Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Body Revolution Day 73 of 90

Day 73 = Cardio 3

Cardio 3 gets better every time I do it.  The first circuit does feel looonnnggggg...and it is!  Once I get to the end of the first circuit, I think, "DAMN, I have to do that two more times"...well not quite.  The first circuit is longer than the second one because Jillian forgets to do the High Knees with a Twist, in Circuit 2.  It's kind of nice to have a break during the second circuit.  But it's ALL there in Circuit 3.  Time flies though once you make it through the first one...and YOU WILL!

Okay so Jillian created Body Revolution...Great Job Jillian...I LOVE IT!...Thank you!

I have created The Plank Challenge

There are no rules, there are no DVDs, the meal plan is to EAT CLEAN everyday for the rest of your life...hey wait...and there's no money in it for me : ( That's okay.  The joy of knowing that I could help others to improve themselves, is payment enough.  But if you feel inclined to send me something send it to Trina blah blah blah....I'm joking. To hear your Challenge stories is AWESOME!  So many of you have taken up the challenge, and that is SUPER FANTASTIC!!!! We are all going to have ROCK hard abs from this challenge.  Remember I told you about HannahPTA starting the Plank Hold Challenge...well...her husband joined in too.  Way to ROCK IT, Hannah's husband, with a starting plank of 3 minutes.  Mzjstef pulled off a 3:07.1 plank hold yesterday...Excellent!  My cousin, Melissa, is a Yoga Instructor in Greece.  She had her students do the challenge today too.  They held it for 1:30.0, next week they are going for 2 minutes.  Great Job!  If you want to try it too...

 Just Plank It!

I started on Wednesday April 11, Day 59 of 90 of Body Revolution.  I have been doing it everyday, except on rest days.  So today was plank #13.
I am all about setting goals, AND I forgot to set one for this. Duh! Well since I want to keep my workout times short, my goal will be to hit Lucky 7, 7 minutes for my Plank Hold. Once I hit that, I may switch it up to Side Plank Holds. I'll keep you posted.  

So this is me in Plank...

Photos taken by my little girl.  This is not my early-morning-after-workout-sweaty-plank hold.  I got her to take a couple quick photos while the daycare kids were napping.  Me in my Pink REWARD top again too.  I do have other clothes, I swear.  That's what kind of sucks about having such a bright coloured top that feels so nice to wear, you can't wear too often, or people will think you don't wash it.  I do, I do!  I wish I had one the same only in Orange. Do think Lululemon would make an Orange one, just for me, as a REWARD for my Plank Hold Challenge Revolution???   Today's time>>>>>

Today's food...
Breakfast: Blueberry Banana Muffins
This one was the second last one left in the freezer.  I will have to make another batch up next week.  I still have some of the Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins and the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins left in the freezer.  I seem to grab for the Blueberry ones first.  They are SO good...

Lunch: Roasted Chicken with Whole Wheat Pasta & Spinach Pesto
Last serving of this meal from the freezer.  It was perfect!  Even after being in the freezer for over a month.

Try this recipe at least once.  I'm sure you will want to try again.

Snack: Easy Herbed Yogurt Bread/Dragon Fruit
I enjoyed another slice of this bread with a little bit of coconut oil spread on it.  Also, I had purchased a Dragon Fruit the other day.  I split it in half and ate one half, at only 30 calories per half.  Just cut it in half and scoop it out with a spoon.

Try out different fruits, veggies and other might just like them.  Just like my dinner tonight...

Dinner: Calamari with Salsa Verde & Arugula served with Cucumber Slices
I did it!  I made the Calamari from the Fat Burning Meal Plan recipe book.  I ate it!  It was good, not my favourite though.  I made the full recipe, however, my husband and children did not eat it, so that means I have 3 more servings of this meal.  I am not sure how well this one will freeze and reheat.  I have been told that if the calamari is cooked too long, it gets kind of rubbery.  I will try freezing it and see how it is when I take it out and eat it another day. 

It looks good, and it was good, honestly.  I think it's just because I have never had it before and I didn't know what to expect.  I found it salty, but that was probably the anchovy fillets, the recipe calls for 2 fillets, next time I would try using just one.  The salsa had a nice flavour to it, with exception of it being too salty.  I think the salsa would taste nice on scallops(maybe).

I want to thank everyone again for following and reading my blog.  All you kind words and support means so much to me.  It helps to keep me going.  So...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!

