You will see my starting point with my legs too...


You see the overflow of my thighs at the bottom of the shorts???


SO...with that being said and shown to you...I had some time left this morning, so I decided to start the Jaw Breaker Towel Workout.
I am going to do my hair like that for sure for this workout.
(the above picture is just a picture and NOT a video as it appears)

I began with the Warm Up and started right into the workout itself.  There is a Tutorial with this one as well, but I wanted to check the workout out right away in the little time that I had.  It is FANTASTIC!!!!  I may not be able to walk for a couple days after completing the full workout, but it will be worth it.  Because I AM WORTH IT!!!!

I WILL transform those legs above, to take a shape more like Madonna's... 

...if I keep up with the Jaw Breaker Towel Workout.  And I WILL!

I will talk more of this one when I actually do the full workout.  Equipment needed for this workout is: a hand towel that you can hold about shoulder width apart, and 2 wash cloths or folded hand towels, those are for your feet.  You MUST be on a floor that you can slide on.  A carpeted floor WILL NOT WORK with the small towels for this workout…UNLESS…you use a plastic disc of sorts…i.e. a Frisbee or a plastic dish with a smooth bottom.  I have not tried these, but I’m thinking they may work.  Your best bet is to find a hard floor and use the towels.  
As the Hard Candy motto states…“Harder is Better” (that phrase is a trade mark of Hard Candy Fitness…I hope it is okay for me to quote it). 

I mentioned earlier about the shoes I have been wearing for my workouts lately, my SKORA Form Running Shoes.  Remember they were my Valentine’s Day present from my husband.  Awesome present!  I am really, really loving them.  I want to thank my friend Courtney from for opening my eyes to them.  They are SO comfortable.  The first few times I wore them, I had them on with socks…then…I tried them without socks…SO much better.  They are made for minimalist running, so what better way to workout or run, than to eliminate the thing taking up the space in between my feet and the shoes.   They are made from goat skin…and the last time I checked…Goats don’t wear socks either!  I will definitely be picking up another pair of these in the future…maybe in another colour.

So yesterday I mentioned that I have become a Sweat Pink Ambassador.  Sweat Pink is a community of women living healthy lifestyles and sharing it with each other and others outside the community as well through social media and social events.  Together we help to inspire and motivate others.  If you want more information about sweating pink, you can check it out here

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Chocolate PB Banana Protein Shake
I used PB2 for this shake, along with unsweetened chocolate almond milk instead of skim milk.

Enjoying my breakfast FINALLY after a great early morning workout, making the kids' school lunches and their breakfast, getting them to the school bus, and then shoveling snow.  All that before the daycare kids showed up.

Snack: Cottage Cheese and Pineapple

Lunch: Turkey Burger with Carrots and Celery Sticks

Snack: PB&J Yogurt
This was SO yummy!  I used an organic raspberry spread rather than strawberries this time.  You know me and raspberries, we are like one.  I mixed the natural peanut butter with the raspberry spread, then mixed it in with the yogurt.

Dinner: Steak with Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions served with Brown Rice and Broccoli
I will let the picture speak for itself...

It was a totally Wicked Workout Wednesday for me.  To add to the workouts that I mentioned above, I was also able to get in my Oxygen Magazine “Build Your Best Body” workout.  

No excuses!  Get.  It.  Done.  

I did, and so can you!
The picture of me in the pink shirt...well...I was just being silly.  That wasn't part of my workout at all, I hadn't started yet.  See I have my Skora Running Form shoes on and there is my notebook and pen.  
A great calorie burn.  And I do Sweat Pink. 
And of Stay Strong necklace. 

Tomorrow I am going to do the Addicted to Sweat Jaw Breaker Towel Workout.  As I said, I may not be able to walk the following day, but I will keep you posted on that.  Looking forward to the morning.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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