Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 28 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 28 = Rest Day

Rest Day before the start of Phase 2.  I needed this day of rest BIG time.  We were out late last night but I only slept till 8:30am.  I thought I was feeling better, but as soon as I started moving around, I started sneezing again.  UGGHHH!!!!  I got the kids their breakfast and that was about it and I was ready to go back to bed.  I laid down on the couch and was soon joined by my bed nurse...

Our cat Indy(short for Indiana Jones) gets as close as he can get. 

A few hours later, I woke up to find him still by my side...
He's so lovely.

In the past, on Sunday's, I took some time to talk about REWARDS.  Well it's REWARD time again.  My reward for completing Phase 1 of my second round of Body Revolution was this...

A Food Dehydrator
I am going to be perfecting my Sweet Potato Crisps now.  First I slice the sweet potatoes and place them on my chip maker and place them in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes and then I placed them in the dehydrator to finish drying them out.  You can do them in the oven as well on a low heat.  But this new toy of mine, I mean REWARD of mine will be fun for experimenting with lots of different foods.

Since I haven't been feeling the greatest food has not been on the top of my mind today.  Sleep was, and still is.  I did have some soup and Orange juice for dinner tonight, along with some Sweet Potato Crisps.

I also had a small piece of the Chocolate Crepe Cake that was left over from the Stag and Doe last night...

The cake was CLEAN and oh SO yummy!!!

I am ready for Phase 2, even though right now I feel like crap, after a good night's sleep I will be ready to sweat it out in the morning.  I will TRY to attack Level 2 of Killer Abs in the morning...see how I feel.

Until then...Stay Strong! 

Good night


P.S. I will post the Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie Recipe when I am feeling better.

Day 27 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 27 = Cardio 1 Last Workout of Phase 1

This is a quick recap of yesterday. 

I started my day off with completing Cardio 1 for the last time. Final workout of Phase 1.  I was planning on doing my Killer Abs Level 1 workout but I just wasn't feeling it.  So I passed.

As the day went on I knew why I wasn't feeling it earlier in the day.  I began sneezing my head off and blowing my nose.  Not a good day.

Between sneezing, I managed to get my children to clean up their bedrooms.  That is enough to stress anyone out and make them feel ill.  My son kept on playing with his LEGO, and then he proceeded to tell me he needed a break from cleaning...he hadn't STARTED yet. ARGGHHHH!!!!  But finally after hours of whining, crying, shouting and vacuuming we got them both cleaned.  Now they just have to keep them that way.  LOL  I know wishful thinking.
I started the re-painting of his room last Christmas, but he hasn't kept it clean enough to finish it.  Let's hope together we can keep it looking this way so that I can finish painting and put the finishing touches on his room.   Posters and other movie paraphernalia.  I can't wait till it's's going to look AWESOME!!!

My husband and I went out last night to a friend's Stag and Doe, despite feeling like crap, I had a good time.  It was nice to see friends that we haven't seen in a while, and it was nice to hit the  dance floor.  Oh how I miss going out dancing.  I told my friend's daughter that we had to go out dancing, but she had to plan it as I am off the club scene, I don't know where to go.  Plus it had to be somewhere where I don't look like a mother to other people in the club...LOL...a nice NSV...she told me I didn't look like a mother at all.  I'm ready to dance...well not today.  I must get better first.  Get rid of this nasty cold.

I am now going to end this and move on to writing the current days Rest Day.  Much needed.

Stay Strong!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 26 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 26 = Workout 4

I guess I tucked myself into bed too tight last because I did not get up this morning when my alarm rang out...TWICE. I guess third time was the charm this morning.

This is I LOVE Body Revolution so much.  Yes I slept until 7am, BUT I knew that I could fit in my Body Revolution Workout 4 in during nap time this afternoon...not MY nap time, the daycare kids.  Some days I usually have about 1 1/2 hours of quiet time to do things around the house or to get in my workout if I didn't wake up in the morning on time.  Body Revolution workouts range from 26 minutes to 36 minutes in length, I could fit in 3 workouts if I wanted to.  Today's plan was to do Workout 4 and Glorious Glutes.  Well during nap time this afternoon, I did Workout 4 and then began my Glorious Glutes workout but I wasn't feeling it.  What I mean is, I was feeling like I didn't want to continue on with it.  We all have days like this and today was my day.  I ROCKED Workout 4 and upped my weights for it too.  I only used 10lb and 15lb dumbbells for it.  For the first round of Good Mornings, I used two 10lb dumbbells, that's what I have been using for the last two times through this workout(4).  During the second set of Good Mornings I tried two 15lb dumbbells, they made me drop like a rock.  I put them down, and picked up my 10's again and carried on.  I think when I first did this move for the very first time, I probably used only two 4's or two 5's.  So you see, you can do it!  Build your weights as you go.  Try a heavier weight at least once, OR for even part of the exercise. TRY!!!

