Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Day 59 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Happy Halloween!

Day 59 = Cardio 3

Let me just start by saying that my butt must have worked really hard yesterday, because it is still screaming today.  I woke up this morning and could barely walk to the bathroom.  LOVE IT!  I was able to loosen up a bit in Cardio 3.  In Cardio 3, Jillian gives us all a break in Circuit 2.  She skips a few of the moves.  I always thought, "Oh, I will just pause the DVD and do the missing moves"'s a great thought, but this morning that didn't happen.  She drills you hard even though there are a few missing.  The moves are only done for around 20 seconds each, so they are ALL very doable.  AND if you are doing Body Revolution for the first time, many of the moves you have done already.

Last night I ended my post wishing I had blue hair like my daughter for Halloween.'s not blue but it is the complementary colour to blue on the colour wheel...

I am the Lalaloopsy's Mummy
Captain Jack Sparrow's Mum too!

Getting ready to head off to school.

After the kids had left for school, the was invaded by pirates...

Ready for their Annual Pirate Feast

Today's food...
Breakfast: Egg Whites and Onions

It looks a bit spooky and scary, but it was delicious.  And just what I needed for breakfast.  After eating the Ooey Gooey Banana Chocolate Breading Pudding two days in a row for breakfast, I was craving something savoury this morning.

Lunch: Tilapia and Salad...AGAIN!

Is it Halloween or I am in the movie Groundhog Day!  I am reliving yesterday's lunchtime all over again.  I actually baked up two pieces yesterday so it was nice to just grab, heat and eat today.

Nap time this afternoon was time for me to evolve my costume into something more.  In the above picture, I just had the wig, light pink cheeks(shown) and a full skirt with a white cat on it(not shown).  Well it changed at nap time...if I was going to be a Lalaloopsy's Mum, I needed to look more the part.  So...I added a few things...
I changed my socks, added a shorter skirt and a little hat.

Here's me and my little Captain Jack.
This picture makes me laugh because he looks fake.  To me, it almost looks like he is a cardboard cut out, and I'm holding him up. LOL

These two pictures were taken before they went out on their 2 hour quest for candy.

Snack: Coconut Banana Bonbons/Raspberries
I made up some CLEAN treats for myself to enjoy today.

The first picture is of the Coconut Banana Bonbons that I made.  I wanted to make some more of the Coconut Mounds that I made yesterday, but I didn't have enough coconut, so I looked around the kitchen and I saw some bananas that needed to be used up.  These were a bit tougher to make because the banana made them mushy only until they were covered in the chocolate then they were fine.  
Fine and Delicious.
The raspberries are the REAL deal.  They are not Swedish Berries.  These are the healthy version.

Dinner: Baked Garlic Pita Chips and Salsa/Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Salad from Subway

I made the Pita Chips up while I was waiting for the Trick or Treaters to come around.  I was surrounded by all the goodies and I was getting hungry, so I thought of some chips and salsa, and how it would curb my hunger.  Once my husband and the kids got back home, he made a run to Subway and grabbed some food. I didn't want to cook anything and the kids needed some real food in them.  A sub was a pretty good choice.  It beats shoveling loads of Halloween sweets into their faces.  The kids sat on the floor in the kitchen and sorted through their goodies.  They were trading and bartering with each other for the things that they liked.  It was so funny listening to them.  They would give each other things for "free"...hehehe...wasn't it ALL free???  They are so cute!
Here is my little Pirate sorting through his treasure...

Today is also my wedding anniversary...
3 years ago today, Steve and I got married on Halloween.  
Only I am in much better shape now.  I AM a Healthier Version of Me!  
My wedding dress...TOO BIG!  It's sad though, because I don't even like looking a pictures of our wedding(well at least the pictures of me anyway). I wanted to get in better shape for that day, but it just didn't happen.  That's okay though now, because I found my way, and I am on the road to my success.

I am going to leave you now with the best costume of all, Sleeping Beauty...

That's what I am going to do too.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong! And stay out of the kids Halloween Treats!

Good night


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 58 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 58 = Workout 10

I got up and got my workout done despite a crappy sleep due to the howling winds outside and the little girl that was scared and decided to nestle right into me ALL night.  Cute...but makes for a not so comfortable sleep.  I will be honest with you...I did hit the snooze button this morning.  BUT that is the great thing about Jillian's Body Revolution workouts, they are only around the 30 minute mark.  Workout 10 is ONLY 34 minutes long.  I know I have listed the times while doing Round 1, a quick recap...from start to finish...the Body Revolution Workouts range from 26 minutes to 36 minutes in length.  So with hitting the snooze button once or twice some days, I still have time to get them done.  This workout works the back of the body, and the back of my body is feeling it now.  Feeling strong, feeling great!

