Sunday, March 31, 2013

Build Your Best Body Wrap Up and TapouT XT Eve

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter (if you celebrate theholiday).  Today it was chocolate forbreakfast for my kids.  That doesn't happen too often, so I was okay with that.

This is not going to be a long post because it’s late and Ihave to get my butt in bed to get ready for Day 1 of 90 of TapouT XT.  But before I get to that, I just want to wrapup my time with the Oxygen Magazine’s Build Your Best Body program.  Plus...there will be no pictures tonight either, my computer is not co-operating with me right now.

The BYBB program was great! I did my last workout today instead of yesterday.  I did the workout on Friday and then spentthe rest of my day painting our master bedroom.  The painting took me into the early hours ofSaturday morning and was not feeling strong enough to tackle the workout onSaturday.  

So today, I KILLED IT!  I went heavy again on my Biceps Curl…I did 7reps of 20 lbs on the first two sets, and finished those sets with 15’s.  And then I did 8 reps of 20 lbs on the lasttwo sets, and finished with 15’s again. Also, on my last set of Plie Squats, they were done with two 20 lbdumbbells for a total of 40 lbs.  I mixedit up throughout the rest of the workout too.

After completing this workout, I am MUCH stronger than I wasbefore.  I couldn't curl 20 lbs before…nowI CAN.  This program is definitely onethat I will do again.  If you have any questions you would like to ask me about this program please email me or leave a comment below and I will get back to you for sure.  I wanted to write a longer post about this program but we spent the day at my parent's home for Easter with the rest of my family.  My niece was teaching me how to play the piano too.  I have always wanted to learn, and now I can play part of a song.  Practice, practice, practice.  We had a great day and now we are home and the kids are in bed.  So I too must get to sleep...

I did finish my March Squat Challenge with 300 squats completed yesterday Saturday March 30th. My legs feel fantastic! I hope you are feeling stronger and fantastic too!
As mentioned, tomorrow I will be starting the TapouT XTprogram.  I will begin with the CrossCore Combat XT in the morning.  I quicklytook a look at the start of it today after my workout to see what equipment Iwould need and how much time.  It lookslike it runs about 45 minutes and no weights required.  If I do need anything, I have it all on handvery close to me.  I am really lookingforward to this program; I have heard many great things about it.  I had my son take my “Before” pictures sothat I have something to motivate me once again.  I will be taking more pictures again on Day10 and will post them on here then. 

Well as I said, it is getting late and I must be in top formfor the morning, so I am going to say good night to you now and I will be backagain tomorrow with the first blog post of Day 1 of 90 of TapouT XT.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stress Created from Sadness

As mentioned in my previous post tonight, here is the second part…

I have also been stressed and saddened with the health of some family members and friends this year, and the end of last year.  In December, a good friend ours lost his mother to cancer.  She fought a good fight, but in the end, the cancer won.  May she rest in peace with no more suffering.

In loving memory of Cathy MacDonald

In January, my brother-in-law, my sister’s husband, lost his Mum as well.  In the end they found out that she may have been suffering from cancer as well.  I feel a great loss as my two nieces and nephew have lost one of their Grandma’s.  Marie, rest in peace.

In loving memory of Marie Desmeules

This one hits even closer to home.  On Sunday, I found out that my Aunt had passed away.  Last night I said my good bye to her at the funeral home.  She was laid to rest today.  Aunt Wilma, you will be missed and loved forever.  My deepest sympathy goes out to her children, and their children, and the rest of the family.

In loving memory of Wilma Campagnaro

As if it wasn’t bad enough to hear that my Aunt Wilma had passed away, but I also got the news that another aunt, my Mum’s sister, Dorothy, is not doing so well with her fight against cancer.  Last year she chose to have her leg amputated in hopes that that would get rid of the cancer.  She was doing great and then the news came that the cancer had returned. 


Damn this cancer thing!  I wish we could shut the door on it and it never come knocking again.  I asked my son one year what he wanted for Christmas and he said he wanted the world to be rid of cancer.  He didn’t want any presents, he just wanted to end cancer in the world.  That would be nice.  Well I would like that too.  My thoughts are with you Aunt Dorothy through this terrible time.  Stay Strong Aunt Dorothy!

