Wednesday, March 27, 2013

100,000+ Thanks to YOU!

I wanted to be on top of this when it happened but I was not.  With not feeling the greatest the past few days, I missed it.  My blog, my little blog has reached and surpassed 100,000 page views.  So a HUGE Thank you goes out to YOU…my reader…my follower…my friend and companion on this journey to become A Healthier Version of ME and YOU. 

I remember last year when I began writing this blog how excited I was when it reached 100 page views.  I was thrilled that people were actually interested in what I was saying, because half the time I talk to my children, I don’t think they are listening.  So it was nice, and still is, to know that someone is actually listening.  I know my children are too, but they just act like they don’t hear me.  It’s that old “selective hearing” thing with them.  But that’s something we are all guilty of I’m sure.

I know that many of the page views are coming from people interested in my results from Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and that’s great, I am very proud of how I did working with that program.  However, coming up next week is the beginning of my time with the TapouT XT program…5 more sleeps.  And I hope that you will keep reading and follow my progress with this next program.  It would be even better if YOU too were doing it along with me.  I know many people want to see how a program will work before trying it out themself…BUT…everyone is different and everyone will have different results.  Take for instance the Build Your Best Body program from Oxygen Magazine.  I have 2 more workouts to do to complete this 3 month program, along with some more cardio.  Much needed cardio I might add.  With this month’s workout I was to add some HIIT workouts after the strength training and I haven’t for most of the month, so the result equals not much, MUCH needed fat loss.  This is not an excuse, but I just have not had the energy to do anything extra this winter.  I have tried to push myself whenever I could, but not like I was last year at this time.  And I know why!  The weather last year was like summer weather through the month of March and I had shed my winter clothes for tank tops and skirts.  I got to show off my progress.  This year, as I mentioned in my last post, I am all covered up and not showing anything.  I feel like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from the movie Ghost Busters.  I try to walk around home with fewer layers, but then I get cold and I bundle up again.  BUT…I have good news, the temperatures are to rise this weekend and it should get rid of some of the snow outside (even though it is snowing AGAIN right now, it won’t stay) and it will get me in a better frame of mind.  I have said it before, and I will say it again…even motivators need some motivation.  There is something else that has been getting me down and I will explain in a second post for today.  I will explain why a second post is needed…

The second part is dealing with stress and sadness.  And I wanted to keep this Thank you post more upbeat.


You ROCK!  You ROCK for reading my everyday gibberish and for giving me support in return.  Thank you!

Today was Workout Day 43 of the Build Your Best Body workout program. 

I ROCKED it of course.  I increased my weights on the last two sets of Plie Squats.  I went from 27 lbs to 30 lbs.  Another increase was using the 15 lb dumbbells for the Over Head Press and Rows for some of the sets.  The BIG increase was on my last set of Biceps Curl.  I picked up the 20 lb dumbbells and curled them for 5 reps and then finished the other 10 reps with the 15 lb dumbbells.  That was a BIG step for me and I am proud that I busted out 5…progress!

Today’s Squat Challenge was for 270 squats.  I decided to break it down to 27 reps for 10 sets.  SUCCESS!!!!  I was wearing my HRM for the last 8 sets and after completing those, my calorie burn was 100 calories.  That’s pretty great for about 9 minutes of work.  The big muscles burn those calories.

I hope you are doing well with your own Squat Challenge.  We are almost to the finish…Stay Strong!  I will probably use the same type of breakdown for the last 3 days…28/10…29/10…30/10…complete.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Egg Whites and Bacon

Snack: Blueberry Banana Muffin
I made up some of the Blueberry Banana muffins from Jillian Michaels Body Revolution cookbook.

I served them up to the daycare children for second snack time.

Lunch: Ground Turkey & Onions and Green Pepper topped with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
I made an un-stuffed pepper for lunch today.  
I prefer to eat my pepper raw than cooked.

Snack: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake

Dinner: Butter Chicken with Broccoli
I skipped the rice and just ate my Butter Chicken with the broccoli.

Snack: Micro Mini Eggs
A little bit of a cheat tonight on this one.  It is the birthday of my son’s stuffy toy and best friend since he was 4 months old.  
So we were celebrating a 7th birthday. 
I made a silly cake... 
which nobody ate.
Well the kids ate the chocolate dinosaurs off of it.  The eggs were an extra treat for the birthday celebration.

I am going to end this post and finish off my second post.  I will tell you now that once I started writing the other post and had it half done, I felt better.  I think it helped me by talking about it all.  I hope it helps you too if you are going through something similar (you will understand better once it is posted).

Tomorrow I am going to hit some serious cardio.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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  1. Well done on reaching 100,000 page views. I know exactly what you mean when you think surely no one is reading my waffle lol! I am on day 25 of Body Revolution today and I love it, thanks to you for inspiring me to do it x (by the way that butter chicken looks yummy)