Thursday, April 26, 2012

Body Revolution Day 74 of 90

Day 74 = Workout 11

This one just does my arms in. I enjoyed it much better than I did on Monday.  Maybe...because I knew what to expect.
Jillian, you didn't bring me to my knees today. I did ALL the Cable Push Ups from my toes. The 3 Part Push Ups,(I called them 3 level push ups, sorry)Whatever Jillian calls them, whatever you or I call them, I don't do them. I told you the other day that I was going to substitute these with the Crow Push Ups as seen in Workout 7, (because of old wrist issues). And that's what I did...loved
it! I believe I was working just as hard as the team in the DVD. If there is a move you do not wish to do, due to past injuries, change it up to something you can do. Just make sure the intensity level is about the same as what Jillian is showing you to do, if not, more. You have to make your workouts enjoyable. Yes...I know some of you are thinking right now, "I do not enjoy working out at all" might not like it at the time, but as soon as you are done, I bet you are like, "Oh yeah, I killed that workout, and look how great I am looking and feeling"...right??? It's ONLY around the 30 minute mark. That's not a long time. You CAN DO IT!
One of the exercises in this one that really kind of sucks...the Weighted Jumping Static Lunges(I think that's what Jillian calls them) I can do them, but they are not so nice.  So this is one of those ones that I am happy to see the last one of.  We also do Weighted Burpees in this workout, they are not so bad, just watch your back with these.
We'll talk more of this workout again next week.  Now let's talk food...

Today's food...
Breakfast: Easy Herbed Yogurt Bread
I enjoyed the bread again that I made the other day.  Only today, I toasted it and spread just a touch of coconut oil on it.  And in the second picture, as you can see I tossed a few raspberries on my plate...

Lunch: Pesto Grilled Cheese Panini
I found this recipe in a Cooking Light recipe book.  It was delicious!  It had grilled red peppers, onions, cheese and a Basil and Walnut Pesto...yum!!!

Snack: Chocolate Almond Butter Banana Freeze
This is SO good!!!!  I will add some recipes either tomorrow or next week for some of these new meals and snacks.  Frozen bananas, almond butter and grated dark chocolate...that's all you need for this. 

Dinner: Chicken Barley Pilaf/Calamari
Leftover clean up.  That's right I ate the Calamari again, only this time I just ate it cold, it was quite nice.  I think I prefer it cold than warm, like I had it last night.  I gave one serving to a parent of one of my daycare kids.  I will try freezing the other serving.

After Dinner Snack:  Dark Chocolate Covered Star Fruit
I thought of these myself.  I bought a Star Fruit the other day along with the Dragon Fruit.  Trying different always a good thing.  I cut the Star Fruit up and then I thought, "How would it taste with chocolate?" I tried it.  They were very good and very easy.  Oh yeah, and I made them fancy.  All you have to do is, melt some dark chocolate, cut the fruit crosswise, then dip into melted chocolate.  I used a transfer sheet to set them on.  You could use parchment paper instead, but then they won't have the fancy design on them.  I then placed them in the fridge to set and then took them off the transfer sheet and put them in an airtight container and placed them back in the fridge.

My Plank Hold Challenge Revolution time...

I told you that Workout 11 does my arms in, and so with that said, my time for today's plank was arms were shaking at 2 minutes...and I mean shaking, but I held on for another minute.  There was NO WAY I would make it past yesterday's time.  I'm okay with that.  I can feel the workouts from earlier in the week in my body now.  The soreness is not nearly as bad as the previous weeks.  Am I not working hard enough????  Of course I am.  Don't you worry...I not slacking off one little bit.  Why would I???  That wouldn't do me any good.  I still have fat to lose, muscle to build and skin to tone and tighten.

This afternoon I found my blog partner asleep on the job, and his sister was no help either...

 Two Cats and a Mouse

Well I must go now.  We finally got our children to clean up the attic tonight and it took a lot longer than I wanted it too(that's why I didn't add any recipes tonight).  But at least it is clean...phew.  I told them if it gets as bad as it was, ALL their stuff will go in the garbage next time...let's hope there is not a next time, for their sake.  OR I will sell all their stuff, and with the money made, I will go to the spa and get another Thai Body Treatment.  I like that idea.

Okay I will get my head out of the spa and into bed now.  Workout 12 again in the morning.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. OMG- I need the recipe for the almond butter banana freeze. I had almond butter and banana for a snack the other day and was so surprised at what a great combination this is. The almond butter banana freeze looks like perfection!! Oh and that panini- YUMM.

    I agree about those static lunge jumps. My legs are burning during these. Longest part of the whole workout!

  2. Yah, I couldn't wait so I googled that delicious looking banana freeze recipe. WOW! I have over-ripe, frozen bananas coming out of my ears. And I now know what to do with them!! THANK YOU!