Saturday, March 31, 2012

Body Revolution Day 48 of 90

Day 48 = Cardio 2

This morning I pushed the UP button in Cardio 2. Since I had the right pants on again this morning, I thought I would try holding a 4lb dumbbell in each hand while doing the first 3 moves in each circuit..."Jump Rope", "Butt Kicks" and "High Knees". I tried doing the "Alternating Knees", but I felt it would be too much on the shoulders and arms, so I put the weights down. If I pick up some more weights, lighter and heavier, this weekend, I will try more moves with the lighter weights next Wednesday.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Pumpkin Cranberry Muffin
So good!

We went out for the afternoon, starting just before noon. We took a trip to IKEA, the store in which you go in looking for 1 thing, and end up coming out with 10.  After IKEA we went over to MEC, Mountain Equipment Company in Burlington, ON.  Last year I bought myself a gray Blurr Skirt in a size medium.  Today I bought myself the same skirt only in black in a size SMALL!!!  There was also another skirt there that I had bought in blue last year, in a size 10.  Today I bought a green one in a size 8, I tried it on when I got home, I probably could have bought a size 6.  WooHoo!!!!

However, before we left, I made a batch of Crunchy Garam Masala Chickpeas. This recipe is from the April/May Issue of Clean Eating magazine.  The first picture is before they went into the oven.  The second picture is the finished product.  My kids loved them!  That's AWESOME!!!  I will be replacing their processed snacks, with homemade healthy snacks.  I am hoping to make up some of those Lemon Bars tomorrow, that I mentioned in yesterday's post, from the same issue of Clean Eating magazine.

Lunch: Vegetarian Spinach & Cheese Crepes
We ate lunch at IKEA.  Before ordering, I checked out MyFitnessPal's database to see if IKEA's food was in there.  It was, so I checked out a few things and the crepes looked to be...not too bad.  They looked great in the picture, so I ordered them. 
They were good, but not very satisfying.  Oh well.  I have made up some trail mix before we left too and brought a bag with me.  So I had my afternoon snack with me while the kids got a frozen yogurt cone at the end of our shopping trip at IKEA.

Snack: Trail Mix - This is such a great snack.  Great for travelling, I find it to be very satisfying.  My mix is 175 calories per serving.  In the Fat Burning Meal Plan recipe book, their mix is 178 calories per 1/4 cup serving.  I make up the mixture, than put it into Ziploc bags in single serving sizes.  That way I will not over indulge in this yummy snack.  I ate another snack after dinner tonight.  It was a Nativa Organics Milk Chocolate Covered Rice & Sesame Cake...only 90 calories per serving.  They are made from 95% organic ingredients...they are really good.  The only downside is that it is milk chocolate and not dark chocolate.  I only had one.  I purchased these from Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada.  I am not sure where else they can be purchased, however, you could search it out online.  They also sell a plain Rice & Sesame Cake which are also very good.  Make sure you get the unsalted ones though.  Watch your sodium.  Too much sodium can be worse than too many calories.

Dinner: Baked Honey Mustard Chicken and Seasoned Red Potatoes served with Onions & Mushrooms

Once we got home time was ticking on and I needed to get dinner ready before "Earth Hour" at 8:30pm.  We were going to turn off the lights in the house for one hour to take part in helping to save the earth, one light at a time.  Anyway, I had some chicken in the fridge that needed to be cooked up as well as some mushrooms.  I threw a tablespoon of Dijon Mustard, 1 tablespoon of organic honey, 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper and 2 teaspoons of olive oil in a bowl and then added the chicken, tossed it to coat.  Placed it on a baking tray and baked t 350F for about 30 minutes.  I cut 2 red potatoes into wedges and put them in the microwave for 2 minutes and then I put them in with the chicken.  While the chicken and potatoes were cooking, I stir-fried some red onions and mushrooms in 2 teaspoons of olive oil until tender.
My son said, "this was the best dinner, thanks mum".  Awwwe, so sweet.  We ate our dinner and then turned off all the lights.  Earth Hour was ON...and we were in the dark.  Well not totally...we had flashlights on.

After IKEA, as I said went went to MEC(Mountain Equipment Company) and I have to share this little video with you.  My little adventurer...the little Miss also makes an appearance in the first video.


               Never Give Up...

And neither should you!
You will make it through your workout and be ready for what comes next...

