Monday, July 23, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 1 of 35

Day 1 = Basics + Cardio Axe

Today was the start of the Brazil Butt Lift (BBL) program.  I am starting with the 6-Day Supermodel Slim Down Plan.  So, today I did the Basics, which is a demonstration of the moves that you will be doing throughout the different BBL workouts. It's great because it explains the moves and what area of the body that it will work.  It’s about 13 minutes in length.  After I completed the Basics, I moved onto Cardio Axe.  It is a quicker paced dance style cardio workout including some moves named: Brazilian March, this is like the basic step you come back to between Combos.  Other moves are named: Bahia Samba, Tornado, Lambada, Rock n’ Roll, Ride the Wave and my favourite, the Samba Tornado.  There are many more moves, these are just a few.  There are Four Combos in total that you will learn, and then run through them all towards to end of the workout. I was able to pick up all the moves in the workout pretty good, there were some where I felt a little uncoordinated though. Since I wasn't sure how long each of these WO were, I was up at 5:15am this morning. It turns out, since the Basics was only 13 minutes long, and Cardio Axe was only 28 minutes long, I decided to do Cardio Axe a second time. I was able to work on my moves that way and burn a few extra calories.

There is a meal plan included for the Supermodel Slim Down Plan and that will be how I will be eating for the next 6 days. There may be some substitutes for certain types of fish, vegetables or fruits. However, I will try and stick to the calorie counts that the program recommends. Some of them are rather low during these 6 days, but if I feel I need more, I will eat a bit more.  

I have adjusted my ticker through My Fitness Pal to include the 5lbs that I gained.  Hopefully it won't be there for long.  I KNOW it won't be there for long.  Don't get discouraged by a few pounds extra showing up on the scale.  I know it can be frustrating, but concentrate more on how yur clothes are fitting and how you feel.  I knew that I had gone up in weight, but over the weekend I bought myself a pair of jeans in a size 6...SIZE 6...I said!  I tried the 8's on and they just seemed to be to big, so I went for the 6 and that is what came home with me.  Yay!!!!   

Today's food...
Breakfast: Poached Egg with Asparagus and Grapefruit
The meal plan called for 1/2 grapefruit along with 1/2 English muffin, toasted to go along with the egg and asparagus.  I chose to eat the full grapefruit instead of the English muffin.

Snack: Pineapple and String Cheese
I may try and keep my morning snack for later in the day when I feel a bit more snacky.  I find I drink much more water during the morning and early afternoon than I do late afternoon and evening.  The water fills me up and I don't feel as hungry as I do later in the day.

I HAD to make it FUN!

Lunch: Tuna Salad with Tomato and Cucumber 
I think was the biggest salad I have eaten in a long time.  It's mostly head lettuce.

Snack: Raw Almonds
My afternoon snack was 10 almonds.

Dinner: Grilled Chicken and Green Peas
I changed this one up slightly...I was supposed to have Lemon Chicken with Steamed Snap Peas.  I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer, so I grabbed an Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich from Wendy's, I skipped the sauce and bun.  Once I was home, I ate a cup of raw green peas.  This was enough.

The chicken doesn't look that appealing but it was good.  The peas were wonderful.

  After completing my food diary on, my calorie count was 1029 for today.  It turns out that that is exactly the same as what the BBL Slim Down Meal was for today.  Even with the few changes, I was bang on!

Some people may think that I am not eating enough...but this is what my body needs to get it refocused on eating when I am hungry and not when I am bored or stressed.  The food is great, it's clean and it's filling. 

I enjoyed starting this program today and look forward to what is in my future...besides a nice A$$...LOL.  Hopefully this one will helps shed some of the fat that is still hanging on my inner thighs.  It is very stubborn and just does not want to leave.  I will dance it off and say goodbye to it forever. 

I hope to add in a few more days of C25K.  I am going to look into registering for a 5K or 10K run for the fall.  Maybe if it's not too hot and humid tomorrow evening, I will go for a run.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. I am wondering if you maybe aren't losing weight because you aren't eating enough calories. According to your diary, you are at a calorie deficit every day, but not losing weight. I personally would consider eating more. I know you are eating 1,000 calories of clean, healthy food, but that is super low for someone who is as active as you are.

  2. Recently I saw something in the news about women getting Brazilian buttock lift to make their rear ends look bigger and firmer. How do they do this? Where do they get the materials to enlarge the butt? Why would a woman subject herself to that? How do they sit after having such surgery