Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 17 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 17 = Cardio 1

I was SO ready to go back to bed this morning even before started Cardio 1...but I didn't.  I completed Cardio 1 and I was SO ready to go back to bed at 4: 36am...but I didn't.  I wandered around my workout area wondering what workout I should do next.  I realized last week that I had posted that I was going to do Killer Abs on Wednesdays following Cardio, that's not what I should be doing because I do it on Thursdays and I want to give my abs a break, time to recover.  So this morning I walked around like a lost person.  I went upstairs, made breakfast for my husband...insert an Awwww here>>>_______.  I'm such a good wife. LOL  After making his lunch, I carried on and made the kids' lunches for school.  All this done before 5 o'clock this morning.  Feeling more like a CRAZY person than a lost person.  I know many of you would agree that waking up at 4am is just plain CRAZY...some mornings I think so too.  BUT I am committed to my journey and helping my husband on his journey, and that is why I do it. 

And because there is no magic pill...and this picture sums it up quite well...(excuse the foul language)...

A friend on Facebook posted this on her wall today and I just had to share it with you all.  Do the work, that IS the true!

After making the lunches and stuff, I ate another Pumpkin Protein Bar(then I put the rest in the freezer) in hopes that would give me some direction.  It did!

I made my way back downstairs and decided to do Crunch's Fat Burning Dance Party followed by the Pussy Cat Dolls Workout..."Don't Cha wish your girlfriend was HOT like me"...just joking...Don't Cha...LOL.  I did this workout yesterday too but I forgot to mention it.  I only do the first of 3 workouts from the PCD workout.  It's not a huge calorie burn, but it's fun to do, and it's something different.  I filled in my time this morning with dance, dance, dance.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes

I was experimenting again with pancakes and I had a sweet potato in house that I thought would be nice in the recipe I used yesterday for the Pumpkin pancakes.  I changed it slightly and added some protein powder. 

Lunch: Chicken Wrap without a Wrap with Salsa & Cracker Chips

This is my Egg White Wrap with Grilled Chicken and Salsa inside.

Dinner: Meatballs(Lamb) with Onion Bhaji's, Salad and Salsa

I bought some ground lamb on the weekend and decided today I would make meatballs instead of burgers.  I just threw in some spices and some cooked, chopped onions and rolled the mixtures into balls.

Tomorrow it's back to Workout 3, Cardio and Killer Abs for me.  For those of you that are just starting Body Revolution, you will only be doing the one Workout, unless you are on the Kickstart, then you will have Cardio 1 to do as well.  Have fun with it! 

I'm going to bed now so that I am not walking around like a Zombie tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S. Recipes are on their way.

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