And for me...tomorrow is Rest Day.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Body Revolution Day 47 of 90

Day 47 = Workout 8

"You can't help others, until you help yourself."~This is the thought that came to me this morning after my workout. I was thinking about the questions and comments that I have received from my blog readers. You all ROCK, by the way.

It's one thing to talk to people about eating right, exercising, losing weight and feeling great. BUT, if it's just words coming out of your mouth to sell a product that "could" "maybe" do all of that, and you are not actually eating right and exercising yourself, then how are you setting a good example to those who you are talking too.  No amount of money, or cars, or vacations can replace the way you truly feel inside.  All those things are temporary.  If you don't take care of YOU, nothing else matters.  I am not getting paid by Jillian Michaels to write these great things about Body Revolution, I just want to show others that this program can work.  If you set your mind to it, you too, can conquer this 90-day program.   
I want to show you, that ME, Trina, a real person that some of my readers know personally, CAN do this. I haven't been in any "test" group and no professional photos have been taken.(Although some of my food pictures have looked pretty good...LOL)  It's not about gimmicks, fake foods, cleanses, pills, or's about FOCUS, HARD WORK & EATING CLEAN.  Once you get your head around it all, it's easy, with exception to the hard work, during your workouts.  You  have to push yourself to do it.  To become a Healthier Version of YOU!  That's what I wanted for myself, and I am almost there.

Okay...enough of my morning thought.  Onto to Workout 8...

My pants didn't fall down today!!!  Yay!!!  Last night before I went to bed, I pulled out a pair of pants I knew weren't going anywhere.  'Cause in this workout you have "Weighted Butt Kicks", "Weighted Jump Rope" and "Suicides".  All three of these have the pants dropping potential if you are wearing bottoms that are not secure.  So "Bottoms Up!"

Again, weights used in this one 4's, 5's and 10's, plus the resistance cable.  I may need to get something heavier for the weeks to come.  Or I could put my wrists weights on I guess, if needed.  The reason I say this is because in today's workout, the "Dead Lifts", I could have done MORE in the weights.  I had my 10's, but I think I could have used something heavier.  My arms held strong for the "Weighted Warrior 3".  It's so surprising how quickly your body and mind can change.  On Tuesday when I did this one, I thought my arms were going to fall off.  Today, it was still tough, but I knew that I could do it.  A couple times I lost my balance, but I got right back into Warrior 3.  I even tried pushing the UP button in this one.  Jillian makes Kenta (I think that is his name), she makes him punch while in this position.  SO...I tried it, not too bad...balance is the key with that one.  Next week I will try it again. 
Well, after doing Workout 7 again yesterday, I was not as sore today as I was on Tuesday.  Remember, Jillian made me "hurt when I breathed" after Workout 7.  My abs are okay and are stronger now.  This happens with each set of Workouts...the first week of the workouts, I felt sore...the second week, not so because I am getting stronger.  Then I move forward to the next set of workouts.  Again, the first week...sore..."oh my, I want to die kind of sore"...then, second week comes along and you may think to yourself..."Oh hell yeah!...I can do this!"...and it continues on like that.  Well at least up to the end of the first week of Workouts 7 & 8.(this is how it has been for me anyway) 

Comment/Question: I had someone ask me about being sore in the first week (of workouts), and if they should stay on Workouts 3 & 4 until they perfected the moves/endurance before moving on to the next workouts.

Trina's Answer: It's YOUR workout, so listen to your body.  I think though, as I said above, you will find the second week easier than the first.  Well unless you add more resistance to all of the moves, then no, it will not be easier, but you have become stronger and are ready for what comes next.  Just think of how you felt in the first 2 weeks.  First week hard, second week not so moved on to the next workouts.  You can do it again too.  It's all about moving forward, getting stronger, becoming a healthier version of YOU.  And you will!

Today's food...
Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with Quinoa Crunch & Berries           
In the Fat Burning Meal Plan recipe book it states that the Quinoa Crunch will last in an airtight container for "up to 1 week".  I made a double batch of this and I have had it stored in an airtight container for just over a month.  I made it on Thursday February 23rd to be exact.  It stills taste the same as when I first ate it the following day.  So things do last longer than what it states in the book.  I'm sure they have to give a shorter shelf life so that people don't complain if things go bad before the time is up.  Maybe it's just the container I have it in.  Because I had made the Ketchup on Sunday February 26th, had it in the same type of container as the Quinoa Crunch, and it is still good.  I meant to throw it in the freezer but I forgot.  I thought it would have gone bad (you know like a science experiment for mold),but it is still good to go.  I did throw it in the freezer today though, just in case. 

