Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 8 Day 6 of RushFit

This post was written on Saturday July 21, but posted today, Sunday July 22.

Week 8 Day 6 = Explosive Power Training +Walking (Lots of it, in heels and flats)

Today was my final Workout day of RushFit.

I have completed the RushFit program with the exception of the Rest Day tomorrow.  I am RushFit!
This program has been great!  I have greatly improved since beginning the program 8 weeks ago.  At first I was very sloppy with some of the moves, but these last 2 weeks I have noticed a HUGE difference in my form.  As far as weight loss for ME while doing RushFit, I haven’t had any.  In fact I have probably gained 5 lbs.  Don’t let that put YOU off from trying this wonderful workout program.  The 5 lbs that I gained was not fat, but muscle.  All my clothes still fit me the same, some are fitting looser than before, so the inches have come off in some areas.  It was great to help me maintain my fitness level and improve my leg strength.  I have never done so many squats as I did throughout RushFit.  I looked in the mirror last night as I slipped on a pair of jeans and I noticed that my legs are looking better, not great, but better.  I want that sexy curve of the hamstrings leading up to a nice firm backside.  I WILL have it!  I know, because I have learned that nothing comes easy, and it takes hard work and patience to get those sexy curves.  I am willing to do the work…good things come to those who wait.  When I say “wait”, that doesn’t mean sit on your couch and wait for those sexy curves…because that will NEVER happen.  Get off that couch and get your butt in gear.  RushFit get be done at any fitness level.  If you are a beginner, start with the Beginner Training Calendar and work your way through that.  Remember to modify the exercises in each DVD in order to avoid injury.  Once you got the moves and after a few weeks take it up a notch, push that UP button.  You will notice a difference, keep it going.  Once you have completed the 8 weeks, you could move on and repeat the program using the Intermediate Training Calendar and go on from there until you complete the Advanced.  You CAN do it!  You just have to TRY!
My mistake was that I was not a beginner when I started RushFit, and I should have started with the Advanced Calendar not the Beginner’s.  Now I know.  We learn from our mistakes and by that we can help others.  If you are thinking of doing the RushFit program, and have followed me through my journey and you are finding that your fitness level resembles mine, start with the Advanced Training Calendar.

I will do a wrap of RushFit and my results over the next few days.

Here is my day today…

As you may recall I was going to MYNC Lash Lounge & Brow Bar to get some eye primping and pampering.  I was there just before 10am this morning, and by 11:30am I had a little glamour in my life.  My brows were cleaned up and I was taught how to get them to, and keep them in the correct shape and form.  After my brows were done, I moved over to a lounge chair to get long and beautiful lashes.  LOVE IT!
Today was the first time in my life that I had my eyebrows done in the upright position.  All the other salons and spas that I have had my eyebrows waxed at have all had me lying down on the spa chair.  It dawned on me today that sitting upright should be how they ALL treat your eyebrows.  It has to do with GRAVITY.  To get the correct shape and form, we should always sit up to get our eyebrows treated.  It makes total sense.  Why make yourself SO comfortable, when the treatment itself is the total opposite?  No pain, No gain!  What we women do to look good, eh?
So this was before…BIG and BUSHY…LOL

This is after…

Long and Luscious

I had a wonderful experience at MYNC and will definitely go back again for more glamour.

In the afternoon, my husband and I went to the football (soccer) match at the Rogers Centre in Toronto to watch the Toronto FC vs. Liverpool FC.  We had a great time! 

We had other friends scattered across the stadium, and met up with some of them after the match.  Later we met up for dinner and drinks…that’s right!  I said DRINKS! 

Tonight was the first time I drank alcohol in a LONG time.  We were celebrating!  Our friends’ wedding anniversary, and my birthday all coming up next week.  So it was time to enjoy a good time with great friends.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Rita’s Protein Muffin/A Phat Healthy Bar
I had packed some for our weekend away.  That way I could enjoy a healthy breakfast after my workout this morning.  We had a fridge in our hotel suite, so I was able to keep the muffins and bars in a cool spot.

Lunch: Greek Salad with Chicken
After going to MNYC, my husband and I stopped for some lunch.  I had a small Greek salad.  It turned out to be very small.  It was so small,  forgot to take a picture of it.

Snack: Baked Garlic Pita Chips and Guacamole
I was so glad that we had a fridge in our room.  I was able to keep the guacamole cold along with the other snacks that I packed. 
Dinner: Grilled Salmon and Steamed Vegetables
Yes, I know…Salmon again!  I love it!  I could eat it again tomorrow too.  I skipped the Crispy Mashed Potatoes and asked for double vegetables instead.  It was so good!

Now this is where my extra calories for today came into my life.  And they were NOT CLEAN.  But that’s okay because I DO NOT plan on doing it again anytime soon.

DESSERT & DRINKS…Molten Lava Cake and Double Slush Long Island Iced Tea.  My husband and I split the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake…it was delicious.

I must go now since my writings have run into my Rest Day.  Yes it is already Sunday.  So I will talk to you later today again.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night/Good morning


I’m going to bed now.

Note: Remember this post was written yesterday and posted today.

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