I have to cut this post short tonight. My son asked me to snuggle with him. Then he asked me if I was going to keep writing my blog forever till I die. I replied, "maybe". He had a sad look on his face. I knew he wanted me to stop and snuggle down with him immediately. So we are snuggled right now and I am finishing this one up on my iPhone.

Me, my little man and the cat all snuggled down.
We are watching The Avengers.

I will add more pictures and the recipe that I was going to post today, tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 25 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 25 = Workout 3

This morning I woke up at 4:45am.  I thought of staying in bed, and I did, for a few minutes, but then decided to get up and get ready to workout.  I did my last round of Workout 3 this morning.  I will miss Tree Pose with the Lateral Raise move.  After I completed Workout 3 I hit Killer Abs... 

                                                            My Equipment.  My Workout.
                                                                    I KILLED it!

It's been a long day and now that it's the end of my day, I have forgotten what happened so early this morning during my workout.  The thing I do know is...what I stated above...I KILLED IT!  I don't know about anyone else who is doing the Killer Abs workout, but I am a sweaty mess in Circuit 4.  I upped my weights today for this one.  What you see above is what I used.  The ball I used for the High Knees and Torso Twists and for the 45 Degree Angle Twists.
Next week when I begin Phase 2, I will talk more about Workouts 5 & 6.  I think I will sit down and write my thoughts down right after I'm done.  Or before I wake the kids up.

No food talk today...

Today was a BIG day!  Today marked the day that my little girl got her first Official Haircut.  She's 4 1/2 years old.  Back in the spring she cut a bit off herself..."because it was in my eyes", she said to me.  She must have been having a bad hair day because she has never said that before and it's always in her eyes.  Anyway, I made an appointment with the same hair stylist that cut my son's hair the first time.  I thought it was only fitting and fair.

Thanks Cristina!
She even got her nails done while she was there.  One hand pink, the other one purple, both with sparkles.

A fresh haircut the night before CRAZY HAIR DAY at school.  My son wants his hair to be green and spiky.  My daughter...PINK, of course!  We stopped at the Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up something to colour their hair temporarily, of course.  I tested out the pink on my hair first...

I'll add some more tomorrow after I do my daughter's hair.  It will help cover some of the natural lighter tones that are appearing in my hair...if you know what I mean???  You know the 50 shades colour...LOL 

I worked on the Chocolate Crepe Cake tonight.  It is now chilling in the fridge waiting for the final touch...the ark Chocolate Glaze.  That will be tomorrow's project...followed by a picture.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 24 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 24 = Cardio 1 + Brownies for Breakfast (Shame, Shame) shame on this.  I work out hard, eat clean and I don't feel any shame or guilt about having one of my brownies for breakfast today.  Now if I ate the whole lot of them...then THAT would be a different story.  But I didn't, I wrapped them all up and placed them in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer for future use.  WILL POWER.  STAY STRONG!

Cardio 1...UGH...I do not like Hot Feet or Fast Feet...again.  After a month of these again, I have come not to like them too much yet again.  I know that I am not done with them, but at least at the end of this week I don't HAVE to do them.  This is MY last week of Phase husband on the other hand has some catching up to do.  He should not move on to Phase 2, without completing all of Phase 1...and neither should YOU.  If you haven't completed all the Workouts in Phase 1 due to injury, lack of time(which I don't believe) or just plain gave up.  You didn't give up on the gave up on yourself...and THAT is NOT acceptable.  I don't want to hear any excuses that this program is TOO hard, OR TOO long, OR...nothing...I don't want to hear it.  YOU can do it!  Make the time for yourself, YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Keep repeating that over and over again, and pretty soon you will realize that you are.
Getting back to my husband and when he will resume with Phase 1.  As the loving and supportive wife that I am, I will redo Phase 1 if that's what it takes to have my husband continue on with his journey, once his knee gets better.  I will continue on with Phase 2 for myself as well.  I know, I know...that means I will have to revisit Hot Feet yet again.  Once my husband does resume his workouts, that will mean 4am wake up calls again, so I will have the time to complete the 2 workouts and some.  I may have to take a look at my workout schedule again and re-plan it when the time comes.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie
That's right didn't think with me being a Chocoholic that I could resist trying ONE of these...