Lunch: Roasted Chicken with Whole-Wheat Pasta and Spinach Pesto
Thawed out from frozen in the fridge overnight and heated up was delicious! 

I was worried about this one and how it would taste after being in the freezer.  It tasted just as good as fresh maybe even better.  Maybe because I slaved over the stove that day making it...LOL...and I was too tired to enjoy the flavors this meal has to offer.

Snack: Chocolate-Covered Carrot Cake Pop
See Thursday March 22nd post for the recipe for this one.  They freeze up nicely, so if you make a batch for you and your family and you have any leftovers...throw them in the freezer so they won't tempt you while they are sitting in the fridge.  The recipe for the carrot cake is nice too, like if you don't have the time to make the cake pops, the cake is very good just as it is. 

Look at that self control...I took a bite and then put it down to take a picture for you all.

Dinner: Roasted Chicken with Red Onion, Red Pepper & Mushroom Stir-fry
No real recipe for this.  Just veggies and chicken.

It was a great meal on a cold March night.

I picked up the latest issue of Clean Eating magazine tonight.  I haven't had the chance to look through it yet.  I will peruse through it tonight and find some more clean recipes to try and then share with you.  You can also check out Clean Eating at One recipe I did see is the Lemon Bars on the last page.  Only 82 calories per 1-2 x 2 inch-bar.  Mmmm........................Okay, so I just looked through it a bit.  There is another Frozen Banana Chocolate recipe in it.  Chocolate Banana Bonbons...very similar to the Chocolate Cinnamon Frozen Banana Pops from the Fat Burning Meal Plan recipe book.  I think I may have enough chocolate left to make some of these up tomorrow.  There are also some other great snack recipes, such as....Cinnamon Pita Crackers, Crispy Apple Chips, Chile Almonds, Spicy Kale Chips and more.  I am definitely going to try some of these snacks recipes.  Check out the website or pick up your copy at the store.   
So my advice to you is to eat right and exercise and you will reach your goals.  You don't need any "diet" products to get you to a Healthier Version of YOU.  Focus, Hard Work and Eating Clean will get you there.

I just want to share this NSV...Non Scale Victory with you.  I bought myself a pair of Hunter rubber boots a few years ago, even though they were tight around my calves.  I struggled with getting them off many times.  Well...not any>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>you are looking at my leg AND a real nice gap around the top of my Once Too Tight Hunter Rubber Boots.  Yay!!!!  I will now be able to go out and garden this spring, and easily put my boots on and off.  The other night I was trying on some dresses that I have had in my closet for years, in hopes that I would be able to wear them again.  I will share another NSV picture with you another day.  I am going to look over my new magazine now and make some notes and maybe a grocery list.  Tomorrow I will be shedding some more fat with Cardio 2. 
Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Body Revolution Day 46 of 90

Day 46 = Workout 7

Abdominal Killer. 
This is me before heading downstairs to do Workout 7 for the second time.  I was ready.  It might be a killer but it is shredding the laundry into bits, and my washboard will soon be on display.
( the looks of my bathroom mirror, I will need my kitchen-cleaner-upper to clean the mirrors too.  Do you remember him, what I wanted him to look like???  Well...below is just a little reminder...)  I wouldn't even mind if he was cleaning the mirrors while I was in the shower after doing Body Revolution.  Just kidding...or am I?  Somehow I think my husband would have something to say about that.  LOL
I have to make a correction to Monday's post: I referred to one of the moves as a Pike bad, it's not. It is a Jack Knife Crunch. These were the ones that were hurting the bruise on my backside. I chose to do a Pike Crunch instead. Well today, it wasn't my backside that was hurting, it was my whole abdominal area...I continued on with my version with the Pike Crunches. I will try to push the UP button on Monday with the Jack Knife Crunches.

This workout is definitely ALL for the Abs. Even when you are working the chest, the Abs are killing it.

I have to correct my opening statement...I should have said, Abdominal Creator...yes it stills kills...BUT...the abs will be works of art when I am done.

It's just simply FANTASTIC!

