Saturday, August 25, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 34 of 35

Day 34 = Bum Bum + Sculpt

Today's workout was AWESOME!  I burned a total of 568 calories from the Bum Bum and the Sculpt workouts combined.  I have aced the Capoeira move today, on my final day of the Brazil Butt Lift.  That's not 100% true...I actually aced it the last time I did the Bum Bum workout.  Sculpt's Mermaid...I still need to practice if I want to be like The Little Mermaid, Ariel.>>>This is where I start singing the songs from the movie, and no, there will be NO Vlog of that! LOL  I want to keep my readers/followers/friends and gain more, not scare them away.  Saying that though, when I do the Spinning Vlog, you might catch me belting out a few lines.  So I will start asking for your forgiveness now. 

Look what I got from my husband today.  When we were in Toronto on holiday, I was looking at a new Kleen Kanteen that would fit into my 6Pack Fitness Bag, but I didn't buy it.  Now I don't have to because this is what I got today...
LOVE YOU MATE!  And it fits perfectly in the cooler bag.  I LOVE IT!
This is the 16oz Kleen Kanteen hot/cold flask.  AWESOME!!!

Getting back to the Brazil Butt Lift...I really liked this program.  When I first started it I felt like a bit of a clutz when trying to do the dance moves, but by the end I managed to get through it just fine.  My favourite workout out of all the different workouts in the program would have to be the High & Tight...AKA "My A$$ is SCREAMING".  The moves were great and I could really feel it targeting my problem areas, helping to build and tone the mucles in my "Booty", those new and improved muscles will help burn the rest of the fat off of that area.  The only thing that bothered me about High & Tight was the way the "Booty Band" looked on the girls in the DVD and how mine did not look like that.  Theirs were ALWAYS nice and straight and flat, never rolled AT ALL.  Mine on the other hand, would start out fairly flat and then it would roll and stick and kind of annoy me.  Not that it really mattered because I still got a great workout with it.  Yesterday when I did the High & Tight workout, I was going to take a picture of the band and I forgot.  So today I pulled it out before I started Bum Bum, and had a near death experience.  That's right!  

I worked my "Booty Band" so hard, that it is almost at its death...

I will have to get myself another band for next time.  I do have one that I tried using yesterday but it is of a higher resistance than the one that comes with the Brazil Butt Lift program package.  I could barely get my feet past a shoulder width stance.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Graspberry Jelly & Ricotta Crepe
This was the last of the Jelly for this week.  I may make some more, but this time I will use seedless grapes.

I topped it with some fresh raspberries and a little maple syrup(just a bit).

Snack: Coconut & Fig Granola Bar

I just ate half of it.

Lunch: Edamame Bean & Spiced Grapefruit and Chicken Salad
Cleaning up leftovers again...

Snack: Green Grapes

These grapes were shared by my kids and me.  I'm so glad that they like their fruits and vegetables.  If they see you eating well, then will follow your lead.

Dinner: Cashew and Grilled Chicken Salad

So Good!

Snack: Smart Food Popcorn

So with today being Sexy Saturday, I hope you all feel sexy about how you look and feel inside.  With all the hard work you have been doing, it's impossible for you to feel any other way.  Be Proud.  Be Sexy.  Be YOU.

Tomorrow is my Rest Day.  Planning day for what is to come next week.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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