Now...that is a picture of the whole pan of them.  I didn't eat just this one.  One BIG one! 
That would be wrong and very piggish of me...wouldn't it??? 
I cut them, wrapped them and froze them.
Temptation GONE.

This was my second attempt at my recipe.  I decreased some of the ingredients(sweeteners) to help reduce some of the calories per serving.  I also tried doing a marbling looks nice, but for those who do not like pumpkin as much...AKA, my husband, I think he preferred the other batch that I mixed everything together.  I liked making that batch better too because there were less dishes to clean up because everything basically went into one bowl and a saucepan.  Same great taste, just a different look.  I will consult with my taste testing team(AKA daycare kids, my kids, my husband and anyone that I have given a sample to) on which version they liked best.  All this must take place before I reveal the recipe.  I only want YOU to have the BEST.  Because YOU are WORTH it!

Lunch: Vegetable Soup & Salmon...that became Salmon Vegetable Soup
The salmon went into the soup.  So good!

Snack: Raspberries
My love...
Need I say more???

Dinner: Turkey Burgers and Sweet Corn

I took a quick picture and then I had to eat, we had to get the kids to swimming tonight.
The busy fall begins.

Tonight I am working on Chocolate Crepe Cake that I mentioned to you yesterday, you know the one that is going to need the Hazelnut Cream that I made.  I will get the crepes made tonight, and then assemble it tomorrow.  Pictures to follow.  This cake is for a friends' Stag and Doe on Saturday night.  After I post the pictures of the cake, you can message me if you want to buy a ticket for the Stag and Doe.  You can tell them at the door, "You just came for the cake".  While you're there you could also buy some tickets for the raffles that will be taking place.  I am going to donate some cool Maus Wear gear, as well as some Soy Based candles that I sell.  Speaking of Maus Wear, earlier today while the daycare kids were napping, I had a look at my Maus Wear facebook page  When, what to my wondering eyes should appear...

Check it out!
Look who LIKEs Maus Wear.
The one and ONLY Jillian Michaels.  That's AWESOME!!!!
Now I just have to get her two little ones into some cool Maus Wear gear.
Hey Jillian, I'm having a Maus Wear Open House and Shopping Party at my home, on Sunday October 14, 2012 from 1pm to 5pm...I would love for you to come.  Message me and I will send you my address.
For anyone else wanting to check out my Open House and Shopping party please follow the link... 

Well I must get back to my Crepe Cake.  Back to Workout 3 tomorrow...last time as I will be moving onto Phase 2 next week.  Looking forward to it.  Out of all 3 Phases, I think 2 is my favorite.  Plus I will be moving on to Level 2 of Jillian's Killer Abs.  I will do Level 1 again tomorrow and then again on Saturday.  Talk to you again tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 23 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 23 = Workout 4

Glorious Glutes are starting to form.  At least they are feeling like they are and they are feeling strong and tight.  The fat just has to be melted off with all that muscle that I am building.  I need my butt to be like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz.  I want to hear it scream in the post workout shower.  When the water hits it, I want to hear my A$$ scream..."I'm melting!!!!"  
Maybe something like this...VVVVVVVV(picture below) is underneath ALL of that>>>>>

I still need to get that manicure in order for me to resemble this <<<<< picture. LOL

I had a great workout this morning but then my work time was not so great today.  The kids were not listening, with the exception of this little guy that I watch.  He was kind of feeling under the weather so he was a bit subdued today.  The rest of them drove me CRAZY!!!  I think a full moon is forming.

After daycare time it did get better.  I started to work on perfecting the Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie recipe that I am working on.  Then I realized I was missing some of the ingredients, so I sent my husband out to the store.  After he got back with the things that I put on the list, I realized that I was still missing some is just not my day.  I hopped into the car and went to the store.  It's a good thing they were open until 9pm.  I returned home with the things that I needed and some extras.  I carried on with the making of the brownies.  They are in the oven as I type this now.  I will not share until I get it right...the recipe that is.  I will share the brownies, but you have to come to my house.  Not tonight though, it's too late.  I am trying to get a super delicious CLEAN snack with lower calories.

I know what you are thinking right now..."Trina is never going to resemble that picture if she keeps making brownies every other day".  You are right!  And that is why I need some taste testers.  The daycare kids can only eat so many brownies.  I will freeze this batch after the initial taste testing is done. 