Today's food...
Breakfast: Pumpkin Cranberry Muffin
I hadn't had one of these for awhile, so I thought, "why not??"  Plus I was feeling a bit lazy this morning.  Didn't feel like whipping up one of my

Lunch:  Salmon Burger with Zesty Aioli
This time I had it on a bun.  I bought some whole wheat buns on Sunday so that I could enjoy the burger as it should be enjoyed.

The bun looks at bit small for the burger, but that is all right.  We don't need to fill up on bread to enjoy a burger.  I usually buy the thin buns, but this one here is lower in calories than the others. 
I may even try my hand at making my own buns, because I want to have healthy BUNS. 
And by that, I am referring to the ones I sit on everyday!

Snack: Baked Garlic Pita Chips with Guacamole
I had to eat this snack again today because I didn't want the Guacamole to go bad.  After having to wait a day to finish making it, it would have been a shame to throw it out for not eating in time.

Dinner: NEW...Trina's Turkey Burgers served with The Best Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Paprika & Leeks 
The turkey burger recipe is something I made up last night, and the Brussels Sprouts recipe is from the The Best of Clean Eating 2 cookbook.

Trina's Turkey Burgers
Makes 4 burgers
(I divided 1 patty into 3 smaller ones for the kids)
>>>>precooking picture>>>>
1 lb extra lean or lean ground turkey
1 egg
1 tbsp dried oregano
1 tbsp thyme
1 tbsp marjoram
1 clove of garlic, minced
1-2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1/2 cup finely chopped red onion
3 servings of Baked Garlic Pita Chips, crushed to crumbs- total of 9 chips(from the Fat Burning Meal Plan recipe book)
OR look's right here...

Baked Garlic Pita Chips
Makes 48 chips
Olive oil spray for the baking sheets
4(6-inch) whole-wheat pita breads
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 garlic clove, crushed (I mince mine)
1/4 tsp salt

Preheat the oven to 400F.  Spray two rimmed baking sheets with olive oil spray.

ONE: Working with one pita at a time, use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut along the outside edges and separate each into 2 circles.

TWO: Stack the circles and cut them in half.  Cut each half into 3 wedges; you'll have 48 triangles.  Arrange the triangles on the prepared baking sheets so that the side that was the inside of the pita is facing up.

THREE: In a small dish, combine the olive oil with the garlic.  Lightly brush each pita triangle with the oil garlic mixture; brush only the side that is facing up.  Sprinkle the pitas with the salt. 

FOUR: Bake until the chips are lightly browned around the edges and crisp, turning the pans once during baking, 8 to 10 minutes.  Let cool slightly or completely before serving. (Pita chips can be stored in an airtight container for 3 to 4 days.) I have kept them in Ziploc bags for over a week.

Nutrients per serving: Calories: 53.6, Fat: 2.9g, Protein: 1.1g, Carbs: 6.2g, Sodium: 89.9mg
NOTE: Remember to input the ingredients that YOU use, into your recipe calculator to ensure you get the correct calorie count

Okay so there is the recipe for the chips.  I suggest you make the pita chips up the day before, so it doesn't seem like a huge task just before dinner.

Here are the steps for the burgers...
ONE: In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients and stir well.  Once mixed, form into 4 patties(about 4oz each) Place patties on a foiled baking tray, cover and place tray in the fridge for a few hours or overnight, if desired. 

TWO: Heat a large skillet or grill.  Cook until they are no longer pink inside.  Approximately 5-6 minutes per side.  Once they are cooked fully transfer to four individual plates.  (You can serve them up on buns with tomato slices and lettuce too.)

Nutrients per burger patty: Calories 268, Fat: 11.8g, Saturated Fat, 3.1g, Protein: 28.7g, Sodium: 265mg, Carbs: 10g, Fiber: 2.5g

The Best Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Paprika & Leeks
 Serves 8
2 lb Brussels Sprouts
3 Tbsp olive oil, divided
1 tsp sweet smoked paprika
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp cinnamon
Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper, to taste
3 medium leeks, white and light green parts only, ends trimmed
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/4 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese, optional

ONE: Preheat oven to 425F.  Ensure two oven racks are positioned in top and bottom thirds of oven.

TWO: Trim 1/4 inch from end of each sprout and remove any yellow or blemished outer leaves.  Cut sprouts i half through root and place into a large mixing bowl.  Toss sprouts with 2 Tbsp oil, paprika, cumin and cinnamon until coated.  Season with salt and pepper and transfer to a parchment-lined baking sheet, cut sides of sprouts facing down.

