Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 86 of Round 2 body Revolution

Day 86 = Workout 12

I did Workout 6 instead today.

You know how I said that Workout 7 may make me hurt while I breathe???...mission accomplished.  My abs have been worked, and it feels so good.  I wasn't sure which workout I would do this morning until I was in my workout area.  I put in Workout 6 and I know my abs are going to be screaming tomorrow.  This was a great combination I would say.  Always remember if you are going to switch things up, do the front and then the back of the body.  Make sure you let the muscles you worked the day before rest before you work them again.

My plan this week was to run two more times before my first 5K run this Saturday.  So...tonight I decided to run to my daughter's dance class.  I ran about 5.5K with a few sprints at the end.  The only reason why I did those was because I was listening to my music and Katy Perry's Firework came on and I couldn't help myself during the chorus.  Plus I was late for my daughter's dance class(but she knew I would be a little late).
Ooh...I look so serious.
NO...the people around me probably thought..."look at her, taking pictures of herself".
This is MY life and MY proof of the good run I had tonight.

I got stuck at a few lights on my way there too, so it took me a few minutes longer.  I felt a little bit slower because I was looking out for icy patches, but it was pretty clear for the most part.  I have already told you that I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to outdoor running.  I am getting over my fear of not-so-perfect conditions, it's a work in progress.  Just like everything else on my journey.
I was thinking tonight, many people wants abs like steel, or buns like steel...I want Quads like steel.  I want to have rock hard quads that have that nice curved shape in the back.  I have always wanted that, and now I am that much closer to getting them.  Don't get me wrong, I want to hard abs and the hard buns too.  After my workout yesterday and today, my buns are feeling stronger again.

Throughout this fall, I have felt that I haven't been myself due to that nasty cold.  I have felt that I haven't been very motivating to you and I apologize for that.  But this week, my last week of this second round of Body Revolution, I finally feel like myself again, that Stay Strong Trina that I became this year.  I will finish this year off strong and so will you.  I posted on my Facebook page,  http://www.facebook.com/AHealthierVersionofMeAndYou to Start TODAY and NOT the beginning of the New Year!  Just think how much better you will feel ringing in the 2013 if you start TODAY.  Even if you have a few treats over the holidays, you will be ahead of the rest of the people that already have it set in their minds that they will start to get healthy on January 1st(of what year I ask them???)  If YOU start now, you will not be one of those people who start off the New Year with good intentions and then slide off your so called Resolution a month after you have made it.  Start NOW...well maybe not right now as you might be going to bed, but you know what I mean.  Don't wait until 2013.  Finish 2012 off with a new beginning.  The beginning of YOUR journey to A Healthier Version of YOU.  I want to hear your plans.  Your plans inspire me too.  YOU are an inspiration to ME.

I received a message yesterday from a friend of mine from High School.  She was asking me about Body Revolution and how it could help her get rid of some fat around the mid section and release her from the hold that sugar has over her.  I loved her line..."I am a carb ho thru and thru".  That could refer to many people out there.  With Body Revolution, as well as some other programs out there such as the Eat Clean Diet series and the Clean Eating Magazines and cookbooks, they can all help get the "Carb Ho" out of us.  For years I have been buying and trying meals out of the Clean Eating magazines and it wasn't until I did Body Revolution that I realized just how I NEED to be eating in order to eliminate fat from my body and build muscle.  Through the 7-Day KickStart of BR, it will help free you from the hold that sugars have on us.  All sugars are removed from the meals that you will be eating.  The following weeks you will reintroduced some sugars but in the natural way through fruits and other natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup and agave syrup.  I like to use coconut palm sugar when I bake or sucanat.

My friend is also training for a Half Marathon, (AWESOME!!!!), and she was wondering if training and doing BR would be too much.  My response...If it feels like it is too much at times, just back off a little.  With the workouts only being around 30 minutes long, I think it would be a great compliment to her training.  Since I have been running on and off throughout this year, I have never found it to be too much.  Saying that though, I am not training for a Half Marathon, well not yet anyway.

She sent me another message today, saying that she got Body Revolution and was going to maybe start it December 1st or January 1st...you all know what I think already.  I suggested to read through everything and decide on which day of the week would be the Rest Day.  Once you know which day will be your day of rest, start the weekday after the selected Rest Day.  My Rest Days are Sundays, I began the program on a Monday.
I guess she was reading over all the information and she came to the part about NO alcohol.  She sent me another message stating that she has 3 kids and how NO alcohol would work.  I sent her a message back stating that I run a home daycare.  If that doesn't stress you out, I don't know what will. LOL.  There are days where IF I drank, I think I would be drunk from the moment the last child left the daycare until my head hit my pillow or the toilet, I guess depending on what I was drinking. LOL  But I don't drink, you all know that.  Maybe once in a while I may have a few if out with friends, but that hasn't seemed to happen lately.  You all know how my "Girls Night Out" went...it didn't because I was sick with the flu or something.  With the whole "No Alcohol" thing for the 90 days, it will help teach you self control.  It's the same with cutting out the sugar the first week.  You must learn self control and will power.  You will get stronger in every way as you go along.  Yes you might have a day where you lose it, but just remember how far you have come and where you want to be.  You don't want that spare tire around your waist anymore.  Get the laundry off your gut, and let's see that washboard stomach you have hiding under there.  Oh yeah!...it's there, you just have to put in some hard work to find it. Don't worry you are not alone, I am talking to myself too.  I still have a few pairs of socks and some knickers resting on my washboard.

BIG REMINDER to EVERYONE: Before you begin your journey TODAY...take some measurements, take some photos of yourself(as unpleasant as you may think they are, they are a necessity to your journey,  and YES, step on that scale(but don't become a slave to it).  I haven't stepped on the scale in months.  I think the next time I do, will be January 1, 2013.

Thank you CC for your messages.  I hope I have been able to answer your questions, and please feel free to contact me any time.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Chocolate Banana Protein Mug Cake...Talk about a "Carb Ho" LOL...this looks sinful!
I thought I would try another one.  This one was divine...

It looks like there is a lot of chocolate in this because all the chocolate dropped to the bottom of the mug.  When you turn the mug over, the bottom becomes the top of your cake.  
My protein powder that I used, is a unflavoured one, but you could use chocolate if you want or any other flavour.

Lunch: Chicken Salad
Quick and simple...
...and oh so good!

Snack: Guacamole with Chips
I made the guacamole earlier and made the chips after we returned home tonight.  So even though this appears like an afternoon snack, it was an evening snack while Working, Writing and Watching again.

Dinner: Chicken Teriyaki Salad
On our way home from dance class tonight, my husband asked me "What's for dinner?"  I replied, "I don't know, whatever you are making."  He then started heading away from the direction of our home.  I thought "WTF?"  We ended up at the Golden Arches, McD's, the place that has french fries that are totally bad for me, but taste oh so good.  I was good though.  I ordered a salad like I normally do now at any "fast food" restaurant.  I did sneak a couple fries out of my husband's box(he doesn't need them all either).  With my salad, I didn't add on any extra dressing and ordered it with grilled chicken.
I forgot to take a picture as we ran into one of my daycare kids and his Dad there.  My kids wanted to sit with them so we all got to talking and I forgot the picture.

I must go now.  As you can see I am on a roll tonight with this post.  I am in my element right now.  My sewing machine is by my side working away, and I am writing this post between snipping threads and setting up a new cape.  My movie is done, so that tells me that I have been done here long enough.  My husband and children are all asleep in their beds and that is where I must go in order to get up in the morning to KILL whichever Cardio workout I plan to do.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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