A friend, Coolcatcan, asked me, "How are you doing with toning? Muscle building? Revolution doing wonders for you?"

Answer: My body is toning up pretty good.  The fat is coming off and the muscle is building and helping to tighten everything up.  Yes, Revolution is doing wonders for me!  There are still areas where I need to lose more fat as well as tone up, but it will happen.  Even if I have to go through it again, I will.  As of today, if you look at my Ticker on the side bar...I am at 17.4 lbs lost and 17.4 lbs to go to my final weight loss goal.  And when I say FINAL, I mean that the 17.4 lbs to go will get me to my target weight of 130 lbs.  I know I will not lose another 17.4 lbs in the next 17 days, and that's okay.  As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, my thighs and my butt have ALWAYS been a BIG problem...they are still a problem, but not nearly as BIG.  Both have toned up pretty darn good so far.

Another area that I thought would be a HUGE problem was the area below my belly button.  With having my 2 wonderful, crazy, gorgeous, lovely, smart, funny, yet messy children...they both came into this world by C-section.  So for all you other mums that have had their children by C-section there is hope to get rid of that not so nice area of fat, flab that you may be carrying below your belly button.  It takes hard work and dedication to yourself.  I am still working on that area on myself, but at least it is tightening back up.  Think positive and you will succeed.  I actually feel good, no GREAT walking around in my underwear again.  Not out in public of course...don't be silly!  So walking around in a bathing suit this summer, will be no problem at all.  
I wish I would have taken some before pictures of that area, but it's not something you think of when you are snapping family pictures.  "Oh wait...let me just take a picture of my gross flabby lower abs""Okay everybody together now...say CHEESE".  Yeah, that just doesn't happen.  So the only thing I can do, is look for some pictures that may show a big difference in a few weeks.

To wrap things up today...Challenge yourself...try new (healthy) foods...think positive and you will reach your goals.

The Stay Strong necklace contest is still going.  You have until I finish Day 90, which will be on Saturday May 12, 2012.  I will have my children pick the winner's name out of a hat or something on the Sunday(May 13, 2012).  I will video it, because I am sure they will do something crazy and bring a smile to your face, even if you are not the winner.  All the details can be found on Day 58 of 90.  So look, listen closely while you are doing Cardio 2, and then email me your answer to Good Luck to you! And Stay Strong!
Back to Workout 11 in the morning.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. I've been trying to do planks every day too but I'm nowhere near what you're doing...OMG, 7 minutes!!!! That is super impressive!!!

    I can only do the forearm plank hold for about 45 seconds...but I'm getting there! I'll join your Plank Challenge too...I have that same belly flab you mentioned due to 2 c-sections. It's always the last area to get tightened...ugh!

    I had a banana blueberry muffin today for my PM snack...they are SO delicious!

    Oh and I did Cardio 2 today and I think I know what the switch up is now! Gonna e-mail you!

    1. Hey Helene,

      That's awesome that you too have taken up the Plank Challenge. I am not at 7 minutes yet, that's my goal.

      Great job on Cardio 2, and you got the right answer.

      Stay Strong!

  2. Jillian also skips the jump squats in Circuit 2 of Cardio 3. :) And, in Circuit 2 she switches the jumping front kicks and the other type of front kicks...the irish jig as she likes to call them. So circiut 2 is missing 2 moves and 2 other moves are switched, but she gets it all right in circuit 3. :)

    Great job on your planks!

    I only have 2 more workouts and I'm done with Body Revolution! I can't believe my 12 weeks are almost done!

    1. Hey Rae,

      I knew there was another one she skipped, but I couldn't remember it at the time of writing the post. It is a nice break she gives us all. I thought of skipping Circuit 2 and doing Circuit 3 twice, but then I thought....NO...I deserve a bit of a break...LOL. Maybe I will do that in my last week.

      Great job on having only 2 workouts left...Stay Strong! You'll ROCK them both.


  3. I just did cardio 3 and yes! For some reason circuit 1 feels twice as long as the others even though it's just a couple I moves she misses the second time around. It actually helps me out because when Im through with circuit 1 I know the others will breeze by. Great job on your plank challenge. I have a personal pull up challenge but I may join you.

    1. Hey Catherine,

      I know, I always feel like I should be done after Circuit 1. I always do much better on the Fast Feet in Circuits 2 & 3. I am still Fast-Feet-incompetent in Circuit 1. I don't know what it is, but by the time I get to the next round, I'm fine.

      Stay Strong! And thanks for following!