THREE: Cut leeks in half lengthwise and rinse inside of leek thoroughly.  Lightly brush cut sides with remaining 1 Tbsp oil.  Season with salt and pepper.  Arrange leeks on a second baking tray and place tray on bottom rack of oven.  Place sprouts on top rack of oven.  Roast for about 15 minutes, until sprouts are golden brown and tender and leeks are softened.  Remove both from oven, chop leeks into 1-inch-wide pieces and toss in a larger bowl with sprouts.

FOUR: Season with lemon juice, salt and pepper and toss until coated.  Transfer to plates and sprinkle with Parmesan, if desired.

Nutrients per 1 1/2 cup serving: Calories: 116, Total Fat: 6g, Sat. Fat: 1g, Monounsaturated Fat: 4g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g, Carbs: 15g, Sugars: 4g, Protein: 4g, Sodium: 50mg, Cholesterol: 0mg 

My husband always laughs at me because I always seem to forget one small ingredient in the meals I make, this one was no exception.  As I was typing out the recipe, I realized I forgot to serve it up with the Parmesan cheese.  Oh well, it does state that it is OPTIONAL.  Next time I will remember.
This meal was great!  Total Calories for my dinner: 408.  The kids gave it the thumbs up. 
It is very similar to a meal from the Body Revolution Kickstart meal plan.  I looked back at my log, and found the Turkey Burgers were served with Brussels Sprouts and Carrots.  The spices are different from each, to give them both a very different flavor.

I had a reader ask me a question in regards to entering their recipes into MFP recipe calculator.  The best way to figure out amounts of certain ingredients is to use a food scale.  I won't lie to you, it is a bit time consuming to enter the recipes, but it is worth the time, YOU are worth it.  Once you enter it, it's won't have to enter it again.  I do enter all my recipes into the calculator to make sure I get my calories correct.

Here is a picture of the food scale I use...

To measure 1 1/2 pounds of sweet potato, throw them on the scale and weigh them in. 
By checking the numbers on this scale, will help bring the numbers down on the bathroom scale.

Well I think I have said enough for today.  I must get some rest so that I remember to wear pants that won't fall down in the morning.  It's Weighted Butt Kicks day!  In other words, It's Wear the Wrong Pants and You Will Lose Them Day!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Body Revolution Day 45 of 90

Day 45 = Cardio 2 + the halfway point

Well I have made it through the first 45 days.  I feel fantastic!  Sore, but fantastic!

As I began Cardio 2 this morning I thought to myself, I could do with some serious stretching(i.e. Yoga), but after about the first 7 minutes or so, I was feeling pretty good.  Well...until it came to Burpee time.  My first one down, I could hear my abs screaming at me, "What the Fu€K are you doing???"  I replied, "Suck it up!", and kept going.  The Burpees do get better, the stronger YOU get. 

Let me talk about "Fast Feet" or "Hot Feet" again.  I cannot watch the first set anymore.  I know I told you about this before, and I said, "Knees forward, butt back and GO!"...when I watch Mimi do them, I feel like an complete idiot, I don't feel like I am doing them correctly.  So now, I just close my eyes, but it's still tough to get it right.  When Omar and David do them, I watch their knees and for some reason I do it right.  Weird!!!!

The more you do the workouts, the quicker they seem to go by each time.  Time flies when you're having fun!  It's so great that these workouts are only around the 30 minute marker.  So far, the workouts have not exceeded 36 minutes...they have ranged from 26 minutes to 36 minutes in length, start to finish.  AWESOME!!!!

Today's food...
Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats with Apples & Pecans
I was going to have eggs and sausage, but I had a craving for the Oats instead. A girl can change her mind...right?

Lunch: NEW...Baby Spinach with Avocado, Pomegranate & Sunflower Seeds/Tomato, Avocado & Cheddar Burrito
Both the salad and the burrito are in the Fat Burning Meal Plan recipe book.
I kept putting this one off because I didn't think it would be that satisfying. I was wrong. The salad was quite nice. The citrus dressing is wonderful. I would even make the dressing up and put it on other salads. It would be really nice on a Chicken Spinach Salad for sure.