I am also working on a recipe for a Chocolate Crepe Cake...I told you I was a Chocoholic.  The Crepe Cake will have a hazelnut cream in it and today I made my own...

Yes the jar is upside down, only for cooling purposes. 
My cousin Janet would LOVE this.  She too is a Chocoholic.  It must run in the family.

My husband and I are going to a Stag and Doe this weekend, maybe I will make this cake for that.  Message me if you want to purchase a ticket...LOL...I will entice you with a picture of it later this week.
You can still eat yummy foods and lose weight.  You just have to know when to hit the stop button on filling your face with them.  These recipes I am working on are for making snacks that you can freeze and pull ONE out at a time, not eat the whole pan as soon as it comes out of the oven.  You MUST learn self control.  It does take time, but you will get it.  You are strong, and you have the will power to say, "No thank you" to seconds.  The holidays are coming up and it can be a tough time of year, but if you have your CLEAN and healthy snacks pre-made, you will survive.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Pumpkin Pancakes with Honey Topping
I didn't take a picture of these again today.  I don't want you to get sick of seeing the same pancakes over and over again.  So we will move on to lunch.

Lunch: Vegetable Soup with Beef
I had another bowl of soup, this time with some left over steak from the other night. 

When I did Body Revolution the first time, I followed Jillian's meal plan pretty closely, not to a T, but I did try making most of the recipes in the plan.  This time around I will be making meals from my own recipes along with some from the meal plan.  I will however, be eating leftovers more often with this round.  The kids swimming lessons start up tomorrow and then next week my daughter's dance classes begin, then in October, my son's acting lessons start.  My life is getting busier again.  Anyway, today's lunch was delicious.

Snack: Fresh Pineapple/Grapes
This was just some snacking while preparing the kids snacks this afternoon.

Dinner: Vegetable Soup with Chicken

Soup AGAIN! 
I told you I was eating more leftovers.  There is one more serving of soup left in the fridge.
Vegetable, Chicken or Beef, this soup is great all around.

These brownies are taking their time...I had to leave them in the oven for an extra 10 minutes.
Here they are...
                                                 Hmmm...brownie for breakfast tomorrow??? 

I better do double cardio in the morning.  I think I will do Cardio 1 as planned and then hit my spin bike.  Sound like a good plan???

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 22 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 22 = Workout 3

My extras for today are Killer Abs and Spinning...AND extra sleep.  It all began not with Workout 3, but rather with the extra SLEEP.  That's RIGHT!!!! No 4am wake up call today.  There was a 5am one though...I got up, went for a pee, brushed my teeth and crawled back into bed. hehe  Not the motivation you were looking for on Motivated Monday...right? RIGHT!!!  That's why I am telling you at the end of the day.  I woke up at 7am, washed up and woke the kids.  Made their lunches at the same time as getting them their breakfast.  Got them out the door and down to the bus stop.  The reason why I needed more sleep was A.-to catch up on the sleep I missed out on last week and on the weekend. B.-because I was up late last night making Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies.  But that's no excuse.  I did get my workout in though.  During quiet time this afternoon I got in 2 out of 3 of the workouts I planned to do...Workout 3, followed up by Killer Abs Level 1.  I had a great workout and felt fantastic afterwards. The spinning didn't happen and that's okay.  I don't want to be spending hours working out because I know that I don't NEED to.  30-60 minutes is all my body really needs.  When I get up at 4am and do some extra workouts it's ONLY to fill in time.  You don't need to workout much more than 30 minutes a day...for life.  If you are competing in fitness competitions or training for races, than yes you probably will need to train longer.  But for everyday life...make and take 30 minutes for yourself and get that body of yours moving.

Today was the day that my Facebook page hit 100 LIKEs and some.  So...the Prize is up for grabs at 6pm tonight. 
My son picked the winner...and the winner is Michelle Mack. 

                                                                           Congratulations Michelle!
I did take a video of him picking the winner. However, I cannot show it to you because my daughter likes to take her clothes off after the daycare kids go home and she runs around in her underwear. LOL  She was in and out of the camera frame, and I do not want the world seeing her do that.

Please keep those LIKEs coming in, there will be more prizes up for grabs in the future. 

Today's food...
Breakfast: Carrot Cake Pancakes

This is something that I am working on.  They were okay, but I am going to try making them again.  I served the with honey.  The daycare kids liked them at snack time. 

They also like the Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies. 

And so did my husband!  He doesn't like snacks or meals made with pumpkin, but he liked these.  It's a HIT!!!