I hope that you challenging yourself.  If you are, then change will happen.  If you are not...WHY?  Ask yourself that question and then do something about it.  I know that when I had that cold, I was not challenging myself at all(in a good way) and I could feel that.  It was just a challenge to breathe.  Now that I am better, these workouts are challenging me to get me back to where I was before I got sick.  Like for instance, this morning I could not complete all the Weighted Rock Star Jumps, I was winded.  I did not quit though.  I took a break, and then I did the last two along with Jillian and her crew.  I will be pushing myself on these on Friday for sure.  But let us leave that until Friday, and talk about food now...

Today's food...
Breakfast: Ooey Gooey Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding
It was so good yesterday that I just had to eat the last remaining serving of it today for breakfast.  As good as this one is, I won't be making it again is so darn tempting.

Lunch: Baked Tilapia and a Salad
Yesterday's food was just so good, I repeated part of the same lunch.  The Tilapia was really nice, so nice that I made it up again and served it with a salad.

As for a dessert, I made the Creamy Cinnamon Spaghetti Squash that I mentioned last week.

It was quite nice.  I tasted it while it was still warm and thought it needed to be just a bit sweeter, so I added a drizzle of honey.  Delicious!

Snack: Coconut Mounds
I made these bite size morsels as MY Halloween treat...and the rest of the family have been gobbling them up.  I guess I should have waited until tomorrow to make them. they are ALL gone.
Happy Halloween!

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Meat Sauce
I bought some more spaghetti squash on Sunday and bake it up that night because one of them was on its way out.  I baked them up and scraped it into a container and saved it for tonight's dinner.  I made it up before my daughter's dance class tonight, but did not get a chance to eat it until after we got back.  My mouth was watering for it.  I had sampled it before we left the house and could not wait to get back home to eat.

Halloween came one day early for my little girl.  Tonight's class was Halloween costume dress up day.  Here she is, my very own little...

Lalaloopsy Doll


Tomorrow I will be dressing up my son for school as well, pictures will be posted tomorrow.  I am still pondering on which costume I will be wearing tomorrow.  Somehow I don't think this costume would be so good with running a home daycare...

I should be a Lalaloopsy Doll as I am the one all about sewing in this house.  I would love to have blue hair.  Last year at Christmas time Santa brought my little girl some Lalaloopsy stuff.  I thought it was wonderful.  My husband thought it was crap.  I told him he didn't like it because he wasn't a girl.  I would have LOVED these toys when I was a little girl.  And these Halloween costumes are fantastic!
Well I can't be a Lalaloopsy Doll tomorrow because I am not staying up all night to sew myself a costume.  So...tomorrow I will dig out an old costume from my Halloween closet.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 57 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 57 = Workout 9

My first day of Phase 3.  I feel GREAT!  This morning was the first morning in about a month, that I had no trouble getting out of bed.  I think I know why too.  It's because we turned our furnace on yesterday and the bedroom was not need to stay in bed and snuggle down.  Even with the crappy weather outside, I was ready to go.  I thought I was coming down with something again on Saturday and Sunday because I just felt blah again.  But Saturday I was just tired from the late night Halloween decorating and yesterday, I was thawing out as I mentioned in last night's post.  I finally REALLY feel like myself again.

Workout 9...In this workout you don't really use that many weights.  I only used my 5 and 8 lb dumbbells.  Thursday I will try to UP them, if I don't, next week for sure.  I need to get back into my heavy weights again.  I'm sure tomorrow that will happen with working the back of the body.  I can't really remember Workout 10, it's like Christmas all over again.  I will open my surprise in the morning.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Ooey Gooey Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding

This is from the Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook by Tosca Reno.
This was SO good.  The daycare children liked it too.

I had to substitute the plain soy milk with Chocolate soy milk.  I had some open and I needed to use it up.  It just made it that much more yummy, especially for a chocoholic like myself.

Lunch: Baked Tilapia with Brussels Sprouts and Carrots
It's only been since this year that I have eaten Tilapia, it is really quite nice.  For this one, I just brushed it with a little coconut oil and sprinkled it with black pepper, sea salt and basil, then bake it for about 15 minutes.
I also ate some more of the Ooey Gooey goodness that I had for breakfast.

Snack: Brown Bag Popcorn

Dinner: Chili from Tim Horton's
On a cold and rainy night when we had to go out of the house, this Chili hit the spot.  We took our son to his acting lesson tonight through the rain and the power outages, his class was still on.  The place where the classes are held, had back up lights, so all was a go.  My husband, daughter and I went to the near by Tim Horton's(which still had power) and grab some hot food.

Here is a picture of me and my little girl waiting for my husband to get our little actor...

We were all bundled up waiting out the storm.  
There were lights out everywhere.  Once we got back home, we still had and still have power.  I know some friends that their power has been off since 5:15pm.  The winds are picking up, and my skeleton heads are rolling outside.  I am glad I did not put up a lot of Halloween decoration outside this year.  

I hope where ever you are tonight, especially if you are on the east coast, that you are safe and warm. 

Even though we turned the furnace on, the winds around here are putting another chill in the house again.  It's time to snuggle down into bed I think.  Tomorrow I will warm up with Workout 10.

Until then...Stay Strong!  Keep warm and Stay Safe!

