Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting Pumped to Get Tapped OUT the XT Way + Workout Day 42 of BYBB

Okay so I started writing this post on Thursday but I did not get it finished so I have changed it up a bit and NOW you can read it…

I am getting rather antsy about busting out my TapouT XT program that was given to me by a wonderful woman and friend for Christmas.  Yes I know it has been awhile since Christmas, but with all this snow still on the ground AND falling from the sky, it feels like it was only yesterday.

As you know I have been working my way through the Oxygen Magazine’s Build Your Best Body program these past 3 months.  I do love it, but I am missing that push, that driving force that I get when I am working out to a DVD where there is someone shouting at me to keep going.  Just like in the Hard Body workout from Jillian that I did last week.  By doing that workout twice, it made me realize that I do thrive on that. 

I am much stronger now from doing the BYBB workouts and I know that will help me with the TapouT XT program.  Santa D (the wonderful lady that sent me the program) is also itching for me to get started on this.  I can feel the excitement building.  ONLY 8 more sleeps.  On Monday April 1st I will begin the program with the Cross Core Combat.  Are YOU starting with me?  If so, let me know and we can coach each other on.  I will be working out 6 times a week and hopefully I can add some extra cardio in there too.  This snow has to melt soon and my feet need to get out and run.  Remember…Wimpy-Weather-Runner here…this winter has been a bad one for me not feeling all that well.  I have been cold and just want to snuggle and stay warm.  We haven’t had a really bad winter, but now that is the third day of Spring, I am ready for some warmer temperatures.  I think I have felt sluggish because of all the clothes I have been wearing to keep warm and they are making me felt out of shape.  I know that I am not, but it’s time to shed these layers and show off the Biceps that can curl 15 lbs and heading towards the 20 lb dumbbells.  In the TapouT XT program there is a workout called, “Buns & Guns”.  I must shed my wonderful, The North Face parka that my husband bought me for Christmas so that MY Buns & Guns can be seen.  With the Squat Challenge coming up to the final stretch, my butt feels like it’s busting out of my parka…LOL. This is all in a good way.  It’s being lifted up and tightened, which does feel weird and takes some getting used to.   

Another area that is tightening up is the bust area.  I have been able to wear a tank top that does NOT have a built in bra, with no bra.  What I mean is…wear it with no bra and have my boobs hang down to my belly button.  You know what has helped with this???  Push Ups…and LOTS of them, different varieties of course.  By doing different kinds of Push Ups it helps to keep things fresh and new, but also helps target different areas of the chest, shoulders and arms.  One little song just flew into my brain from when I was younger… “We must, we must, we must increase the bust.  The bigger the better, the tighter the sweater, we must, we must, we must increase the bust”.  It doesn’t matter if they are not big.  I know some men that are ready this right now are rolling there eyes and swearing at me…BUT…it’s not YOU that has to carry these around.  Yes, yes…I know that you would be more than happy to carry them for us ladies, but that would work out in the world we live in.   Just imagine how silly that would look…you (the man) holding our boobs while we try and work, go shopping, go to the spa, go to parent teacher night etc…
Some times BIGGER is not better.  Bigger…can give many women sore backs, and other health problems.  Mine were only big because I was carrying too much excess weight around, and I am glad that that weight is now gone.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to be left with nothing, but by working out and including the ever so dreaded Push Ups into my routine, I am happy with what I have and will keep working to keep them tight for as long as I can.

Well that ends the part that I wrote the other day, yet modified so it makes more sense when you read it today.  Like for instance the amounts of sleeps went from 11 to only 8 more.
I mentioned in the above writing that this past winter has been bad for me being ill.  Well, now that it is Spring…today I have been sneezing and coughing again.  WTF?!?!?! What is going on?  I am feeling like crap right now.  Tissues shoved up my nose between sneezing fits and itchy watery eyes.  No I am not posting any pictures.

Let’s forget what I look like right and let’s talk about this morning’s workout…

Workout Day 42 of “Build Your Best Body”

I went up to 20 lb dumbbells for the Bent-Over Rows and my last set of 15 reps of the Floor Flyes.  Oh Yeah!!!!  And I also increase my weight for my last set of Triceps Kickbacks.  I went from 10’s to 12’s.  With all my increases, they were tough, but I DID IT!!!!!  I can already feel it in my arms.  It’s a great reminder of how hard I pushed myself this morning. I was proud of myself for trying the 20’s & 12’s and even prouder when I completed the 15 reps.  But that wasn’t it…

I got on my bike this afternoon and had a fantastic 45 minute spin.  

Today's food...
Mainly soup for today.
Chicken & Vegetable Soup
This recipe is from the Body Revolution Kickstart menu.  
Instead of eating the chicken on the side, I just added it into the soup.

I packed the rest up for future days...most likely tomorrow again.


Awesome…except for me feeling like crap…as the sneezing continues.

With that said…I AM DONE…and going to bed.  Yes, it’s only 8:00pm, and I am done.  I must get better for what is coming up next week.  I am going to try and bust out my last few squats of my 250 squats that I need to do to finish today’s challenge.  Hoping I feel better tomorrow.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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