Now I hope I am not getting you down with all this talk of sickness, illnesses and death.  I just wanted to let you know just a little bit about what is going on in my personal life besides eating clean and training dirty.  I know that some of you are going through the same things in your life too, and that is why you should never get down on yourself, even if you are not progressing as fast as you want to be.  Never give up!  Progress is progress no matter how long it takes. 

Some times life has a way of slowing us down.  Challenges like this only make us stronger.  Even though it is hard, we must stay positive for ourselves and for those around us.  I know that may sound selfish, but we must take care of ourselves, so that we can be there for the ones that need us. 

Two years ago if I hadn't decided to make the change in my life, I truly believe that I would have suffered a heart attack myself.  With heart issues running in my family, there were other stresses in my life at that time that were taking its toll on me and I could feel a tightening in my chest.  I know I should have gone to the doctor, but instead I decided to take control of my life and change it for the better.  And as I look back now, I am so glad that I started when I did.  I have had 2 wonderful years getting fit and eating great food.  All while enjoying my family too and watching them grow and follow my lead.  It is very rewarding when your kids eat Kale chips and say, “can I have some more”, or “let’s do yoga mummy”. 

Okay now to the part that is, and has been bothering me most of all throughout the last 6 months or so…my Dad.  My father has not been well.  He has been in and out of the hospital a number of times throughout this time, and it’s troubling.  In the past he has had heart issues and has had surgery with much success.  As time has passed and as he ages, something has changed and his health has been a big issue this past year.  We celebrated his 84th birthday this past January and he did not look that great to be honest, and ended up in the hospital again. 

With all this going on, I came down with another cold around the same time all these people in my life had health issues themselves.  I had trouble sleeping the evenings before I became aware of what was going on.  I know this may sound odd, but that is the truth.  So I hope not to get any more colds for a very long time.  My Dad is fine and will be attending some programs in the near future to keep him active and get him out of the house.  He has many years to live to watch all of his children and his grandchildren grow, just like his father did.  My grandfather lived a great life to 95 years young.  Wonderful!!!! 

So with that said…Eat Clean, Train Dirty and Love your Family and Friends.

As I said in the end of my earlier post tonight, I feel better now that I have shared this with you.  I have been keeping it bottled up and it has resulted in what I think is a small case of depression.  By talking about things with others, it totally helps.  So if something is troubling you, tell somebody.  You are not alone.  If you are scared about telling someone that you are Obese, don’t be.  You have to admit the truth.  There is that saying, “The truth shall set you free”.  I totally believe that.  Once you see the truth, it will give you the drive and determination to move forward.  Set your goals and then demolish them.  Just like I set my goal of curling 20 lbs, well today…I did it!  I know that it was only 5 reps, but I DID IT!  And so can you!

Stay Strong!

And thanks for listening,


Please support your local Heart & Stroke Foundation, The Alzheimer Society and Cancer Research.

There are many ways you can help out.  Donations, volunteer work or find a run, walk or bike event in your area to help out.  Every little bit helps.  Thank you.

100,000+ Thanks to YOU!

I wanted to be on top of this when it happened but I was not.  With not feeling the greatest the past few days, I missed it.  My blog, my little blog has reached and surpassed 100,000 page views.  So a HUGE Thank you goes out to YOU…my reader…my follower…my friend and companion on this journey to become A Healthier Version of ME and YOU. 

I remember last year when I began writing this blog how excited I was when it reached 100 page views.  I was thrilled that people were actually interested in what I was saying, because half the time I talk to my children, I don’t think they are listening.  So it was nice, and still is, to know that someone is actually listening.  I know my children are too, but they just act like they don’t hear me.  It’s that old “selective hearing” thing with them.  But that’s something we are all guilty of I’m sure.

