Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 56 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 56 = Rest Day

Today was a real lazy kind of day.  I slept in until 10am and then cleaned up the kitchen...ooohhh fun stuff eh?  My husband was at work again for part of the day today, but when he got home he changed the filter in our furnace and turned it on for the first time.  Ahhhh....warmth.  I was freezing before we turned it on, so once it was on, I sat in our Powder room on the CLOSED toilet so that I could thaw out.  It was SO cozy and warm in there.

Here I am in the powder room...
With a little bit of Halloween decor.
I didn't want to leave...but I had to.  We were going to check out a new toy store that just opened up here in Waterloo, Mastermind Toys.  They had their Grand Opening this weekend, so I had to leave the warmth of the smallest room in our home that has a heating vent in it.  LOVE IT!  The rest of the house is warmer now and I am not nearly as cold as I was this morning.  The weather on the east coast seems to be affecting us here too.  I hope all those who live on the east coast are safe.  Keep Calm and Stay Strong!

Okay as promised, here is some more Halloween stuff...

This was the invitation for the 5th Annual Halloween Bash.  
It was a video invite.  There were 3 parts to it, but I could only load Part 1 & 2. Enjoy...

Invitation - Part 1

A Blast from the Past - Part 2

Part 3 could not be uploaded due to a copyright issue on YouTube.  I used the song, Dude Looks Like A Lady by Aerosmith.  Part 3 - The video includes pictures of the men dressed who as women, and the women who dressed like men over the past Halloween parties, from 2000-2003.  There were many more through the rest of the years too.  The above invitation was for the 5th Annual Halloween Bash...we we went all the way to the 10th Annual Bash, and that was the one where my husband and I got married.

Here is a picture of the wedding cake I made...
This is not a real cake though.  I covered the Styrofoam with a marshmallow fondant that I made.  And formed each bone and skull by hand.  I topped it off with a Bride and Groom cake topper...

I will continue to add some more Halloweenish stuff up until Halloween.  I hope you like my Halloween craziness, I know I have over the past years.  After I had the children it calmed down just a bit because I didn't have as much time as I did before they were in our lives.  One year I turned our front foyer into a cave.  I built a frame, covered it with chicken wire and then papier mached it and then painted it.  It was so cool.  I will have to see if I have any pictures of that year.

Well this post had nothing to do with fitness or eating right.  But it was my rest day, and I did use it as one.  I did not ride my bike like I thought I might.

Tomorrow is the start of Phase 3 of Body Revolution for me, and maybe for some of you as well.  Let's ROCK Workout 9!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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