Lunch: Salmon served with a Spinach Salad with Raspberries and Cherry Tomatoes

I use a Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil dressing. 
So simple and so good!

Snack: Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie

Dinner: Homemade Vegetable Soup with Grilled Chicken and Garlic Bread Bites

I decided to cut the chicken up and add it to the soup.  It is getting chillier outside and the soup was great for warming up the body.  I will be making more soups as the weeks go on.  I will prepare them and freeze them so they on hand as the weather gets colder.

After Dinner Snack: Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie with Honey Greek Yogurt & Strawberries

Pretty fancy eh?

 I have said it before and I will say it again..."Dress your food up"..."Arrange it in a creative manner and it will be more satisfying to you".  This looks like $4.95 dessert from a restaurant, rather than just a brownie on a plate...
Boring!!!!  But still yummy!
Makes you want more...
Stay Strong! and freeze the rest of them.

This is something strange and very cool all at the same time...

This was the meal I had the day I went to Toronto with my friend when we went to see Madonna...Remember that???

Anyway, today I got a notification from Instagram, that a comment was left on this picture.  The comment was from the National Post. 

They loved MY picture...

I emailed them back right away.  I hope they use it.  That would be SO cool.  Let me know if you see it in print in the National Post.

Cool eh?...I thought so!

Going to bed earlier tonight.  Did I mention that I was up until midnight last night making those Delicious Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies???  Not baking until tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 21 of Round 2 of Body Revolution

Day 21 = Rest Day =A Speechless and Stay Strong Sunday!

Today I have been working on cleaning up my computer. It has been running SO slow. Along with cleaning up the house, grocery shopping and some food prep for this week.

Unfortunately I must cut this post off here. But I will be back again tomorrow with more food, more workout updates and more motivation to get YOU going on Motivated Monday.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S. I am still working on the Pumpkin Pancake recipe. The ones I made this morning were kind of... BLAH.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 20 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 20 = Cardio 1

"Pull up them drawers PEOPLE!" When Jillian says that phrase, you know you are almost done with Cardio 1...26 minutes that's all it takes.  Twenty-six minutes and you are a sweaty mess.  Sweaty but stronger, with every minute that passes by.  I needed to spend some more minutes on my abs, so I hit Jillian's Killer Abs workout(31 minutes) again today, followed up by Rockin' Body's Hard Core Abs(10 minutes). Hard Core Abs was harder on my legs then it was on my abs.  It was hard because of the Glorious Glutes workout I did yesterday.  The Rockin' Body workout was full of lifting of the legs to crunch the abs...front and side.  The good thing was it was ONLY 10 minutes long.  A great QUICK abs workout.

After my workouts were all done, I went upstairs to sit down to breakfast that my husband made for me.  This could turn into a Saturday ritual where HE makes breakfast for ME.  AWESOME!!!  I guess my sleep wasn't as good as it could have been...I forgot to take a picture of the breakfast he made for me.  I ate my poached eggs and bacon and then hit the shower.  I had to get ready for what was planned for this afternoon.

I was going to a fundraiser is Atwood, ON.  The guest speaker was Tosca Reno.  It was fantastic!!!  There were some door prizes, silent auction, food, swag bags on all the chairs and a room full great people that were there to Recharge their Life.  The organizers of the event did a fantastic job and I hope they raised a lot of money today.  I was able to ask Tosca about the Glorious Glutes workout and What weight she uses for the Weighted Jump Squats???...her reply, "25's"...YIKES, I will get there too. Right now I am using 10's, I will work my way up at my own pace.  You must adapted the workout to fit your abilities and push yourself as YOU get stronger not someone else.  If you push to hard to fast, you could hurt yourself and then you will have to rest and start back in when you are ready.  So don't be stupid and try to do what someone else is doing if YOU are not ready for that yet.  Work on your form and build your resistance(weights) as YOU go along.  It's nice to have a goal, but don't race to the finish, enjoy your journey.  Good things come to those who wait.  When I say "wait", I don't mean sit on your couch and wait.  I mean get off your A$$ and get moving and then wait until your body gets stronger to push YOUR UP button and UP your weights.  You can do it!  You WILL do it! 

Back to today's event...

I did take some pictures at the event AND I bought a copy of Tosca's "Just the Rules" book to add to the Facebook page"A Healthier Version of Me and You" Prize Pack.  My page is almost to 100 LIKEs...ONLY 5 more PEOPLE!!!!   It's not just a copy of the book, it's a SIGNED copy of the book.  A little inspiration from Tosca from ME!
I took some pictures and a short video to share with with all.  My friend took a picture of Tosca and I but my eyes were was from all those early morings of mine...oh well next time my eyes will be WIDE open.
Here is the book before it was signed.