I know that many of the page views are coming from people interested in my results from Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and that’s great, I am very proud of how I did working with that program.  However, coming up next week is the beginning of my time with the TapouT XT program…5 more sleeps.  And I hope that you will keep reading and follow my progress with this next program.  It would be even better if YOU too were doing it along with me.  I know many people want to see how a program will work before trying it out themself…BUT…everyone is different and everyone will have different results.  Take for instance the Build Your Best Body program from Oxygen Magazine.  I have 2 more workouts to do to complete this 3 month program, along with some more cardio.  Much needed cardio I might add.  With this month’s workout I was to add some HIIT workouts after the strength training and I haven’t for most of the month, so the result equals not much, MUCH needed fat loss.  This is not an excuse, but I just have not had the energy to do anything extra this winter.  I have tried to push myself whenever I could, but not like I was last year at this time.  And I know why!  The weather last year was like summer weather through the month of March and I had shed my winter clothes for tank tops and skirts.  I got to show off my progress.  This year, as I mentioned in my last post, I am all covered up and not showing anything.  I feel like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from the movie Ghost Busters.  I try to walk around home with fewer layers, but then I get cold and I bundle up again.  BUT…I have good news, the temperatures are to rise this weekend and it should get rid of some of the snow outside (even though it is snowing AGAIN right now, it won’t stay) and it will get me in a better frame of mind.  I have said it before, and I will say it again…even motivators need some motivation.  There is something else that has been getting me down and I will explain in a second post for today.  I will explain why a second post is needed…

The second part is dealing with stress and sadness.  And I wanted to keep this Thank you post more upbeat.


You ROCK!  You ROCK for reading my everyday gibberish and for giving me support in return.  Thank you!

Today was Workout Day 43 of the Build Your Best Body workout program. 

I ROCKED it of course.  I increased my weights on the last two sets of Plie Squats.  I went from 27 lbs to 30 lbs.  Another increase was using the 15 lb dumbbells for the Over Head Press and Rows for some of the sets.  The BIG increase was on my last set of Biceps Curl.  I picked up the 20 lb dumbbells and curled them for 5 reps and then finished the other 10 reps with the 15 lb dumbbells.  That was a BIG step for me and I am proud that I busted out 5…progress!

Today’s Squat Challenge was for 270 squats.  I decided to break it down to 27 reps for 10 sets.  SUCCESS!!!!  I was wearing my HRM for the last 8 sets and after completing those, my calorie burn was 100 calories.  That’s pretty great for about 9 minutes of work.  The big muscles burn those calories.

I hope you are doing well with your own Squat Challenge.  We are almost to the finish…Stay Strong!  I will probably use the same type of breakdown for the last 3 days…28/10…29/10…30/10…complete.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Egg Whites and Bacon

Snack: Blueberry Banana Muffin
I made up some of the Blueberry Banana muffins from Jillian Michaels Body Revolution cookbook.

I served them up to the daycare children for second snack time.

Lunch: Ground Turkey & Onions and Green Pepper topped with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
I made an un-stuffed pepper for lunch today.  
I prefer to eat my pepper raw than cooked.

Snack: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake

Dinner: Butter Chicken with Broccoli
I skipped the rice and just ate my Butter Chicken with the broccoli.

Snack: Micro Mini Eggs
A little bit of a cheat tonight on this one.  It is the birthday of my son’s stuffy toy and best friend since he was 4 months old.  
So we were celebrating a 7th birthday. 
I made a silly cake... 
which nobody ate.
Well the kids ate the chocolate dinosaurs off of it.  The eggs were an extra treat for the birthday celebration.

I am going to end this post and finish off my second post.  I will tell you now that once I started writing the other post and had it half done, I felt better.  I think it helped me by talking about it all.  I hope it helps you too if you are going through something similar (you will understand better once it is posted).

Tomorrow I am going to hit some serious cardio.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting Pumped to Get Tapped OUT the XT Way + Workout Day 42 of BYBB

Okay so I started writing this post on Thursday but I did not get it finished so I have changed it up a bit and NOW you can read it…

I am getting rather antsy about busting out my TapouT XT program that was given to me by a wonderful woman and friend for Christmas.  Yes I know it has been awhile since Christmas, but with all this snow still on the ground AND falling from the sky, it feels like it was only yesterday.

