Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 8 Day 7 of RushFit

Week 8 Day 7 = Rest Day

"I AM RushFit".  That is what it says on the Training Calendar to declare you as on this final day. 

My results from RushFit:
 I did not lose any weight, but rather gained 5lbs.  That's okay...nobody freak out over this, because I'm not.  The weight that I gained is muscle and not fat.  My abs have burned off a bit of that layer of flab that was covering my six pack...KEY words...A BIT.  My legs have definitely gotten stronger from all the squats that RushFit serves up.  Now it's time to use that strength and burn the FAT off of my inner thighs and butt.
RushFit is a fantastic program for men AND women.  It allowed me to learn new moves and get stronger throughout my core and lower body.  Don't be intimidated by the whole UFC fighter thing, YOU can do it!  You are strong, you are determined and you are not afraid of trying new things.  Be fearless, it's more fun that way.  You get stronger when you face up to your fears.  Like remember the time when you were walking down the hall to your dark bedroom?  You reached around the corner with your eyes closed, to switch on the lights.  Then next time you walked down the hall, you reached around, but this time your eyes were open.  You realized there was nothing in that dark room that could harm you.  So the next time, you marched straight into the dark room and flicked on the lights...and what was waiting for you there...nothing...but a big smile on your face for overcoming your fear of the Entering-the-Dark-Room-Monster.  It takes time, but you have to make the first step in order to face up to your fears.  Remember you are not alone on your journey, I am here cheering for you, and so are your family and friends.  Even though we all get down on ourselves sometimes along the way, but take a look in the mirror and the person that you see staring back is your biggest supporter.  That person will show you how far you have come with all your hard work, through the sweat, the tears, the smiles and the pains.  Keep working hard, and that person you see in the mirror, will ALWAYS be there.  Only each and every day they will get more and more good looking.  And I bet you that their smile will get bigger and bigger too.  Stay focused and reach your goals.

Well...after last night’s celebration of upcoming life events, I feel like I should have done another workout today.  I would have loved to gone out dancing last night, to burn off those calories from the drinks and dessert, BUT we didn’t.  Next time!  I LOVE dancing.  I could dance for hours…put me on a dance floor, play some great music and I’d be lost for hours…on the dance floor of course. 

I will be able to get my dance on with the Brazil Butt Lift though.  It will be my next workout program, in which I will be starting tomorrow morning.  
I will be doing the 6-day Supermodel Slim Down, now that I have the lashes, I need the butt to walk the catwalk...LOL.  So the 6-days will be followed by a Rest Day on the Sunday, then I will be starting with the Slim & Shape Calendar on that following Monday.  As I have mentioned in a previous post, I will be doing this program for 5 weeks and not the schedule 4 weeks.

Today was a bit of a lazy day.  I did not do an extra workout, after all it is a Rest Day.  After we picked up the kids from my parent's home and returned to ours, there was some unpacking to be done, laundry, groceries, cleaning(blah) and focusing on this upcoming week. 
I have the DVD already in the player waiting for me to start shaking my booty.  I'm sure it will start quite jiggly, but hopefully soon my jiggle will turn into a wiggle. 
As I mentioned, I went grocery shopping today and got my food, or at least most of it, for the 6-day Supermodel Slim Down Meal Plan.  The calorie counts are kind of low on some of the days but that might just help clear out this past weekend's festive foods and drinks.

WARNING!!!!!! This may not be pretty...LOL But I am facing up to my fears and showing you these couple pictures...
Okay so here are a couple pictures of my A$$ as it is now...

Eeeeek!!!  Yikes!!!
So see those inner thighs too???  They gotta go!
I need to shrink the sides and lift it the behind.

 I am going to end today's post here.  It's getting late and I need to get to bed earlier tonight to get ready to shake my A$$ in the morning.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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