Here she is ON stage and then OFF stage getting ready to meet the people and sign books.

A little clip of the Queen of CLEAN EATING.
Tosca Reno

This next picture is my latest NSV...Non Scale Victory...
I was wearing the new jeans that I purchased the day I went to see Madonna, and they are quite long.  I needed to wear a higher heel with them.  So I pulled out these really, REALLY nice boots that my husband bought for me about 4 years ago.  At that time they were tight around my calves and I was scared to get my calf fat caught in the zipper. need to be scared...they were loose around my calves.  They even felt better in the foot area too.  Yay!!! 
Forget the scale, these are the little things in life that make a BIG difference.  Make sure you write down all YOUR NSV's that way it will help to keep you motivated and on track.

Today's food...
Breakfast:  Poached Eggs and Pemeal Bacon
As I mentioned earlier I forgot to take a picture of it.  DUH!!!

Lunch: Pumpkin Protein Bars and Other Goodies that were at the fundraiser
I wasn't quite sure what today was going to be about in regards to food, so I packed some of my Pumpkin Protein Bars.  I shared some with some other ladies there and snacked on some myself.  They served some veggie cups, yogurt with raspberries and CHOCOLATE...yum, as well as some other snacks.

Dinner: Steak Sandwich(no bun) with Mushrooms and Onions served with a House Salad
I got home at almost 6pm and did not want to cook so we went out for dinner tonight.  I DO have a picture of my dinner...
This hit the spot.  I ordered it without the bun so that there would be no temptation to eat it.

When I was at the fundraiser today I had a chance to talk to some ladies about my own journey and how far I have come since I started it.  I invited them to join in by giving them my card with my blog address on it.  I hope that they will read some of my blog posts, and find some extra inspiration to help them start their own journey to a Healthier Version of Themselves.  I also ran into a friend there today and got chatting about eating right and working out.  I gave her one of my Pumpkin Protein Bars to try, and mentioned that the recipe is on my blog along with the Pumpkin Smoothie and soon to be Pumpkin Pancakes.  It's ALL about Pumpkin, baby!!!  Let me know how you like them Ella, and keep me posted if you try out Jillian's 30 Day Shred.  Stay Strong!  You will see the change, and more will FEEL it.  It feels GREAT!

Well I could go on and on, but it's time to get some sleep. This is the chair that I sit in to write most of my blog posts, I call it...
...The BIG Orange Chair

I got it from my parents when they bought some new furniture for their home.  I know that it might not be the "prettiest" of chairs, but I LOVE chairs.  I don't really collect things like stamps or coins or things like that, but you could call me a collector of chairs.  I love different types of chairs.  One day maybe I will do a post on the different chairs I have in my home.  None of them match except for the 4 kitchen chairs match and the 6 dining room chairs match each other.  The rest of them are very "eclectic".  The BIG Orange Chair is SO comfortable.  Every time I would go to my parents' home, I would sit in that chair and fall asleep.  My son would do the same.  So when the chair came home to our home, we fought over whose chair it would be.  I won! LOL  Anyway it's time to sleep now. 

Tomorrow is my Rest Day and I am going to work on perfecting the Pumpkin Pancakes.  I think I am going to need some taste testers.  If you live near me and want to be my guinea pig...let me know.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Day 19 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 19 = Workout 4

Up at 4 as a duo to do Workout 4, did Workout 4...Solo.  My husband was getting things set up and he told me that he was in agony, and didn't feel rested. My reply..."don't do it then".  What I was really thinking..."F$&k!!!! I wish you would have told me before I got out of bed!" I told him I was still going to do it because I was up, dressed and ready to workout...sort of.  How ready can one person feel at 4 o'clock in the morning, besides tired???  I got through Workout 4 with no troubles.  I had a reader/friend, Helene, send me a message asking me "if I felt that Phase 1 was too easy second time around???"  The first two weeks I found challenging because I pushed the UP button and upped my weights.  Workouts 1 & 2 were very challenging.  WHY???  Because I made them that way.  You can make your workouts easier or harder if you choose to do so.  Helene was wondering if she should skip Phase 1 and start with Phase 2.  I say NO!  Start with the first phase and add weights, when doing push ups, do them Military Style...get up on your toes.  I was really liking the feeling of curling 15lbs during Workout 2's Hammer Curls.  Next week I will up my weights a little bit more for WO's 3 & 4.  I will also add weights to moves that don't even require weights, but are manageable.