As you know I have been working my way through the Oxygen Magazine’s Build Your Best Body program these past 3 months.  I do love it, but I am missing that push, that driving force that I get when I am working out to a DVD where there is someone shouting at me to keep going.  Just like in the Hard Body workout from Jillian that I did last week.  By doing that workout twice, it made me realize that I do thrive on that. 

I am much stronger now from doing the BYBB workouts and I know that will help me with the TapouT XT program.  Santa D (the wonderful lady that sent me the program) is also itching for me to get started on this.  I can feel the excitement building.  ONLY 8 more sleeps.  On Monday April 1st I will begin the program with the Cross Core Combat.  Are YOU starting with me?  If so, let me know and we can coach each other on.  I will be working out 6 times a week and hopefully I can add some extra cardio in there too.  This snow has to melt soon and my feet need to get out and run.  Remember…Wimpy-Weather-Runner here…this winter has been a bad one for me not feeling all that well.  I have been cold and just want to snuggle and stay warm.  We haven’t had a really bad winter, but now that is the third day of Spring, I am ready for some warmer temperatures.  I think I have felt sluggish because of all the clothes I have been wearing to keep warm and they are making me felt out of shape.  I know that I am not, but it’s time to shed these layers and show off the Biceps that can curl 15 lbs and heading towards the 20 lb dumbbells.  In the TapouT XT program there is a workout called, “Buns & Guns”.  I must shed my wonderful, The North Face parka that my husband bought me for Christmas so that MY Buns & Guns can be seen.  With the Squat Challenge coming up to the final stretch, my butt feels like it’s busting out of my parka…LOL. This is all in a good way.  It’s being lifted up and tightened, which does feel weird and takes some getting used to.   

Another area that is tightening up is the bust area.  I have been able to wear a tank top that does NOT have a built in bra, with no bra.  What I mean is…wear it with no bra and have my boobs hang down to my belly button.  You know what has helped with this???  Push Ups…and LOTS of them, different varieties of course.  By doing different kinds of Push Ups it helps to keep things fresh and new, but also helps target different areas of the chest, shoulders and arms.  One little song just flew into my brain from when I was younger… “We must, we must, we must increase the bust.  The bigger the better, the tighter the sweater, we must, we must, we must increase the bust”.  It doesn’t matter if they are not big.  I know some men that are ready this right now are rolling there eyes and swearing at me…BUT…it’s not YOU that has to carry these around.  Yes, yes…I know that you would be more than happy to carry them for us ladies, but that would work out in the world we live in.   Just imagine how silly that would look…you (the man) holding our boobs while we try and work, go shopping, go to the spa, go to parent teacher night etc…
Some times BIGGER is not better.  Bigger…can give many women sore backs, and other health problems.  Mine were only big because I was carrying too much excess weight around, and I am glad that that weight is now gone.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to be left with nothing, but by working out and including the ever so dreaded Push Ups into my routine, I am happy with what I have and will keep working to keep them tight for as long as I can.

Well that ends the part that I wrote the other day, yet modified so it makes more sense when you read it today.  Like for instance the amounts of sleeps went from 11 to only 8 more.
I mentioned in the above writing that this past winter has been bad for me being ill.  Well, now that it is Spring…today I have been sneezing and coughing again.  WTF?!?!?! What is going on?  I am feeling like crap right now.  Tissues shoved up my nose between sneezing fits and itchy watery eyes.  No I am not posting any pictures.

Let’s forget what I look like right and let’s talk about this morning’s workout…

Workout Day 42 of “Build Your Best Body”

I went up to 20 lb dumbbells for the Bent-Over Rows and my last set of 15 reps of the Floor Flyes.  Oh Yeah!!!!  And I also increase my weight for my last set of Triceps Kickbacks.  I went from 10’s to 12’s.  With all my increases, they were tough, but I DID IT!!!!!  I can already feel it in my arms.  It’s a great reminder of how hard I pushed myself this morning. I was proud of myself for trying the 20’s & 12’s and even prouder when I completed the 15 reps.  But that wasn’t it…

I got on my bike this afternoon and had a fantastic 45 minute spin.  

