Friday, July 20, 2012

Week 8 Day 5 of RushFit

Week 8 Day 5 = Strength & Endurance Workout + The Fight Conditioning Workout

I really REALLY like the Fight Conditioning Workout.  Unlike any other "fight" or kick boxing workouts that I have done, in RushFit's Fight Conditioning WO, they work both sides.  Both the right and the left side get an equal workout.  They want you to be conditioned to be able to fight and defend yourself from getting attack from either side.  It's funny, this morning I found my punches were strong from my right side, and my kicks were strong on my left.  My Roundhouse Kick/Side Kick on my left side were AWESOME!  I may have to revisit some of the RushFit workouts while I lift my butt, with the Brazil Butt Lift, which will be coming up next week.  I start that program on Monday..
Today's food...
Breakfast: Phat Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes
Sweet Potatoes were the food of the day today.

I thought I would try something different this morning.  Plus, I wanted to use up the chocolate protein powder before next week, so that there is NO temptation of chocolate.  By using all the chocolate, that will allow me to try to make up other recipes with the NEW plain protein powder that I bought the other day.

Lunch: Turkey Sausage with Dragon Fruit Salsa and Santa's Sweet Potato Smoothie
Leftovers and something NEW.  I ate up the turkey sausage and dragon fruit salsa that I had left over in the fridge.  I really dislike throwing food out.  Unless it has gone bad.  Which in my house, it used to happen all too often.  With that been said, I took the other half of sweet potato that I baked, and threw it into my blender.  I added some Santa Claus melon, Almond Breeze Unsweetened Original, chia seeds and vanilla protein powder.  Blended it all together and tasted it. 

It was nice but it needed to be colder.  I stuck it in the fridge for a bit as I made it while I was getting lunch ready.  I think I maybe should have added some ice cubes to the mix, because after blending again, it still didn't seem that cold.  Plus it was very VERY thick.  Maybe a little ice water instead.

Snack: A Phat Healthy Bar/Pineapple and Mango
"Phat" as in Phatsoslim.  I have named a Bar recipe after ME.  This was created in another one of my experimental moments.  I wanted to make some snacks up for over the weekend.  Something that would be easy to pack up for those on-the-go days that we will be having.  Fresh pineapple and mango for snack too.

So at the end of yesterday's post, I told you that I was going to let you all in on a little secret.  I wonder what you were all thinking it would be???  I bet not one of you got it right!

Here it is...

Months ago, I had purchased a copy of LOU LOU magazine.  I was looking through it and when I came to the last few pages I noticed a page...Hot Picks by  The first Hot Pick was titled, PRIMP.  It was showcasing a salon in Toronto, ON called, MYNC Lash Lounge & Brow Bar.  I love the name of it!  Now I am not one for wearing make up...lipstick and that is about it.  On occasion I would put on some mascara and maybe try some eye shadow, but those were very rare occasions...few and far between.  I don't have time for all that fuss.  BUT that doesn't mean I don't like the look of it.  I like, no, no, no, I LOVE going to the spa, getting pampered and having my hair done and all that good stuff.  SO...after purchasing two different types of false eye lashes to wear for Halloween or other special occasions in the past and the failed attempt to get them one my eyelids, I was hooked on the Hot Pick.  I kept looking at the page but took no action.  Well I finally made an appointment for tomorrow.  By this time tomorrow I will have new long and beautiful eye lashes.  Some may think it's silly, but it's something I wanted to try.  I am not into getting, fake anything else though.  I know my boobs have reduced in size, and that's okay with me.  The lashes will be my REWARD for completing RushFit.  I will do my final RushFit workout tomorrow morning and then head to the salon for my REWARD.  I'm so excited! 
I spend my days working out(well early mornings), looking after children, cooking and cleaning...blah, cleaning.  I want to feel a bit of glamour in my life. 

Here is my before picture of my big was very difficult to take this picture so close to my eyes, myself.  That is why my eyes look huge and slightly crossed...LOL...

And as you can see in the picture, my eyebrows have gone WILD, so with MYNC being a Brow Bar as well, they will get some primping too.  Can't wait!!!

Here is a bit about the salon, MYNC Lash Lounge & Brow Bar...and no it's not a nightclub... 
Taken from their website


Gather round the soap box! Here's everything you ever needed to know about lashes:
Oh she most definitely did! If you haven't heard yet (because your bestie has been keeping it a total secret), lashes are the latest must-have beauty treatment and EVERYBODY including your favourite A-Listers is lashing out. It's time to end lash envy! Effortlessly gorgeous lashes are now a total cinch.

Lash Extensions
From fresh and effortless, to dramatic and sizzling, your custom eyes your look!
Bring along a picture of your favourite celebrity or browse through our collection. With a vast array of lengths, volumes and curls, your skilled stylist can masterfully achieve any look that you desire. So grab a complimentary beverage, lay back and prepare to absolutely love your lashes!

Well that's is all for today.  An early post, as I have some things to do this evening.  I will let you know how tomorrow goes at MYNC.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Have a great evening!


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