After finishing up Workout 4, I finished off my backside with the Glorious Glutes Workout that I have been doing.  I must have been still asleep because I mixed up the first two moves.  Well I did the first one and then moved onto the second and back to the first for 4 sets.  I was only supposed to do 4 sets of the Dead Lifts and then move onto #2a.  Duh!!!!...Wake Up Trina!!!  Oh well I was wide awake by the end because felt great during the last move, Weighted Jump Squats.  I used my 10 lb dumbbells again for this one.  You are to do 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off for a total of 6 on.  In my previous GG Workouts I have done 3 weighted and 3 without.  I am proud to say that this morning I did 5 out 6 with weights.  Keep working at it and YOU will improve and increase your weights too.  I LOVE this workout.  It makes walking up the stairs a little shaky right after completing it.  I had lots of stairs to climb too.  After I finished with my glutes, I made my way up 3 flights of stairs to our attic/loft to ride my spin bike.  I thought maybe if I spin it out, my legs will be a little more stable.  And it worked!  I rode for about 30 minutes and it felt great!  My music was LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Britney Spears.  I am not a big Britney fan but I do like her song "I Wanna Go"...and my legs wanted to go, go go.  Today I had a total calorie burn of 719 = AWESOME!!!

I must apologize to Rita Catolino @RitaCatolino and Tracy Boese @BirdyNerd on Twitter.  I have two accounts and one of them doesn't seem to send me updates and I missed their tweets from last week.  I only saw them yesterday.  I am not as Twitter savvy as some people are.  I find Twitter to be very time consuming, kind of like shopping at Winners, Marshalls or TK Maxx...searching through all those racks just to find that bargain.  I don't have the time.  I know that a Twitter pro would tell me differently, but this is how I feel.  I don't like short cuts on words, it actually pains me to write "GG" for Glorious Glutes, and people should be punched when they write "Xmas", for Christmas.  I know that I just wrote it but it was only to get my point across to you.  Anyway getting back to my apologies.  First to Rita Catolino...sorry I didn't get your tweet about letting you know about the DOMS...okay here we go, another short form...after reading that I was like..."What the heck are DOMS???"  I Googled it...Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness...gotcha.  I did my GG(cringe) workout last Tuesday and I was feeling it the rest of the week.  I did the workout again on Friday, it wasn't as bad after doing it the second time.  This was the same for the first week.  I am now on week 3 of doing this workout, twice a week, Tuesdays and Friday's and I have upped my weights even from Tuesday.  I will try and be on the ball with all my Twitter accounts from now on.  Secondly, sorry to Tracy Boese...she asked "Where did you find this workout?"  She was referring to the Glorious Glutes workout.  Tracy it is from Rita Catolino and it was on Tosca Reno's blog a few weeks back and I also posted it on my blog last Friday, September 14, 2012.  I hope you have found it already, if not, hopefully this post will help you. 
Maybe it's all the 4am wake up calls, I'm not as alert as I was.  I know that sleep is important to becoming a Healthier Version of Me, so I will try to catch up on some this weekend.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Pumpkin Pancakes with Honey Greek Yogurt
The other day when I had these I topped them with honey.  Well today I tried them with yogurt with honey. 
Case in point about the alertness thing...I deleted all of today's food pictures before I got them up here.
The honey Greek yogurt was much better on the pancakes.  I am going to make these again but next time I am going to change the whole wheat flour that I used, to something different.

Lunch: Salmon Loaf with a Spinach and Onion Salad
This meal was made because I was trying to fix a mishap.  I set out to make my Salmon burgers that I always make but I didn't want to use bread crumbs, instead I thought I would try some whey protein powder.  Well it turned out to be a batter, almost like a cake batter, rather than something you could form into patties.  I poured the batter into a pan and sprinkled it with some seasoning and baked it in the oven.  It was okay.  It's not a recipe I will be sharing with you though.

Snack: Pumpkin Protein Bar/Brown Bag Popcorn

Dinner: Garlic Chicken,Onion and Green Pepper Pita Pizza
We ordered the kids some pizza and my husband got his regular Friday night sub.  I made myself up this pita pizza when we got back home.