Today's food...
Mainly soup for today.
Chicken & Vegetable Soup
This recipe is from the Body Revolution Kickstart menu.  
Instead of eating the chicken on the side, I just added it into the soup.

I packed the rest up for future days...most likely tomorrow again.


Awesome…except for me feeling like crap…as the sneezing continues.

With that said…I AM DONE…and going to bed.  Yes, it’s only 8:00pm, and I am done.  I must get better for what is coming up next week.  I am going to try and bust out my last few squats of my 250 squats that I need to do to finish today’s challenge.  Hoping I feel better tomorrow.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Total Review of Jillian Michaels Hard Body Level 1 Workout

Okay so this morning I rolled out of bed (late), but had enough time to get in Level 1 of Jillian’s new Hard Body workout.  AND…I took notes while doing the first circuit, very messy notes, but notes just the same.  I scribbled each move down as I was going along with the DVD.  If I missed part of the move, I backed it up and started along with them.

So here we go…

As I mentioned yesterday, the workout is 45 minutes long containing a Warm Up, 6 Circuit repeated twice followed by a Cool Down.  Each move is about 30 seconds long.  Some feel longer than others, but the workout itself, flies by with a great calorie burn.

The Warm Up includes Jumping Jacks; and some other things (oops…I forgot to write these down)…sorry.  Moving on…

Circuit #1 
Speed Squats
Push Ups
Speed Rope
Sit Up/Superman Combo

In circuit 1 it’s all about speed for the first three moves.  Try and bust out as many squats, push ups and of course jump up and down as if you are jumping rope really fast…MOVE IT!  You could chose to use weights for some of these moves if you so desire. I picked up some 5's for the Speed Rope.

Circuit #2
I love the last combo in this circuit with the chest work; I used 10 lb dumbbells for today’s workout for this move.

Row/Lunge/Biceps Curl Combo
Suicide Runs
Scissor Crunch
Chest Press/Flye/Triceps Banger in Bridge Combo

Circuit #3
Sumo Squat/Shoulder Press/Calf Raise
Down Dog/Butt Kicks
Weighted Burpees
Crescent Pose/Biceps Curl/Warrior 3/Triceps Kickbacks

I probably could have used 10’s in the last combo, but I need to work on my balance and getting used to this move again before I up the weight.  I will probably try 10’s next time I do this workout.  I did use 10’s for the weighted Burpees today.

Circuit #4
Side Lunge with a Row into Chair Pose with a Front Raise
Travelling Push Ups with a Lateral Jump

Circuit #5
Push Ups with a Row into 4 Mountain Climbers
Crab Kicks
Alternating Lunges with a Punch

The first move in this circuit is not a favourite of mine.  I have been doing this same move but without the mountain climbers while doing this month’s Build Your Best Body workout.  I will admit that I have been doing these Push Ups/Rows from my knees during BYBB and today with the Hard Body workout too.

Circuit #6
Squat Spinners
Side Plank Crunch
Pelvic Thrust with a Lat Pull

I LOVE the Side Plank Crunches in this circuit.  They are one of my favourite ab moves.  The Surrenders have been tough on my right leg just below my knee.  Last week I whacked my leg on an open drawer in my daughter’s room and it hurt like HELL.  I thought I was going to be sick it hurt so much.  Anyways, it is bruised and very, very tender, so kneeling down on it with 10 lb dumbbells raised overhead, don’t make for a very enjoyable 30 seconds or so.  But that’s just it…it is ONLY 30 seconds (well 60 in total for the 2 circuits combined), I can handle the pain for that short time.

Cool Down
Stretch it out

It’s a great workout with lots of options and modifications.  Yes, Jillian shouts at you in this one as well, but like I said yesterday, it’s great motivation.  Since my own little drill sergeant is fast asleep upstairs while I am working out in the early morning, it’s nice to hear someone telling me to keep going.  It’s like when they are in Circuit #2 in Round 2, one of her “girls” picks up heavier weights for the Chest Press/Flye/Triceps Combo and she says something like, “I'm here, so I might as well”.  That’s right!  You made the choice to workout, so push yourself and push yourself hard.  The workout doesn’t last ALL day, so work hard while you are in the moment.

