Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Body Revolution Day 58 of 90

Day 58 = Workout 10

Working the back of the body in Workout 10...this is a GOOD one!

I know I will feel this one in my legs and butt tomorrow.  This workout is 34 minutes in length.  Weights I used: 4's, 5's and 10's, plus the resistance cable.  I have always found the first workout of the week, more difficult than the second one.  For example Workout 5 harder than Workout 6, and Workout 7 harder than Workout 8.  In this Phase, I found Workout 10 harder than Workout 9.  I like this one a lot.  After finishing Workouts 5 & 6, I was hoping that Jillian would work the Abs more, and she DID!  After completing Workouts 7 & 8, I wanted something more for the butt and thighs...I got it!  I can tell this one is going to melt some more of the fat off my problem areas.  YES!!!!!  Weighted Rock Star Jumps, Weighted Superman's, Weighted Lunge Chops...these are just a few of the moves you will see in this workout.  There is another one that I really like, but for the life of me I can not remember the name of it.  I will let you know on Friday when I do this workout again.  I saw this motivational picture on Facebook today and I thought it is very appropriate for ALL of US.  So keep pushing towards your goals...YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Today's food...
Breakfast:  Turkey Sausage Links, 1 Poached Egg with Tomato
Simple breakfast...

Lunch: Salmon Sausage Sandwich with Tomato & Onion
I had one salmon sausage left in the freezer and thought up a different way to eat it.  I toasted 2 slices of Dempster's Body Wise Whole Wheat bread and sliced some tomato and red onion.  I cooked the salmon sausage and cut it in two pieces, butterflied it and place it on the toast.  Added the tomato and onion to it and made a sandwich out of it.  It was great!  Think of different ways to eat your leftovers.  Be creative and have fun with it!

Below is a close up picture of the inside of the salmon sausage.  I had a number of people asked about it, so I thought I would take a close up pic.


Snack: Crispy Apple Chips/Baked Garlic Pita Chips

Dinner:  Trina's Turkey Burger with Creamy Chive & Onion Sweet Potato Mash
These were the turkey burgers I mixed up the other day.  Leftover Sweet Potato Mash and I added a few CheeCha Puffs to my plate.

That concludes the food portion of my blog today. 

Here's something fun coming up...

Okay since I am nearing the end of the 90 days, and I have faithful blog followers that have helped me to Stay Strong, I am going to have a contest.  You can email your answer to phatsoslim.staystrong@gmail.com All correct answer entries will go into a draw to pick the winner.  The prize...

A Stay Strong Necklace. 
Just like mine.
The sterling silver square says 'Stay Strong' and is 7/8" and hangs on an
18" chain. The chain is also sterling silver and measures 1.5mm thick. It
is adorned with two beads, one in blue and one in orange that hang inside
the middle of the square. It can be worn everyday and cared for with a
light polishing cloth.
I am getting one made for the winner from Rawkette Jewellery.
Okay...so now you are wondering, "How can I enter?"  You must answer this question and email me your answer to phatsoslim.staystrong@gmail.com Email it so you don't give the answer to everyone else.  Once I receive your email, I will let you know if you have answered it correctly and your name will go in the draw for the necklace.

In Cardio 2...Can you spot the switch up? (not in the picture, but during the workout itself)

SO...GET IT! DO IT! WIN IT(the necklace)!!!!

If so, email me what it is, and your name will go into a draw to win the necklace.  Only one lucky winner will be drawn. 

To: Jillian, I'm not be picky, I just thought I was going mad the first couple times I did this workout.  But then I realized something was different.  Trina 

Can you spot it?

The contest will run until I have completed the 90 days, the 90th day will be Saturday May 12, 2012...winner will be chosen on Sunday May 13th, 2012.  I will contact the winner by email first, to get shipping details and then I will post the winner's name or nickname and city where they are from, in that Sunday's blog post.(winner can tell me what name(first name only, first and last) they would like me to post)

So in order to get in on this contest, you MUST be doing Body Revolution anytime from now until the above date.  Whether you have just started, ahead of me, slightly behind me or have just ordered it(i hope you get it before the contest is over)...Check out Cardio 2 and see if you can spot the difference.  GOOD LUCK!  Now if nobody else sees a difference in it, then I am going MAD!!!!  Let me know.

Tomorrow I move onto Cardio 3...I hope I sweat my A$$ off...Thanks to one of my blog readers...Rae...they informed me that I will be doing "Fast Feet" in Cardio 3...Thanks Rae! 

In tomorrow's blog I will discuss...What I will be doing once I complete the 90 Days of Body Revolution???

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. Too funny! I sent you my entry, I thought I was going mad too! Excited to see what you are doing next, this has been weighing on my mind since we are now in phase 3!

  2. Dang I must be totally unobservant. My tv is so small that lots of times I don't pay close attention to what they're doing. I just listen for the cues. You'll have to post the answer after you pick a winner. I'm curious!

    1. Hey Catherine,

      You still have a chance. Go back and look at it again. If you are listening for the cues, you should be able to get it. The contests runs until I am done the 90 days.

      Stay Strong!

  3. I know there is a switch up but I'm 2 weeks into Phase 3 so I already forgot it! Ugh! I will try to remember and email you. :)

  4. Oh, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Cardio 3. :) I did it this morning and rocked it! Sweaty mess!

  5. Huh? I just did Cardio 2 for the first time today and didn't notice a switch. I'll have to pay closer attention on Sat when I do it again!!

    Can I please (pretty please) have your recipe for the Chive and Onion Sweet Potato Mash???? That looks delicious!!!

  6. Oh also wanted to say your breakfast looks delicious! That is one perfect looking poached egg!