Monday, March 4, 2013

M.I.A. + Month 3 of "Build Your Best Body"

I know I have been Missing In Action the last few days with my blog posts.  BUT…that doesn't mean I have been slacking in my workouts.  Since we last hooked up, which would have been February 28th; I have danced with the Addicted To Sweat workouts and finished up Month 2 of the Oxygen Magazine “Build Your Best Body” program.  

Plus, I have started a Squat Challenge for the month of March.  I wanted to write about this the other day to get you started on it as well, but I just wasn’t feeling the greatest to sit down and write.  So here is the scoop…

Month of March Squat Challenge
These can be done with weights or without.  If just starting out, your own body weight will probably be enough.

Day 1 – 110    Day 2 – 120    Day 3 – 130    Day 4 – 140    Day 5 - Rest Day

Day 6 – 150    Day 7 – 160    Day 8 – 170    Day 9 – 180    Day 10 – Rest Day

Day 11 – 190  Day 12 – 200  Day 13 – 205  Day 14 – 210  Day 15 – Rest Day

Day 16 – 215  Day 17 – 220  Day 18 – 225  Day 19 – 230  Day 20 – Rest Day

Day 21 – 235  Day 22 – 240  Day 23 – 245  Day 24 – 250 Day 25 – Rest Day

Day 26 – 260  Day 27 – 270 Day 28 – 280  Day 29 – 290  Day 30 – 300

Day 31 – Completed.  Well Done!      

I am doing my squats without weights for now.  I may do another month with weights.

It was originally posted with a Rest Day on the 26th instead of the 25th, but I switched it.

Just after the 3 days of doing this challenge I can certainly feel it.  These squats are in addition to the ones that I do in my regular workout.  Have fun with it!

This morning was the beginning of Month 3 of “Build Your Best Body”, but before the workout could be done, some prep work had to take place first.  I went grocery shopping yesterday for the meal plan and I prepped my Stay Strong notebook for this month’s workouts.

As you can see, someone else had to prep her notebook too.

I was glad to change things up this morning.  Bring on the dumbbells.  I bought myself some 12 pound dumbbells yesterday.  I wasn’t sure what weight I would be using for this, but I thought I would start with at least 10’s.  I used 12’s for most exercises.

Here is the rundown…
LEGS (4 sets of each)
Plie Squat - 12-15 reps
Romanian Dead Lift - 15 reps  
Lunge – 12 each leg

CHEST/BACK (4 sets of each)
Floor Press - 12-15 reps
Floor Flye - 15 reps
Bent-over Row – 15 reps

SHOULDER (4 sets of each)
Overhead Press - 12-15 reps
Upright Row - 12-15 reps
Bent-over Lateral Raise – 15 reps

ARMS (4 sets of each)
Biceps Curl – 12-15 reps
Triceps Kickback - 12-15 reps

ABS (4 sets of each)
Weighted Crunch – 20 reps

There are also three HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts to choose from to do complete 1 of them after your strength training.  One can be found in the magazine and the other two can be found on the Oxygen Magazine website.

I did not have time this morning after my training session to get my HIIT workout done, so I will have to figure out when I am going to get it done.  On my “off” days of training I will definitely being hitting the cardio and some of the HIIT workouts, plus doing my Squat Challenge.

For today's workout I used the 12 pound dumbbells for all but one of the exercises.  I had to drop down to 8 lbs for the Triceps Kickback.  I tried using 10's but they were just too much after curling the 12's for the Biceps Curl.  I thought my arms were going to fall off.  I will work my way up though.
I will talk more of this workout and the weights that I use as the month goes on.
Along with a new workout, comes a new meal plan.  The meal plan for Month 3 is called “Time Your Meals”.  It’s set out to show you when YOU should eat each particular meal.  I might not do so well with this layout because I really don’t like eating before I workout, plus I workout in the early morning and I do NOT want to wake up earlier to eat before my workout.  This may hinder my results, but I will do my best to Stay Strong and stay on track.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Rolled Oats & Egg Whites with Raspberries & Flax Seed
I switched up the blueberries to raspberries for this one.

 You know me and raspberries have a special bond.  So when they are in the house, they RULE over all other fruits.  But they are gone now.

Snack: Greek Yogurt with Strawberries, Kiwi and Slivered Almonds

Lunch: Grilled Chicken and Avocado Sandwich with Tomato
I took some of the avocado and tomato and blended it with my Magic Bullet.  I then spread it on the bread before I placed the chicken, tomato and the rest of the avocado between the two pieces of bread.

Dinner: Broiled Tilapia with Steamed Vegetables and Avocado Hummus with Homemade Pita Chips 

I didn’t eat my snack between lunch and dinner so I decided to incorporate into my dinner meal.  Dinner was to be the tilapia with steamed broccoli along with a mixed green salad with oil and vinegar.  But I nixed the salad and made the mixed vegetables instead and ate my snack along with it. 


Today was a great day with a terrific workout and wonderful clean foods.

As I made my tilapia and veggies for myself, I made something else for my family.  It was from a recipe I found through Facebook.  It was a lemon chicken recipe that made with all REAL foods.  I did have a small taste of it, and it was good.  I will share this recipe later this week along with a few other recipes that I have come across.

I will catch up and share more recipes and update some of my other pages too. 

Tomorrow I will be hitting the dance floor…well…my dance floor.  I will see how my legs feel and I may just do the ATS Towel Workout again.  I need to get another 40 squats done before I go to bed, so my legs might just need to loosen up in the morning with some dancing.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


This is not fitness related but rather to do with family.  On Friday my daughter asked if she could get her ears pierced.  I told her that I would talk it over with my husband and we will go from there.  On Saturday, she told her Dad that she wanted to get her ears pierced. He replied, "If that's what you want to do, then do it."  So her and I went to the mall to get them done.  I was hoping to have both ears pierced at the same time but both places where I inquired, they both only had one person to do the piercing.  So I had a little talk with my daughter, and explained to her what had to be done.  She was still wanting them done.  "All right then, let's do this".  
She was so brave and silly of course.  Here are a few pictures of our time getting her ears pierced...

Measure twice or thrice...

...pierce once.
This was the first ear.  She's so serious.
There were a few tears, but they were wiped away and forgotten and she was up for having the other ear done too.  A few more tears were shed and we were done.

Her pretty little ears were now decorated with pretty pink flowers...

I love my little drill sergeant.  She's so tough.

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