Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 78 & 79 & 80 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 78 = Workout 11...didn't happen

I took Monday as a Rest day.  I spent last night sorting through my son's LEGO...for about 4 hours.  I was separating LEGO from MEGA BLOCKS.  He has too much.  We were given a bin full of both kinds of blocks, but he has trouble keeping his good sets together, and then the pieces get all mixed up with everything else.  That results in never being able to rebuild his original sets the way they are supposed to be built.  PLUS...he has to work on his organizational skills, so by ME starting the ball rolling, hopefully he will follow suit.
With all that said, my lower back is KILLING me now, from sitting on the hard floor crouched over a pile of blocks.  But now that I have them sorted apart, NOW I am separating the LEGO into colour blocks of white, red, black, blue, light gray, dark gray etc...  This is so that we can find the pieces, easier, to rebuild his sets.

I know all this has nothing to do with fitness, but it does have to do with organizing all the little things in life.  This was NOT a little job by far.  The fun part is building the sets and we are far from that still.  I told my son that if he didn't take care of his LEGO, Santa and Mummy and Daddy would NOT be buying him any for Christmas.  He has lots of LEGO sets on his list too.  We'll see how this works!

Organizing your life is ALL part of becoming A Healthier Version of YOU.  If you have clutter...not healthy. You can't think, you get stressed out over the clutter, and that will result in bad food and fitness decisions.  As you can see I was stressing over the LEGO situation and I did not workout and my eating has been healthy but not enough.

Day 79 = Workout 12...didn't happen either

I have been consumed by LEGO.  LOL  All the pieces have been sorted by colour now and it's rebuilding time.
Sort of ALL sorted.  As you can see my kids have started building the little sets in the middle of this above picture.  They are SO creative!  
Still missing a few pieces on both these sets, but at least the majority of them have been found and I'm sure they will turn up eventually.  I hope!

What does this have to do with fitness?  It doesn't did give me and my son some quality family time together having fun with LEGO.  And my stress over the LEGO is decreasing.  I will not let this situation take over me completely though.  Some times when we get obsessed with things, we forget other things in our lives...hence the word "Obsessed".  Such as...ME writing this blog.  I can't help but think that the LEGO may not have got in the state that it was, if I had spent more time helping my son keep in organized.  I know a few times since starting this blog my kids have asked me to stop writing and play with them, a I have, but sometimes they won't let the game end and I NEED MY time too, which is writing this blog as well as other things, like the spa(oh how I have missed you so).  Jillian I have missed you too, but I will make up for the time missed, I promise, not to you, but to myself.  I hope all this make sense.  Right now I am in the middle of finding balance again in life.  So having taken these last couple days as a rest has helped me quite a bit.  I have gotten a little more rest and I still feel like I am on track with my health and fitness level.  It's not like it's been 3 weeks and I have been eating cake the whole time.  It has only been 2 days off and still eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water, plus my Davids Tea Organic Detox Blend.

Yesterday's breakfast...
Greek Yogurt with the same berry mixture I used on my pancakes the other morning.
So Good!

Day 80 = Cardio didn't happen either...BUT...

I did go for a run tonight.  A run with a specific destination in the end.  Because I did not do Body Revolution Cardio 3 this morning, I decided to run to my children's swimming lessons tonight.  After the last child left the daycare with his mum, I put on my running shoes, as I was already dressed to run run otherwise, grabbed my HRM and took off out the door.  I left 45 minutes before my son's lesson was to start, so I was sure I had plenty of time to get there.  I ran just over 5KM tonight to the Recreation Centre, and I made it there just as my husband and the kids were getting out of the car.  Get.  It.  Done...
I.  GOT.  IT.  DONE!
And felt great!

Once we got back home, it was back to sorting out a bit more LEGO from MEGA BLOCKS.  I finally found some more instructions for sets that I bet my son forgot that he had.  Some of the pieces needed, I had tossed them in with the MEGA BLOCKS, so it was back to sorting through that bin again.  BUT it is done now too.  I will NOT be going through it again.  

Earlier today, the daycare kids and I, well most I, they just tasted them, made some Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies and some Ginger Cookies.  These are the Almond Butter Cookies, they are for me and my family.  You and your family could enjoy them too, unless you are allergic to almonds then I guess not, the recipe can found in The Best of Clean Eating Cookbook.  I tried loading up the link to the Clean Eating magazine recipes, but it's not working tonight.  I will get that recipe up to you soon.
Here are the Ginger Cookies.  This was my first attempt at making Ginger Cookies and they turned out okay.  I CLEANED UP the recipe first of course.  I say that they were just "okay", because I thought that they had a strong molasses taste to them.  The daycare kids seemed to enjoy them for snack time.  Healthy Kids!  The original recipe is a refrigerator cookie, but I couldn't wait until tomorrow to try them, so I placed the dough in the fridge all wrapped up of course and waited about 20-30 minutes until they firmed up a bit.  Took it out and cut off 12 slices and threw them on a pan to bake for 6 minutes.  Maybe the cookies tomorrow will have a different taste to them with leaving them in the fridge overnight, AS THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE FIRST PLACE TRINA!  I couldn't wait!  I'll let you know tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S.  Happy Thanksgiving to ALL my American neighbors celebrating tomorrow!  Make good food choices and make sure you get some sort of exercise in, even it's a nice walk with your family.  Have a great day!
I was supposed to come shopping on BLACK Friday, but it's not happening, maybe one year I will get down to the States for that day.

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