Getting it all together.
Lunch is served.
I definitely need some practice folding up the burrito.  Actually, I had to heat it up in my skillet because I was making pizzas in the oven for the daycare kids at the same time.  End result...the tortilla got a little too crispy.  It was still good.  This one is a great option for any vegetarians out there.

Snack: Chocolate Covered Carrot Cake Pop

Dinner: Barley with Turkey Sausage
We had to get to our son's school concert tonight, so it was nice to have something there to heat up and eat.  Remember my little slogan..."Heat and Eat!"

Since today was my halfway point, I wore my "healthy weight reward" shirt...remember that beautiful Paris Pink Lululemon top???  I was looking at my arms in it and I was admiring my hard work. 
I tried taking a picture of my shapely arm...
Okay, okay so I am showing off a bit. 

I have always disliked my arms.  I never liked anyone touching or grabbing my arms.  It's still hard to believe some days that my arms are getting defined with muscle, and not just blobs of fat.  Now I just need Jillian to kill the fat on my thighs.  Those Crossover Lunges...just might do the trick.  I can certainly feel them in my butt and hamstrings.

Tomorrow it's back to Abs central with Workout 7.  

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Body Revolution Day 44 of 90

Day 44 = Workout 8

Well Jillian has done it again.

With this, I am referring to Workout 7...she has made me hurt when I breathe.


I'm talking about the Abs portion of yesterday's workout, which is pretty much the entire workout. Since a lot of the moves incorporate the Core, it certainly gets a good hard workout with 7. I started feeling it a bit last night just before bed, but this morning...oh baby!

Good job Jillian! Great work Trina!  I have been wanting this for a long time now.

I didn't know what Crow Push Ups were until yesterday.  I thought you would have your hands closer together, but you don't.  It's a regular military push up, while bringing your knee to your elbow while you're down.  I have done these before, but did not know what they were called.(well I should say...I have attempted to do these before)  Yesterday, I did them all.  I truly believe these were the culprit...LOL.  Even though I am sore today, I am looking forward to Thursday again. Tomorrow I will get rid of some of the leftover laundry on my stomach with Cardio 2, so that my washboard stomach can show through soon.

Okay on to Workout 8...LOVE IT! I love them all though. It just keeps getting better each time. But it's a kind of love/hate feeling. While I'm doing some of the moves, I love it, while others I hate it...BUT I LOVE how those moves are going to make me look and feel. Take for instance, Warrior 3 with Weights...HOLY F&€K! I thought my arms were going to fall off, but they didn't(how else would I be able to write this blog). They use 3 lbs in each hand, I was using my 4's. It's a good one! 

The weights I used in this one: 4's, 5's, 8's and 10's, plus the resistance cable.  Jillian refers to it as the "Torture Tube".  They use it a lot more in this workout than they have in the past.  The moves with the cable aren't too bad, they are tough but you will be able to handle it.

Trina's Tip: Remember to wear pants or shorts, whatever kind of bottoms you choose to wear, that tie up or fit.  I almost lost my pants this morning.
I was wearing a pair of base layer capris(what?...I was at home, nobody sees me) anyway, in the cardio move, Butt Kicks, my pants started to slide down, down and down.  Now normally I would be able to pull them back up like any other time I have done Butt Kicks.  BUT...this time you are holding weights in your hands. pants!!!  Let me tell you, it was a long minute.  I know I was by myself,  but I still didn't want my pants falling down.  So, I did lower my hands to pull my pants up once.  I will remember this for Friday.  Now really, this is a good thing, no a GREAT thing because I know that I am losing inches...maybe even while I'm doing the actual workout...LOL.
There is also a set of "Suicides" in this workout.  It's only 1 minute long.  I counted out about 24 of them as I was doing them.  Again, do as many as YOU can in the minute time slot.

Today's food...
It's not that exciting today.  You have seen and heard of them all before, as I have frozen meals and leftovers that need to be eaten up.  But this is GREAT because meal time needs no big prep time.  Heat and Eat!
Breakfast:  Blueberry Banana Muffin

Lunch: Mediterranean Tuna Salad Rolls
Today I used some baby spinach in the roll instead romaine lettuce or sprouts.

Snack: Baked Garlic Pita Chips with Guacamole
Yay!!! It didn't rot overnight.  After my workout this morning I tried mashing up the avocado, it was still a bit firm so I left it until the daycare kids were eating their first snack.  Much nicer by then.  All the ingredients were already in the bowl with exception to the tomato.  I added the tomato, stirred it up and divided it into two containers for 2 servings.