Today was all about me saying sorry.  You can check out the pictures of the Pumpkin Pancakes with Yogurt on my facebook page.  I will be on the ball tomorrow after a good night's sleep.  I even get to sleep in a bit tomorrow.  Plus, I am going to see Tosca Reno tomorrow afternoon.  Maybe the facebook page "A Healthier Version of ME and YOU" prize pack for 100 LIKEs will grow a little bigger tomorrow.  It is almost there, it is sitting at 93 LIKEs last time I checked. Check it out!!!  Maybe the draw will be tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 18 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 18 = Workout 3

We've come to an obstacle on our journey. My husband has twisted or done something to his right knee. He thinks it may have been during the Skiers in Workout 3 the other day. He has been limited to what he can do, but he is not giving up. AWESOME!!! He did ask me, "What should I do?". My reply this morning, "You should have let me sleep in until 5:30am".  Smart A$$ I am!!!  I showed him some modifications that he could do for some of the moves.  I think he should just take it easy for tomorrow and Saturday, have his rest day on Sunday and then ease back in on Monday again.  Make sure you know the moves before you push yourself.  Before I did Body Revolution the first time, I had already completed Jillian's 30 Day Shred(twice), Ripped in 30, Extreme Shed & Shred and other workouts from her as well as some Yoga and Dance workouts.  All that was done over almost a year's time and I had learned the most of the moves already.  It's a good idea to preview the workout before you begin if you are just starting out.  Practise some of the moves that you are not familiar with so that you don't hurt yourself and set yourself back.  If you do hurt yourself, make sure you rest, continue to eat right, stay positive and you will stay on track.

After I completed Workout 3, I continued on with Killer Abs Level 1 this morning.  It is such a great workout and fantastic calorie burner.  After I killed my abs I felt I wanted to some stretching, so I decided to do some yoga.  It's a good thing I have an alarm on my iPhone set for 7am.  After the last pose, Resting Pose, I was toast.  Maybe not such a good idea to do when waking up at 4am, I think I will save the yoga for the weekends.

At my last check of my Facebook page, A Healthier Version of ME and YOU, it was sitting at 89 LIKEs.  Only 11 more to go and I will draw a winner for the prize pack.  The ONLY two people that will not be allowed to win is my husband and I.  We both LIKE the page, but our names will not be entered into the draw, to be fair. And that would just be plain silly.  So make your way over to facebook and LIKE my page...

This picture is old, very old.  As you can see there are only 4 LIKEs, it's come a long way since that.  I hope to see you over there for some extra motivation for both of us.

Thank you everyone for following my blog , my facebook page, Twitter @phatsoslim or @StayStrong_PsS and following me on instagram, phatsoslim.  It's great to have such a great support system. 

You guys ROCK! 

Today's food...
Breakfast: Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes with Maple Syrup
I tried them this morning with the Maple Syrup instead of honey...

...much better.

Snack: Pumpkin Protein Bars
I made another batch of these bars today and I think they are much better then the first batch I made. 

They were so moist, whereas the other ones were kind of dry and bland.

The original recipe is from Jamie Eason check out for more recipes. 

The following recipe is the one that I changed up from the original and made up.

Makes 24 servings


2 cups oat flour
2 scoops vanilla whey protein

2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp ground clove
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp sea salt 
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce
2 tsp vanilla extract
4 large egg whites
1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 - 15oz can of pure pumpkin(approximately 1 3/4 cups)
1/2 cup chopped walnuts(optional)


ONE:  Preheat oven to 350F.  Spray an 8x13 baking dish with olive oil cooking spray, set aside.

TWO: In a large bowl mix together the dry ingredients.  Set aside.

THREE: In a medium bowl add the honey, apple sauce, vanilla, egg whites and almond milk, stir.  Once combined, add the pumpkin and mix well. 

FOUR: Add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir until combined.  Fold in the chopped walnuts if using. 

Lunch: Garlic Chicken Pita Pizza

A whole wheat pita with garlic grilled chicken and low fat mozzarella cheese and a sprinkle of basil.

Dinner: Garlic Chicken and Zucchini with Baked Onion Bhajis and Salsa

Tonight I tried my hand at making some BAKED Onion Bhajis instead of fried ones.
I actually used the same recipe as I did the other night except I used less water and cooked the onions first in a tablespoon of olive oil.  I will work on this recipe a bit more before I post it.

They were nice but I think I may need to add just a bit more water. 
I promise I will post this one once I get it right.

Snack: Zucchini Chips

I kind of over cooked these.  I was cleaning up the dishes, and I forgot they were in the oven. 
They were still good, I saved them just in time.

Speaking of's time for me to get my butt in bed.  My husband fell asleep on the couch already and I think he is planning on waking up at 4am still, so that means I am too.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night