With the combination of eating clean and this workout, you can have a hard body.

It’s getting late so I am going to skip the food today.  WHAT?!?!?!? That will mean no pictures for today’s post.  NO we can’t have that!

Here is something cool I came across on Facebook today…

I am going to buy some bacon just to try this out.

And check this out…

The website will be going live next week and YOU can save 10% off your order by entering the promo code Phatsoslim.  

So be sure to check out Boli Nutrition for all your sports nutrition supplements.

Today I received an email telling me that this was waiting to be downloaded...
So as you can see from the picture, I started to download it but I haven't had a chance to look through it yet.  That dish on the front cover looks amazing!
You can get your copy too but checking out the Clean Eating Subscription link in the side bar under the Sweat Pink Ambassador badge. 

Squat Challenge update…235…done!

So with all that said and done, it’s off to bed for me now.  Tomorrow is another day, Day 3 of Week 3 of Month 3 of the Build Your Best Body workout program.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jillian Michaels Hard Body Workout + Workout Day 38 Recap + Workout Day 39

Happy First Day of Spring! is the first day of spring despite what you see in the picture above.  

The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day.  The warm weather will soon follow, I know it will.  Below is a picture of winter vs spring...
Can you tell which is which???

So I have had some technical difficulties the last few days with my computer.  I totally messed up our wireless network at home and was too busy trying to fix it to write to you.  Even though I was the one that messed it all up…I was the one who fixed it all back up again without calling in technical support.  I am SO smart!  LOL If I would have left it alone in the first place, I wouldn't have had to fix anything.  Ah, but I like a challenge.

Speaking of challenge…How are you doing with your March Squat Challenge?  Today I am on my Rest Day.  Yesterday I busted out 230 squats.  It’s nice to have a break today.

Let’s first recap Monday’s workout…Jillian’s new Hard Body workout.

I picked this up for myself on Sunday and was really looking forward to try it out.  So instead of doing the “Build Your Best Body” workout, I did Level 1 of the Hard Body workout.

Level 1 is 45 minutes in length.  Starts with a brief Warm Up and proceeds to Circuit 1 of 6.  After Circuit 6 is completed, start back with Circuit 1 again.  You only run through it twice, and then Cool Down.  It’s tough but very doable.  If you have gone through any of Jillian’s other programs, you can do this one.  There are some new moves and I will go through them more when I do the workout again.  As I said I did this one on Monday morning and with all the things that have gone on the last few days with my technical difficulties, I have forgotten some of the moves and I want to be sure to get it right.

It was a great calorie burning workout.  In the 45 minute workout, I had a 409 calorie burn.  I will probably do this one again in the morning since I have done back to back days of the BYBB workouts; I need a break from that.  Not that Jillian really gives you a break at all.  The weights that they use in the workout are pretty much the same as what they use in Body Revolution, dumbbells…3 lbs, 5lbs and 8 lbs.  I used 5 lbs, 8 lbs and 10 lbs.  Plus I added some weight for some of the cardio moves where they did not.

This DVD is a great addition to my collection.  It’s great to have a variety of workouts to choose from when working out at home.

It was nice to have Jillian shouting at me while doing this workout.  I have missed that while doing the Oxygen Magazine program.  I have had to be my own Coach while making my way through the past two and a half months.  And today was no exception…

This was my arsenal for my workout today. 10 lb, 12's 15's and 20's.
Skora Running shoes.
Music...The Cult.
Gloves and mat
My Stay Strong workout book.

Today was Workout Day 39 of BYBB as I did Day 38 yesterday.  In addition to the Jillian Michaels DVD, I also bought myself a pair of 20 lb dumbbells.  I gave them a whirl yesterday with my Dead Lifts…much better…much more challenging.  Today I used them again for my Dead Lifts and I also used them for the last 2 sets of the Floor Chest Press.  I tried to use them on the last set of Floor Flyes, but there was NO way I could have continued on to finish the workout if I would have continued.  I think my arms would have broken.  But I will work my way up to them for sure, just like I have done with the rest of the moves.  My Biceps, I curled 15 lbs for the last two sets, and used a 10 lb dumbbell for my Triceps for all 4 sets.  Since starting with the 10’s for Triceps, I have been doing one arm at a time.  I am finding my left arm stronger, or at least it’s not fatiguing as quick as my right when doing the Triceps kickbacks.