I made up some more Pita Chips too. This is a picture of the pita bread cut into triangles waiting for the olive oil/garlic/salt mixture.  Then into the oven. Once they were baked and then cooled, I put them in bags into single serving sizes.

It was definitely worth the overnight wait.

Dinner:  Just leftovers again...I had some of the Lemon Chicken, Potato and Onions that I made up Sunday in the crock pot.  Sorry no picture of this one tonight.  It was my daughter's dance night, so I was rushing to get them fed + me fed = no picture.

But here are a couple pictures of my little dancer...

I just thought to myself..."i never mention anything about what I drink"...that's simple...WATER, WATER and more WATER.  I am not a coffee or tea drinker so that is not a problem for me to cut out.  I did drink Diet Pepsi, but no more...I gave that up back in January of this year.  So that is not a problem for me anymore.  I did have some orange juice while I was sick there a few weeks ago, I think the vitamin C helped out quite a bit.  In regards to Alcohol...I'm not a big drinker...well not anymore(I could probably write another whole blog about my crazy days when I was younger).  I was never a weekday drinker, only on weekends with friends at clubs. 

NOW...I have children...need I say more...LOL. 

No seriously...I am okay with not drinking alcohol.  I don't mind being the designated driver, because I know that I am going to feel just fine the next day, where as my husband(who doesn't drink a lot either), will feel like crap and will always need that ever so needed "BOOZE SNOOZE" in the afternoon.  This doesn't mean I will never drink again.  But for the purpose of showing you how this program works when you stick to the guidelines, I will not be drinking during the 90 days.  Well I guess I could say, the remaining 46 days... 

Tomorrow will be Day 45...WOW...the halfway point.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S. I'm going to rest my abs now.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Body Revolution Day 43 of 90

Day 43 = Workout 7

Be careful what you wish for...
I wanted more Abs...I got it!  But this makes me happy. 

As far as the triceps, I did not find them as hard in this one as in Workout 5.  The first circuit in this workout, I think is the toughest in Workout 7.  I could really feel it in my ABS throughout all of circuit 1.  And then again in circuit 2 & 3.  But circuit 1, if you just sat there and watched it, you wouldn't think that you would feel it so much in your abs...but you least I did.
I used 4lbs, 5lbs and 10lbs in this one.  Next time it will only be 5lbs and 10lbs.  Plus the cable is used too.
"Fast Feet" are back again for 1 minute.  Remember I was talking about the Burpees, and how you have to learn to love them, or at least like the very least tolerate them, and how when I first started doing the 30 Day Shred, how I hated doing the Squat Thrusts???  Well my good pal Squat Thrusts and I were reunited today.  Only for 1 minute and then they were gone...I will see them again I know on Thursday.  I don't mind doing them anyway, I have grown to like them.
In this workout, Jillian gives a few different intensity options with some of the moves.  She starts off in the modified option, then moves into 2 other harder options.  This is nice because there is variety and you can choose the option that is right for you.
I found the Pike Crunches a bit difficult...ONLY because I have a bruise on my backside.  This is from when I wore those workout pants with the zipper pocket on the back.  DON'T DO IT!  Last week I was checking out my back in the mirror, and I noticed this bruise on my this move where you have to basically fold in half while on the hurt.  These Pike Crunches are different from ones she has done in the past because you bring your whole torso off the ground, while lifting the legs off the floor.  You kind of go into a boat pose, than back down, then up, then down...get it???  So this really bothered(hurt) by butt.  I think too, I don't have as much FAT back there anymore either...which is great!
I did the Pike Crunches like she has done before, just lifting my shoulders and legs up.  I think on Thursday I will double up my mat and go for it!!!  I'll keep you posted.

I remembered to take my measurements this morning and I weighed in too.

Starting              Current      Inches Lost
Bust: 38"               36.5"         2"
Waist: 32"             30"            2"
Hips: 42.5"            39.5"         3"
Arms: 11.5"           11"          .5"
Thighs: 25"             23"           2"
Calves: 15"            14"            1"
Shoulders: 44.5"    42"          2.5"

Total inches lost: 13"  Lucky 13

Starting weight: 164.8lbs  Current Weight: 152

Total weight lost: 12.8lbs  Almost Lucky 13...maybe tomorrow.
I have updated the Body Revolution Ticker on the right hand side, so it is working...Yay!

