Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let Me Bring Some Colour to Your Day

In yesterday's post I showed you how I spent my morning and afternoon...shoveling and snow fort building.  That was repeated again today but with a little extra.

I skipped my early morning workout because I knew I had to shovel again this morning.  You might call it an excuse, I call it smart.  When I woke this morning, my shoulders, back and arms were sore, very sore.  But I got up, got dressed, got my son up and ready for school and then back out to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.  Just when I had the end of the driveway finished, the plow went by and threw in 30 minutes of shoveling to do.  I helped out the neighbor out while the kids starting showing up and then we moved into the backyard.  The backyard, home of my snow fort.  The daycare kids and let me get that right...I continued on building the fort.  Since the window wall broke last night, the fort needed something else to make it special and fun.

This is where I bring you the colour...

I posted this same picture on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook calling on the people from Color me Rad 5K to bring their event to Ontario Canada.  Once my colourful snow melts I will need more in my life.  Bring it on!  Let's hope they this post and bring it to Ontario.

I coloured it with food colouring.  Please note: I did not use yellow as I didn't want to confuse the kids.  They thought the pink and blue looked like cotton candy.  So I knew I had to keep the lid on the yellow.
I'm glad I snapped this picture when I did because then it continued to snow and the fort got covered with more snow and the colours were not as bright.  And then it started melting.  And then the kids got home from school and they started to knock some of it down.  They are CRAZY!!!!  When I was a kid, I was building tables and chairs and shelves and all sorts of things to use in the forts.  These kids just wanted to break it down.  I was upset.  Some of it's still standing but I told them I was not fixing it.

It was a great workout with building it, but now that I can see that it was appreciated, I will get my mind back to my regular workouts indoors, early mornings.

I posted on today that I am in need of a massage.  Last year my husband and my children gave me a gift card for a Thai Treatment from a local spa here in Waterloo.  I treated myself to this same treatment last year and I loved it, so they gave me a gift card to enjoy it again.  I STILL have the card in my wallet.  I SO NEED to book an appointment for this soon.  But not too soon.  With my luck we will probably get a huge snow storm the day after and I would be right back to the way I feel now.  So for now, I will wait and Stay Strong!

Tomorrow I will make up for the couple days without a formal workout besides my yoga yesterday.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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