I almost forgot…while doing my last two sets of Plie Squats, I used one 12 lb dumbbell and one 15 lb dumbbell for at total of 27 lbs.  It’s great when you have different weights to help increase the load.  To even out the weight, I held the weights in opposite hands on the second set.  I am making my way up to 30 lbs for my Plie Squat.

Let’s talk food!
I have kind of fallen off the meal plan that was provided in the magazine.  Since I am on my third week, so that brings me back to Week One’s meal plan for Month 3.  I was getting kind bored and wanted to try out some new things.  I am still eating clean and I am following some of the meals at times.

Today’s food…
Breakfast:  Egg and Quinoa Parfait
This one was one of my favourites from Month 1.  I just didn’t add pineapple in this one.

Snack: Strawberries and Pineapple 
I cut up a fresh pineapple, along with some strawberries for the daycare snack and decided to have some myself.  It was a nice refreshing mid-morning snack.

Lunch: Grilled Chicken and Onion Pizza
I used a whole wheat tortilla for the crust.  Avocado Hummus for the sauce and then topped it with grilled chicken and onions, with Swiss cheese melted on top.


I am kind of going through a pizza stage right now.  I had a similar one for dinner last night.  Only with that one I used Roasted Red Pepper Hummus for the sauce.

Snack: Avocado Hummus with Garlic Pita Chips and Kale Chips
I could eat a whole bunch of kale done up this way…
It is SO good.

Dinner: Ground Turkey and Mixed Bean Salad
Protein, protein and more protein…

After dinner, our children wanted to go to the park.  I must admit I didn’t really want to go because I was freezing and have been all day.  The last thing I wanted to do was go outside to the park.  But I went anyway.  The kids had a blast!  They were sledding down the hill at the park and had a great time until my daughter needed to go to the bathroom, so that cut our trip short.  I wasn’t really complaining though.  But she sure was when we told her we were not coming back out.  So we made our way back home, back to the warmth. 

So here I am nice and warm now and almost done this post.  Before I go I MUST share what I said I would share if I got permission.  So here we go…

Here is the March Break Harlem Shake Madness from the daycare children and my own two crazy kids…

The older ones think they are going to be famous from it, now that they are on YouTube.  LOL…Maybe???? LOL Watch it...Like it...Share it...please.  You never know????Maybe they will be famous.  LOL

This video is rather short compared to the original one.  I found a video app that could splice the first part to the second part, but it only allows for just over 60 seconds of video.  Plus it pulled the frame in much tighter than the original one, because you can't see the little boy stomping his feet.  So cute.

Well I hope these crazy kids made you smile and tap your feet a little too.
I will bid you farewell for tonight and I will talk to you again tomorrow and fill you in more on the Hard Body workout.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Workout Day 37 of “Build Your Best Body” and MORE…

I must apologize for being silent over this past week.  It has been crazy busy with March Break and all.  And all has made me tired and wanting my bed earlier at night.  The daycare kids, my children and I capped off the March Break yesterday by doing our own version of the Harlem Shake.  I am hoping to share it with you, but I am still waiting permission from one of the families to be able to post it to any form of social media.  But here is a glimpse of my two crazy kids…

For some reason at lunch time yesterday I started singing the Harlem Shake song and then I thought we should make our own video.  The kids were super excited and wanted to know if it would go on YouTube…<<<this is coming from children all under the age of 7 years…too funny.  I explained to them that I needed to get permission from all their parents first before I could post it, so we shall wait and see.  I will keep you posted on this.  It’s quite cute and funny.