My time with as of today, I have logged on for 305 days, and I have officially hit the 40 lbs lost marker...40.2 lbs to be exact.  I have become a Healthier Version of ME!  But I'm not done yet.  NOW...I need to become a Fitter Version of ME...and a Sexier Version of ME.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Turkey Sausage and Poached Egg
No picture of this today.  I was in a bit of a rush to get my breakfast in me before the daycare children started to arrive.  I didn't do the Sweet Potato Hash time.  Plus it was a spur of the moment change in my plan.  I had planned to have the Whole-grain Toast with Soft Cheese Spread & Raspberries, but then I realized I had the sausages in the fridge and I wanted to use some of them up.  I froze the remaining ones for later this week or next week.

Lunch: Shrimp and Watermelon Salad with a twist...
I had the shrimp and watermelon over baby spinach as I have done before.  This time I added half an orange and about a half of a kiwi.  The orange was left over from the orange that I squeezed the juice from only half, and the kiwi was extra from the daycare morning snack.  I did not include the avocado in the recipe again so I figure my calories were the about the same maybe even less.  The fat would have been less.  Since I didn't have the full amount of shrimp, I ate some blackberries to make up some calories.

I try to use the good things up, because it's such a shame to have to throw them out.  Like this morning, today was our garbage day and I HAD to throw out a head of cauliflower that I didn't get around to using.  I sad, mad and NOT glad about this at all.  I know it happens sometimes, but I am trying my best at using up the veggies that I purchase each week.  Some can, and have carried over to the next week, but this cauliflower was not looking so hot.

Snack: Baked Garlic Pita Chips with Hummus
I planned on making Guacamole, and started to make it but my avocados were not ripe enough.  I had cut them up and added all the other ingredients, but could not smooooosh them.  I left it all in the dish and hopefully they will ripen and not rot over the next day or so.  I decided to make some Hummus instead.

Dinner: Barley Soup with Turkey Sausage
The temperature has dropped again today, so I had some of the leftover soup.  I divided the rest up into serving sizes and threw it(actually placed it) in the freezer for future use.

I will have to remember not to eat this combination in the future.  After entering my meals and snack into the food calorie calculator, it showed my calories low, but my sodium high and over my daily intake.  As I said, my calories were low for today, so I have added some cucumbers and an orange to my dinner. 

I am going to look through some recipe magazines tonight to find some other CLEAN recipes to share with you in the future.

Tomorrow is my first time for Workout 8...looking forward to it.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Have a great evening.

Good night.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Body Revolution Day 42 of 90

Day 42 = Rest Day

Today I had a show all day so some required EXTRA planning was in order.  The EXTRA was because my two little hooligans came with me because my husband had to work.  It wasn't much of a rest day though.  My kids drove me crazy at the show.  They were rolling around on the floor, wrestling behind the table, going behind the display racks, running up and down the hallway, I couldn't wait for the show to end.  I was exhausted.

This is my little girl, taking out her big brother...YOU GO GIRL!


Here they are begging to get their faces painted...

It didn't happen...because as you can see, they both have a devilish look in their eyes.  
As soon as we packed up and started the short drive home, my little girl fell fast asleep. 
We got home, had some dinner and then went grocery shopping.

With all that was going on with food prep this morning and then off to the show, I forgot to take my measurements.  Sorry.
Today's food...
Breakfast: Blueberry Banana Muffin
Quick Grab n' Go breakfast.  Off to the show.

Lunch: Mediterranean Tuna Salad Rolls
I made this up this morning before we left so that I could stick to my plan.

Snack: Banana Almond Smoothie
I had this snack after dinner.  I didn't have time to enjoy it this afternoon.

Dinner: Grilled Lemon Chicken with a bit of a twist...
This morning before we left, I threw some chicken in the crock pot.  I made up the marinade from the Grilled Chicken recipe (from Fat Burning Meal Plan book) and poured it over the chicken.  I also cut up some red potatoes and red onions and threw them in with the chicken.  Turned the crock pot on, and went to the show.  Dinner was waiting for us when we returned home.

It was nice to have dinner ready and not have to worry about it after a long (REST) day.

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning's workout...Workout 7.  I told you about the Triceps in Workout 5, well I have been informed that the Triceps get even more of a workout.  Well...that's what I paid for!!!  I will let you know all about it tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night.