Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Body Revolution Day 72 of 90

Day 72 = Workout 12

I just want to start off with something TOTALLY unrelated to Body Revolution, but not unfamiliar to you all.  I F#%King ROCKED my Plank Hold Challenge this morning.  Even after going through Workout 12, which again, is NOT easy on the arms(it's not as bad as Workout 11 though). Oh YEAH!!!!!   Check out this time>>>>>  Once I got past 2:45.0, it was ON...I wasn't giving into the pain...good pain...this time...the challenge was definitely ON for me.  My arms were dead however, when I came out of my plank.  I was listening to the song "Someone Like You" by Adele, but covered by Walk Off the Earth, a band from Burlington, ON.  Anyway, every time Sarah Blackwood(from WOTE) would sing, "...sometimes it hurts instead...", I would think of the hurt that was happening in my body at the time(and Jillian, it was the "good hurt"...like "hurts so good").  I know the song is about moving on from a mate in the past, however I don't think of that when I hear this song, I just really like the song.  I see many people on http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ wanting to get in shape to attract their ex, and hopefully get him/her back, it doesn't work that way.  They have moved on, and SO SHOULD YOU!  Get in shape for YOURSELF!  You are WORTH IT!  The ex IS NOT! 
I like this one more so than Workout 11.  Maybe because I was working my butt and my abs at the same time in this one.  Many of the exercises have been done before in previous workouts or in cardio, just some weights or jump training are added.  Remember on Day 59, when I mentioned Jillian must have gotten some of her moves from the movie, Elf???  Well she has done it again.  Again with the Crab Kicks...this time she does take your hands off the floor...eeekkkkk!!!!  Don't be scared though, we don't really jump kick, but I guess you could if you wanted to, but be careful. 

Here's the clip from the movie Elf again...

I just think this is hilarious.  I saw Cannonballs, Squat Jumps, Crab Kicks, Dancing Crab, High Knees and all other sorts of moves.  LOL

Cicuit 1 starts with a Lat Pull with a One Legged Bridge...NICE!  I used 10's, it wasn't so bad. 
The Tuck to a Sprawl(a Hollow Man) move is fantastic for the abs, it's a good one.  She refers to this one as a Reverse Snow Angel, I could have done these outside this morning.  From those we move onto Alternating Pop Ups, great for the butt.  Are you seeing know WHY I like this one so much???

Circuit 2 starts with Wheel Push Ups...I could do 3 of them and then my arms couldn't move, I was stuck in Wheel for the remainder of the time for this move.  I will try again on Friday.

Circuit 3 starts with move Jillian calls Teaser...Great for the abs AGAIN!!!! 

Circuit 4 starts with Single Leg Squat Jumps...GREAT for the butt AGAIN!!!  Jillian finishes Workout 12 with the move from Elf(just kidding), Dancing Crabs(or am I kidding?) It's a good one!

More about this one on Friday.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Multi-Grain Pancakes with Syrup & Berries
See I told you it would be sooner, rather than later...

I used Agave Syrup instead of honey or maple syrup this morning. 
I think next time I will try the berries with maple syrup or honey as have always used for these pancakes.

So this is what was happening outside when we came out to walk to the school bus stop this morning.
My Chives are in there somewhere.

Lunch: Grilled Halibut with Fresh Berry & Ginger Salsa/Easy Herbed Yogurt Bread
I was going to eat the last serving of Roasted Chicken with Whole Wheat Pasta and Spinach Pesto, but then I looked at the calories and they were too high to enjoy a piece of the Easy Herbed Yogurt Bread along with it.  So I switched it up, I ate the second serving from yesterday's lunch with the bread.

Snack: Easy Herbed Yogurt Bread(as shown above and below)
I gave some to the daycare kids for afternoon snack, so I had another piece of this yummy bread.  It is more like Banana Bread texture.  I may even try the same recipe with bananas next time.  I used a very dark maple syrup and I am wondering if that is why my bread appears darker on top.  It wasn't burnt, just dark and very good.  
 The making of the bread, and the final loaf.
The recipe for this bread is from, Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Cookbook.

