Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 24 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 24 = Cardio 1 + Brownies for Breakfast (Shame, Shame) shame on this.  I work out hard, eat clean and I don't feel any shame or guilt about having one of my brownies for breakfast today.  Now if I ate the whole lot of them...then THAT would be a different story.  But I didn't, I wrapped them all up and placed them in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer for future use.  WILL POWER.  STAY STRONG!

Cardio 1...UGH...I do not like Hot Feet or Fast Feet...again.  After a month of these again, I have come not to like them too much yet again.  I know that I am not done with them, but at least at the end of this week I don't HAVE to do them.  This is MY last week of Phase husband on the other hand has some catching up to do.  He should not move on to Phase 2, without completing all of Phase 1...and neither should YOU.  If you haven't completed all the Workouts in Phase 1 due to injury, lack of time(which I don't believe) or just plain gave up.  You didn't give up on the gave up on yourself...and THAT is NOT acceptable.  I don't want to hear any excuses that this program is TOO hard, OR TOO long, OR...nothing...I don't want to hear it.  YOU can do it!  Make the time for yourself, YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Keep repeating that over and over again, and pretty soon you will realize that you are.
Getting back to my husband and when he will resume with Phase 1.  As the loving and supportive wife that I am, I will redo Phase 1 if that's what it takes to have my husband continue on with his journey, once his knee gets better.  I will continue on with Phase 2 for myself as well.  I know, I know...that means I will have to revisit Hot Feet yet again.  Once my husband does resume his workouts, that will mean 4am wake up calls again, so I will have the time to complete the 2 workouts and some.  I may have to take a look at my workout schedule again and re-plan it when the time comes.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie
That's right didn't think with me being a Chocoholic that I could resist trying ONE of these...

Now...that is a picture of the whole pan of them.  I didn't eat just this one.  One BIG one! 
That would be wrong and very piggish of me...wouldn't it??? 
I cut them, wrapped them and froze them.
Temptation GONE.

This was my second attempt at my recipe.  I decreased some of the ingredients(sweeteners) to help reduce some of the calories per serving.  I also tried doing a marbling looks nice, but for those who do not like pumpkin as much...AKA, my husband, I think he preferred the other batch that I mixed everything together.  I liked making that batch better too because there were less dishes to clean up because everything basically went into one bowl and a saucepan.  Same great taste, just a different look.  I will consult with my taste testing team(AKA daycare kids, my kids, my husband and anyone that I have given a sample to) on which version they liked best.  All this must take place before I reveal the recipe.  I only want YOU to have the BEST.  Because YOU are WORTH it!

Lunch: Vegetable Soup & Salmon...that became Salmon Vegetable Soup
The salmon went into the soup.  So good!

Snack: Raspberries
My love...
Need I say more???

Dinner: Turkey Burgers and Sweet Corn

I took a quick picture and then I had to eat, we had to get the kids to swimming tonight.
The busy fall begins.

Tonight I am working on Chocolate Crepe Cake that I mentioned to you yesterday, you know the one that is going to need the Hazelnut Cream that I made.  I will get the crepes made tonight, and then assemble it tomorrow.  Pictures to follow.  This cake is for a friends' Stag and Doe on Saturday night.  After I post the pictures of the cake, you can message me if you want to buy a ticket for the Stag and Doe.  You can tell them at the door, "You just came for the cake".  While you're there you could also buy some tickets for the raffles that will be taking place.  I am going to donate some cool Maus Wear gear, as well as some Soy Based candles that I sell.  Speaking of Maus Wear, earlier today while the daycare kids were napping, I had a look at my Maus Wear facebook page  When, what to my wondering eyes should appear...

Check it out!
Look who LIKEs Maus Wear.
The one and ONLY Jillian Michaels.  That's AWESOME!!!!
Now I just have to get her two little ones into some cool Maus Wear gear.
Hey Jillian, I'm having a Maus Wear Open House and Shopping Party at my home, on Sunday October 14, 2012 from 1pm to 5pm...I would love for you to come.  Message me and I will send you my address.
For anyone else wanting to check out my Open House and Shopping party please follow the link... 

Well I must get back to my Crepe Cake.  Back to Workout 3 tomorrow...last time as I will be moving onto Phase 2 next week.  Looking forward to it.  Out of all 3 Phases, I think 2 is my favorite.  Plus I will be moving on to Level 2 of Jillian's Killer Abs.  I will do Level 1 again tomorrow and then again on Saturday.  Talk to you again tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. I think from the screen capture that it means that you like Jillian Michaels or that Maus Wear likes Jillian Michaels. So whatever page you have open, either your personal page or Maus Wear page, that is its "likes". For example, you also like Seasons Christmas Show. That would be awesome though! Keep up your great work doing BR Round 2!

    1. Hey Rae,

      You're probably right. Oh well, it was a good thing to light my fire about promoting my company Maus Wear. I have been laying off of it for a while, just needed a bit of a breather from it. I will take inspiration from all things, for all areas in my life as I go.

      Take care,
      Stay Strong!