The last few days of workouts, I have upped my weights quite a bit.  The last two sets of Triceps Kickbacks on Workout Day 35; I used 10 lb dumbbells and continued to use them through day 36 & 37.  I tried doing both arms at the same time…but that didn’t work, so I just did one arm at a time…success.  I also started using two 12 lb dumbbells for a total of 24 lbs for my Plie Squats; this also began on Day 35.  That day seemed to be the day to push the UP button.  I also started using 15’s for my Floor Press, Floor Flyes and Bent-over Row.  And for my Weighted Crunch…24 lbs.

Today I pushed the UP button again on one other exercise.  Biceps…on my last two sets I curled 15 reps with 15 lbs in each hand.   
 I think I am going to have to buy myself some heavier dumbbells soon. 

Today I picked up a pair of gloves to wear while lifting.  My hands were getting sore and calluses were starting to form.  The gloves were my little reward for completing Week 2 of Month 3.

This past week I kind of got off track with the “Build Your Best Body”, “Time Your Meals” meal plan.  It was busy with the daycare and I got a bit lazy with making my own food because I was tired and stressed.  But I am not going to let one week ruin my plan, my journey.  My workouts were great and the food was still fairly clean.  Tomorrow I will be grocery shopping for next week and prepping some meals in advance.

I made some Banana Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream from a recipe I found through Facebook the other week.  I had all the ingredients in the house and decided that it would be a great treat for the children.  Only problem was, it wouldn't be ready until later in the evening.  It will be great for next week’s after school snacks.  I heard my daughter and another girl talking about how someone at school had cut an avocado for them to try and they didn’t try it.  Well I am not going to tell them that this chocolate ice cream is made with avocado.

Here is the recipe for the ice cream…


2 ripe avocados
2 ripe bananas
2 cups of coconut milk
¾ cup raw honey
4 tablespoons cocoa powder

ONE: Place all the ingredients in the food processor or blender and pulse until you have a smooth mixture. 

TWO: Put into your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
(I don’t have an ice cream maker)

So, if you don’t either…

THREE: Pour the mixture into a seal-able freezer-proof container and place it in the freezer, for at least 4 hours, stirring every hour to avoid the ice crystals from forming.

This morning I made myself a protein shake to drink before my workout.  I used some of the ice cream that I made.  It was so good.

I had the shake as Meal #1, before my workout. 

Then I made myself some French Toast as Meal #2 from the meal plan. 

For lunch, Meal #3, I made myself a Chicken Pizza on a tortilla with salsa as the sauce, and Swiss cheese instead of mozzarella.

After my pizza, I indulged in some of my newly made ice cream.  I had to try it.
You would never know that it has avocado in it.  Would you????

Then it was off to add to my tattoo…

I first got this tattoo 4 years ago...

I wanted to have both my son and daughter’s names included in this tattoo.  I was just going to have it done in a fancy font, but something wonderful changed it, 5 days before my appointment. 

My appointment was on a Tuesday in July 2009, this was the summer before my son was starting JK.  I was putting him to bed on the Friday night before the week of my appointment, he was drawing in his little note book.  I asked him to print his name, which he had been trying to do, and he asked me to print it out for him and he copied it and printed it himself for the very first time.  And yes of course, it brought tears to my eyes.  I was so proud of him.  And that’s when it dawned on me that I would get THAT tattooed on my skin, and not some fancy font.  So since my daughter was only just over a year, I would have to wait to add her name.  Well last September before she started JK, she also printed her name herself for the first time.  I saved it and then just a few weeks ago I called to make the appointment.  Thankfully with the design being so small they were able to fit me in only a few weeks later.  So today, her name was added to my tattoo and both my children will be with me always.  I had to do a little bit of cut and paste with her name as the letters were spaced out quite a bit.  I would have had to get a full sleeve if I had left it the way it was.  She has since printed it smaller and neater but it wasn’t the “first” time.  So I took the "first" one and that is what makes this tattoo SO special and SO very personal.  I love it!

Me waiting..............Me getting poked...................Me all wrapped up.

After getting my tattoo there was a health food store close by and I picked up some more Coconut Butter, Raw Honey, some natural Root Beer for my husband and some organic jelly beans for the kids.

We then ventured to the new Target store that opened up in Guelph, ON.  This is where I bought my weight lifting gloves.  
Rest Day or not, I may just have to try them out tomorrow.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night