Dinner:  Chicken Barley Pilaf
I used the same recipe as the Turkey Barley Pilaf only I used Chicken instead.  Next time I might try using beef.  This is the food I prepared last night, for tonight, as tonight we had to take our daughter to her dance class.  Easy...Heat, Eat and Go!

This was just a good as the Turkey one.  Check out the recipe on Day 49 of 90

So now that the hours of the day are winding down, I am starting to feel Workout 11 in my arms.  I am not SUPER sore like I have been in the previous "first weeks" of the other workouts.  Today's workout-soreness will probably set in overnight.  I just hope my daughter stays in her own bed tonight.  I need a good nights sleep.

I mentioned yesterday I would give you a full time schedule of all the workouts now that I have completed them all.  I still have 18 days to go, but I will be doing the same workouts until the end.

Workout 1 - 32 minutes
Workout 2 - 36 minutes
Workout 3 - 35 minutes
Workout 4 - 34 minutes
Cardio 1 - 26 minutes (1 minutes intervals)
Workout 5 - 36 minutes
Workout 6 - 32 minutes
Workout 7 - 35 minutes
Workout 8 - 34 minutes
Cardio 2 - 32 minutes (30 second intervals)
Workout 9 - 33 minutes
Workout 10-34 minutes
Workout 11-35 minutes
Workout 12-35 minutes
Cardio 3 - 33 minutes (20 second intervals)

So there you go.  There is the run down of the times for ALL the Body Revolution Workouts and Cardio.  Some of them go over by some seconds, but I rounded them down instead of up as most were under the 30 second mark.  All my times were taken from my heart rate monitor.
As far as calories burned, since some have asked...I cannot give you that, as we all will burn differently because of weight, age, fitness level and intensity. 

I just want to congratulate Hannahpta from http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ for taking up my Plank Hold Challenge.  She rocked her starting time...a plank hold for 1:30...AWESOME Hannah!

Also, Kelly, a reader, is going to give the Plank Hold Challenge a try as well.  You will ROCK it too!
Kelly also told me she has been turned onto Next Organics Dark Chocolate Dried Fruits from reading my blog.  She hasn't tried the bananas yet, but someone has, because when I went to buy some more for us and a friend, I couldn't find any more.  They were sold out.  WOW...I didn't know that the whole of Kitchener/Waterloo read my blog...LOL!  We tried the Apricots, they were good, but they were higher in calories per serving than the bananas.  These are really good, but just watch how many you eat at one time.  They can be addictive...Stay Strong!!!!

Tomorrow is back to Cardio 3.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. You are my hero for doing any of the wheel push ups! :) I don't know if it is a mental block or what, but once I got into wheel I could NOT move my arms. I just held wheel. I am going to ask my yoga instructor if she has any thoughts on how to approach this move.

    Great job on your plank challenge. What an amazing time!

    1. Hey Meghan,

      Awww thanks. After I did the first 3, as I said I couldn't move my arms either. I just held wheel too. It's a tough one. Holding in Wheel is tough too.

      Stay Strong!


  2. Me, too!! You inspired me to take on the plank challenge, too. I got to 2 min yesterday, which was awesome. Thanks for posting about this...I think you've started something good across the body revolution community. Awesome!!!

    1. Heyct,

      Great job on your Plank! 2 minutes is FANTASTIC! I'm glad I could help challenge everyone. The Plank Challenge has swept across to Greece too. AWESOME!

      Just Plank It!
      Stay Strong!


  3. Look at you, hot stuff! Way to go on 4+ minutes! I was inspired by you to start my own plank hold challenge. Yesterday after doing workout #6 and Cardio 1 I made it a whole...32 seconds :) It's harder than it looks!

    1. Hi Erin,

      That's great! It's great that you took on the challenge. The next time you try it, you will hold it longer, I'm sure.

      Keep it up!

      Stay Strong!