Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Body Revolution Day 59 of 90

Day 59 = Cardio 3 + Multi-Grain Pancakes with Syrup and Berries = a wonderful start to my day!

Cardio 3 is fantastic! In this workout you will be doing each move for 20 seconds each. Easy!!! I can handle Fast Feet for 20 seconds at a time. A lot of the moves you have done before.

However, there is one move that makes me feel like Will Farrell in the movie Elf. When you do the Crab Kicks, just picture yourself up on the table in the mail room after putting what you think is maple syrup, in your morning coffee.

 Don't be scared though, we keep our hands on the floor...well unless you to push your own UP button, then go for it!  I choose to follow Jillian. LOL  Actually watching that video clip again, I think maybe Jillian may have got some of her moves from this movie...LOL...just joking Jillian.  If you haven't seen this movie I think you should, it's AWESOME!  So now that I have stuck that into your head, and every time you do Crab Kicks, you are going to start laughing instead of crying from the pain you may be feeling during this workout. 
Cardio 3, there were no rests, just go go go! Because we do the moves only for 20 seconds each, there are a lot of them. I like the Long Jumps. It's a new move that I haven't done yet in any of Jillian's workouts. It's not a hard move it's just something different. Lots of Plyometric moves in this one. So get ready to JUMP! There are more Rock Star Jumps, Cannon Balls, Side Burpees and SO much more.

Always look on the bright side! This workout is only 33 minutes long...33 minutes...that's it!  This morning I burned 330 calories in those 33 minutes.  I ROCKED IT and so WILL YOU!  It is a sweaty one for sure.
I could definitely feel the soreness creep into my body last night after sitting down to write my blog. When I got up from the chair, I knew that I did my job in Workout 10.  I could (and still can)really feel it in my butt.

In addition to Cardio 3...This morning I held a Plank for 2 minutes.  Why??? ask.  Just because I can.  No really...I picked up a the Spring 2012 issue of Abs Training for the magazine there are lots of great workout ideas to strengthen your abdominal area, plus so much more.  There are some great recipe ideas in there, I haven't tried any yet, but they do look and sound quite nice.  One of the workouts included, holding plank for 1-2 minutes.  I am going to try and hold in plank a little longer each day...just because I can.  Check it out at or pick it up at the store. 

Today's food...
Breakfast: Multi-Grain Pancakes with Berries & Syrup(I used honey instead of maple syrup)/Blueberry, Pomegranate Sesame-Honey Bar
Out of Raspberries today, so I used blueberries again.  Very nice!  I don't really like eating blueberries, but on these pancakes, I don't mind them at all.

I got ripped off on my pancakes this morning. There were only 2 out of 3 pancakes in the bag this morning. I thought WTF?...Then I remembered I had taken one out for my son to have a few weeks ago. Oh well, he's worth it and some.  That was the last bag of prepared and frozen time they will be made FRESH!  Not that I find they taste any different after they have been frozen, they are just as good.  No, NOT good...GREAT!

Added on to breakfast: Blueberry, Pomegranate Sesame-Honey Bar

I made these yesterday from a recipe that I found in an old book.  I tried to clean the recipe up by using Raw Cane Sugar instead of white sugar.  I cut the slab into 16 servings, then cut each serving into 3 pieces.  I did this so that I (or whoever is having this snack)will be able to eat a smaller serving, as I did this morning.  I only ate 1 of the 3 pieces, and wrapped the other 2 back up to save for later.  It is made with honey, so it is sweet almost like CANDY.  WHAT??!!??!! I will post the recipe for this another day.

Lunch: Roasted Chicken with Whole Wheat Pasta & Spinach Pesto
I needed something ready and quick today.  So, sorry no new meal for lunch today.

Snack: Chocolate Banana Bonbons/Blueberry, Pomegranate Sesame-Honey Bar/Spiced Fig & Apple Compote
This is the Chocolate Banana Bonbon
Fancy, Eh?

I only ate 1/3 of a serving of both the Bonbon and the Sesame-Honey Bar .

Spiced Fig and Apple Compote
I wasn't sure about this one when I first seen it in the Fat Burning Meal Plan recipe book.  I have never eaten figs before, but I have never been in this good shape before either, so I thought, "Why Not?"  I ate this snack after dinner tonight because my calories for the day were not high enough, so it turned out to be a very delicious after dinner treat.

Dinner: Turkey Barley Pilaf
Swim night = something from the freezer = Easy and Delicious

The Stay Strong Contest!!!!

So far there are 5 people entered into the Stay Strong contest.  Good luck to everyone.  Keep those correct answers coming in by email You have until Saturday May 12, 2012 to email me your answer.  If you are just joining the blog today and have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to this contest...then check out yesterday's blog post...all the details are there.

I have had some readers ask me, "What are your plans after Body Revolution?"

Answer:  At this point I am not 100% sure of what I will do.  One of my REWARDS is going to be Jillian's new Kick Boxing Workout DVD, so I may do that for a bit OR I may just start over with Body Revolution, only this time with heavier weights and ankle weights.  I thought of taking a week to get back on my spinning bike, it sits here beside me while I write this blog, and wonders, "Where the HELL has she gone?"  I will only do short rides though just like in Body Revolution.  My life has gotten used to 26 minute-36 minute long workouts and I want to keep it that way.  It is something that I can keep up for the rest of my life to stay fit and healthy.
One thing I am 100% sure of is how I will be eating...CLEAN...that's how.  My eating habits will stay the same as they have been for the last 59 days, and if you have been following my blog and seeing the food that I have been eating, then you know that I have been eating well.  I am seeing the results because I am eating this way...So why would I change??? 

As the days go by, I will think more of what to do after the 90th day and I will let you all know.

Back to Workout 9 in the morning.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night.



  1. I love your excitement and energy! I just did Cardio 2 for the first time today and thought I was going to DIE!!!! I can't even imagine what Cardio 3 will be like!!

    Keep up the great work!!!!

    1. Thanks Helene,

      You will be fine once you get through the second Phase. You get stronger each and every day. By the end of Cardio 2 you will be ready to move on.

      Stay Strong!


  2. I knew you'd love Cardio 3. :)

    Definitely get Jillian's Kickboxing...I LOVE IT! There are 3 20-minute workouts on it. I do one everyday after my Body Rev workout. For example, this morning I did Workout 9 and Kickboxing 2...tomorrow I will do Workout 10 and Kickboxing 3. Monday night I did all 3 kickboxing in a's so good!

  3. Looking forward to Cardio 3. I've also been asking myself what's next? I just ordered ChaLean Extreme off of ebay. I'm also looking at TurboFire as I've heard so many good things about it. My sister also has Insanity and I've been playing with that as an option.

    If ONLY I could get the eating thing down. UGH. You are doing an amazing job with that. Good for you!!