Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jillian Michaels Hard Body Workout + Workout Day 38 Recap + Workout Day 39

Happy First Day of Spring! is the first day of spring despite what you see in the picture above.  

The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day.  The warm weather will soon follow, I know it will.  Below is a picture of winter vs spring...
Can you tell which is which???

So I have had some technical difficulties the last few days with my computer.  I totally messed up our wireless network at home and was too busy trying to fix it to write to you.  Even though I was the one that messed it all up…I was the one who fixed it all back up again without calling in technical support.  I am SO smart!  LOL If I would have left it alone in the first place, I wouldn't have had to fix anything.  Ah, but I like a challenge.

Speaking of challenge…How are you doing with your March Squat Challenge?  Today I am on my Rest Day.  Yesterday I busted out 230 squats.  It’s nice to have a break today.

Let’s first recap Monday’s workout…Jillian’s new Hard Body workout.

I picked this up for myself on Sunday and was really looking forward to try it out.  So instead of doing the “Build Your Best Body” workout, I did Level 1 of the Hard Body workout.

Level 1 is 45 minutes in length.  Starts with a brief Warm Up and proceeds to Circuit 1 of 6.  After Circuit 6 is completed, start back with Circuit 1 again.  You only run through it twice, and then Cool Down.  It’s tough but very doable.  If you have gone through any of Jillian’s other programs, you can do this one.  There are some new moves and I will go through them more when I do the workout again.  As I said I did this one on Monday morning and with all the things that have gone on the last few days with my technical difficulties, I have forgotten some of the moves and I want to be sure to get it right.

It was a great calorie burning workout.  In the 45 minute workout, I had a 409 calorie burn.  I will probably do this one again in the morning since I have done back to back days of the BYBB workouts; I need a break from that.  Not that Jillian really gives you a break at all.  The weights that they use in the workout are pretty much the same as what they use in Body Revolution, dumbbells…3 lbs, 5lbs and 8 lbs.  I used 5 lbs, 8 lbs and 10 lbs.  Plus I added some weight for some of the cardio moves where they did not.

This DVD is a great addition to my collection.  It’s great to have a variety of workouts to choose from when working out at home.

It was nice to have Jillian shouting at me while doing this workout.  I have missed that while doing the Oxygen Magazine program.  I have had to be my own Coach while making my way through the past two and a half months.  And today was no exception…

This was my arsenal for my workout today. 10 lb, 12's 15's and 20's.
Skora Running shoes.
Music...The Cult.
Gloves and mat
My Stay Strong workout book.

Today was Workout Day 39 of BYBB as I did Day 38 yesterday.  In addition to the Jillian Michaels DVD, I also bought myself a pair of 20 lb dumbbells.  I gave them a whirl yesterday with my Dead Lifts…much better…much more challenging.  Today I used them again for my Dead Lifts and I also used them for the last 2 sets of the Floor Chest Press.  I tried to use them on the last set of Floor Flyes, but there was NO way I could have continued on to finish the workout if I would have continued.  I think my arms would have broken.  But I will work my way up to them for sure, just like I have done with the rest of the moves.  My Biceps, I curled 15 lbs for the last two sets, and used a 10 lb dumbbell for my Triceps for all 4 sets.  Since starting with the 10’s for Triceps, I have been doing one arm at a time.  I am finding my left arm stronger, or at least it’s not fatiguing as quick as my right when doing the Triceps kickbacks.

I almost forgot…while doing my last two sets of Plie Squats, I used one 12 lb dumbbell and one 15 lb dumbbell for at total of 27 lbs.  It’s great when you have different weights to help increase the load.  To even out the weight, I held the weights in opposite hands on the second set.  I am making my way up to 30 lbs for my Plie Squat.

Let’s talk food!
I have kind of fallen off the meal plan that was provided in the magazine.  Since I am on my third week, so that brings me back to Week One’s meal plan for Month 3.  I was getting kind bored and wanted to try out some new things.  I am still eating clean and I am following some of the meals at times.

Today’s food…
Breakfast:  Egg and Quinoa Parfait
This one was one of my favourites from Month 1.  I just didn’t add pineapple in this one.

Snack: Strawberries and Pineapple 
I cut up a fresh pineapple, along with some strawberries for the daycare snack and decided to have some myself.  It was a nice refreshing mid-morning snack.

Lunch: Grilled Chicken and Onion Pizza
I used a whole wheat tortilla for the crust.  Avocado Hummus for the sauce and then topped it with grilled chicken and onions, with Swiss cheese melted on top.


I am kind of going through a pizza stage right now.  I had a similar one for dinner last night.  Only with that one I used Roasted Red Pepper Hummus for the sauce.

Snack: Avocado Hummus with Garlic Pita Chips and Kale Chips
I could eat a whole bunch of kale done up this way…
It is SO good.

Dinner: Ground Turkey and Mixed Bean Salad
Protein, protein and more protein…

After dinner, our children wanted to go to the park.  I must admit I didn’t really want to go because I was freezing and have been all day.  The last thing I wanted to do was go outside to the park.  But I went anyway.  The kids had a blast!  They were sledding down the hill at the park and had a great time until my daughter needed to go to the bathroom, so that cut our trip short.  I wasn’t really complaining though.  But she sure was when we told her we were not coming back out.  So we made our way back home, back to the warmth. 

So here I am nice and warm now and almost done this post.  Before I go I MUST share what I said I would share if I got permission.  So here we go…

Here is the March Break Harlem Shake Madness from the daycare children and my own two crazy kids…

The older ones think they are going to be famous from it, now that they are on YouTube.  LOL…Maybe???? LOL Watch it...Like it...Share it...please.  You never know????Maybe they will be famous.  LOL

This video is rather short compared to the original one.  I found a video app that could splice the first part to the second part, but it only allows for just over 60 seconds of video.  Plus it pulled the frame in much tighter than the original one, because you can't see the little boy stomping his feet.  So cute.

Well I hope these crazy kids made you smile and tap your feet a little too.
I will bid you farewell for tonight and I will talk to you again tomorrow and fill you in more on the Hard Body workout.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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