Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 85 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 85 = Workout 7

You're like..."WTF is she doing?"  This is the first day of my last should be Workout 11, but I chose to do Workout 7 instead.  I find Workout 7 to be very challenging, and it really works the Abs...BIG time!  My weights for this one have all been through the UP button, I used 8's and 10's for this workout.  And all the Push Ups were done from the toes. The first time I did this workout in Round 1 back in the spring, it hurt to breathe the next day.  Since then my abs have gotten much stronger so I know that I won't be feeling like that tomorrow.  Or will I???  We shall see.  When I did this workout the first time in the 2nd round, I was just getting over that nasty cold I had, or maybe I still had it, either way I wasn't feeling the energy and the strength as I did during the first round.  Today however, I felt strong and I had the energy to push through all the moves.  Looking backing at this second round, I should have really started over midway through.  As I have mentioned about that cold, because it knocked me on my A$$, I haven't had the results I wanted to get.  This is not an excuse what so is reality.  I try to push through my workouts as best I could and helped to maintain my body without much change.  Which is good too.  Does it sound like I am trying to convince myself that it is okay that I didn't lose any pounds or inches????  If so, it's because it's true.  I really wanted to hit my goal by the end of these 90 days, but sometimes things out of our control happen and alter our plans.  As long as you can stay focused, you can still come out on top.  I am still fitting into the new jeans that I bought myself way back in the spring and that right there is a BIG plus.  I can run 5K still and this weekend I will be running my first 5K race.  A bit of a downside, I feet like I have lost some muscle mass.  I am feeling a little bit on the flabby side.  I have done more cardio the last couple weeks and went lighter on some of the weights through the nasty cold period, so it's time to bump it up again.  Today I did that.  I think I might ask Santa to bring me another 25 lb plate so that I can do some heavier Dead Lifts.  That might be asking too much though, I don't know if Santa has been working out or not, he might not be able to lift that...LOL.

Over the month of December I am going to resume my Killer Abs workouts with Jillian.  When I got sick with that nasty cold, I didn't have the energy to continue on with them.  But it's time to do them once again.  I may even do the 30 Day Shred again.  That is the one that started it all for me.  Well after about a month into working out in 2011, I buy myself Jillian's 30 Day Shred and it made me one of Jillian's crew.  I have all of her workouts with exception to the Beginner ones, so I have a variety to choose from.  I may even mix in a little Brazil Butt Lift...the High & Tight is a good one.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Multi-grain Pancakes Smothered with Raspberries
This wasn't my first idea for my breakfast this morning.  I mentioned yesterday that I might try making another Mug Cake only with fruit, and I did.  I tried making one with raspberries...oh crap, I forgot to take a picture of it.  I made it and then took to kids to the bus stop.  By the time I returned home it was all kind of rubbery like.  I tasted it, not so nice.  I think if I would have eaten it when it was still warm, it would have been okay.  With the whey protein powder, it does kind of dry it out.  Maybe a little bit of almond milk would help things out a bit.  It's worth a try...tomorrow.
So with that said, this is what I had for breaky this morning...

A friend of mine whom I follow on Instagram, posted a picture of a delicious looking treat yesterday.  A Cashew Butter Cup.  It looked so good I just had to try making one.  But I didn't have any Cashew Butter in the house.  Soooo, I grabbed the few raw cashews that I had and ground to a paste.  That's what Omar said that Jillian and her crew were going to do this morning in Workout 7, so that's what I did to the cashews.  I melted some dark chocolate and put it in a silicone baking mold.  I let outer layer of chocolate set up, and then placed a scoop of Cashew butter in and poured some more melted chocolate on top to seal it up.  I let it sit to set up.  Que the Jeopardy music here >>>>______.  

Lunch:  Baked Sweet Potato topped with Chicken and Salsa

This is one of my favourite quick and easy meals.  Well it's easy as long as I have my homemade salsa on hand.

Snack: Is the Jeopardy music still playing???  Ah...No!
It was ready.  The Cashew Butter Cup.  Mine wasn't really a "cup", but more like a heart.  I don't have any silicone baking cups so I made it in a heart shaped mold.  
It worked! And it was really good.  
Next time though, I will make them smaller.  I do have other proper chocolate molds(bite size) that I will try next time.  Those could be dangerous though...bite size...yikes!  Too many bites can make for a BIG A$$.

Dinner: Chili from Tim Hortons
I couldn't eat all of my chili tonight, I think I was too full from the Chocolate Cashew Butter Heart. LOL

So tonight I am working, writing and watching, which equals MULTITASKING at it's finest.  I am working on the embroidery job that I have going on right now.  I am writing this post. And I am watching a movie on the T.V. in the other room which I can conveniently see from my sewing table(I set it up like this when I set my room up).  The movie is more so just for company and noise.  I am watching Rock of Ages yet again.  "I Wanna ROCK!"

I am going to wrap it up now though, time to get my butt into bed.  Not sure which workout I am going to do in the morning, maybe workout 6.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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