Good night


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 56 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 56 = Rest Day

Today was a real lazy kind of day.  I slept in until 10am and then cleaned up the kitchen...ooohhh fun stuff eh?  My husband was at work again for part of the day today, but when he got home he changed the filter in our furnace and turned it on for the first time.  Ahhhh....warmth.  I was freezing before we turned it on, so once it was on, I sat in our Powder room on the CLOSED toilet so that I could thaw out.  It was SO cozy and warm in there.

Here I am in the powder room...
With a little bit of Halloween decor.
I didn't want to leave...but I had to.  We were going to check out a new toy store that just opened up here in Waterloo, Mastermind Toys.  They had their Grand Opening this weekend, so I had to leave the warmth of the smallest room in our home that has a heating vent in it.  LOVE IT!  The rest of the house is warmer now and I am not nearly as cold as I was this morning.  The weather on the east coast seems to be affecting us here too.  I hope all those who live on the east coast are safe.  Keep Calm and Stay Strong!

Okay as promised, here is some more Halloween stuff...

This was the invitation for the 5th Annual Halloween Bash.  
It was a video invite.  There were 3 parts to it, but I could only load Part 1 & 2. Enjoy...

Invitation - Part 1

A Blast from the Past - Part 2

Part 3 could not be uploaded due to a copyright issue on YouTube.  I used the song, Dude Looks Like A Lady by Aerosmith.  Part 3 - The video includes pictures of the men dressed who as women, and the women who dressed like men over the past Halloween parties, from 2000-2003.  There were many more through the rest of the years too.  The above invitation was for the 5th Annual Halloween Bash...we we went all the way to the 10th Annual Bash, and that was the one where my husband and I got married.

Here is a picture of the wedding cake I made...
This is not a real cake though.  I covered the Styrofoam with a marshmallow fondant that I made.  And formed each bone and skull by hand.  I topped it off with a Bride and Groom cake topper...

I will continue to add some more Halloweenish stuff up until Halloween.  I hope you like my Halloween craziness, I know I have over the past years.  After I had the children it calmed down just a bit because I didn't have as much time as I did before they were in our lives.  One year I turned our front foyer into a cave.  I built a frame, covered it with chicken wire and then papier mached it and then painted it.  It was so cool.  I will have to see if I have any pictures of that year.

Well this post had nothing to do with fitness or eating right.  But it was my rest day, and I did use it as one.  I did not ride my bike like I thought I might.

Tomorrow is the start of Phase 3 of Body Revolution for me, and maybe for some of you as well.  Let's ROCK Workout 9!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Saturday, October 27, 2012

54 & 55 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 54 = Workout didn't happen...instead...SPINNING happened

Day 55 = Cardio didn't happen either...instead...Halloween decorating till the wee hours of the morning

Halloween time is a busy time for me.  I love the holiday and that is probably why my husband and I got married 3 years ago on this special day.  On Thursday my brother came over to grab some of my Halloween decorations, and then after he left, I started decorating just a couple areas in my home.  And that is why I didn't write much on Thursday night.

Workout 8 didn't happen for me because I was up too late, but that was no excuse for not getting in my workout.  So when the daycare children went for their nap, I hopped on my spinning bike and rode for about 55 minutes.
It was a great ride!
 It was just what I needed.

I had a quick shower, go the kids up and headed out to the bus stop to get the school kids.  My brother than came over again to get the rest of the Halloween decorations, about 9 Rubbermaid totes and some other bits.  After the daycare children all went home, my husband, our children and I went to the store to get the Halloween costumes for the kids.  Wait till you see what they are going to be...Wednesday's post you will see.

Once we got back home, we sat down to relax and then I got a text from my brother asking me if I would come over to help him decorate his friend's home.  As the Queen of Halloween, how could I resist???  So at 9:30pm last night I went to help out.  I was in my element.  As time passed, the rooms got spookier and scarier...
We kept on going until the wee hours of the morning. 

 I got back home at around 2am.  
It was almost like going out to a club, only with no dancing or drinking, with the exception of water of course.  

So seeing as I didn't get home until 2 o'clock in the morning, asleep by 2:30am, I did not feel like getting up early, so my workout did NOT happen today.

Shame on me!
I am not going to beat myself up over this though.  I worked hard over the last few days with lifting and carrying totes of decorations down two flights of stairs from our attic/loft, with a walk back up again...9 times or so.  I may make it up tomorrow with another spin.

Today was a busy and not so busy day.  My son had a birthday party this morning from 10am-Noon.  Then we came home, my husband had to go to work and here comes the not so busy part...I had a NAP!  Once my husband got back home, we went out and picked up some invitations for my son's upcoming Birthday party.  Let the planning begin...

So here is the sad part of my day...I am the Queen of Halloween, but this queen has no royal subjects that could watch the Prince and Princess tonight, so I am at home tonight when I should be dressed in costume and out to a Halloween Party.  There is always next year.  Over the next few days I will share with you some of my past Halloween costumes and decorations through pictures.  I will try and upload some of my old invitations for you to see.  I know that some of you are really into Halloween as I am.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night