Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 35 of 35

Day 35 = Rest Day + Last Day of Brazil Butt Lift

In the Brazil Butt Lift program booklet it says I should treat myself to a massage on this day.  That didn't happen.  What did happen though, was...I treated myself to new weights...15lb dumbbells x 2.  So at the end of Brazil Butt Lift, I gained 30 lbs, but in a good way.  These new weights are for my second round of Body Revolution starting a week from tomorrow, September 3rd.  I was going to get two 20lb dumbbells, but I decided to build my way up to those. I was able to curl 25lbs 3 times in the store.  I probably looked like I was showing off, but you have to try before you buy...RIGHT?!?! (BTW, I wasn't showing off, I was showing MYself just what I can do)  I tried the 15's out tonight by doing a few Dead Lifts and some Bicep Curls.

A wrap up of the Brazil Butt Lift - It is a very fun and at the same time, tough workout.  Fun because of the music and the dancing and the way it makes you feel.  The moves make you feel sexy no matter what stage of your journey you are at.  Feel the music and feel what your body can do.  Next time you hit the dance floor, you will have an extra wiggle in your dance moves.  And yes, some of us may still have an extra jiggle, but if we keep working hard, there will be NO jiggle when we wiggle. 

The tough part of this program comes in the High & Tight, Tummy Tuck, Sculpt and the Bum Bum workouts.  Tough because if you push yourself to the next level, any workout will be tough.  It's called a challenge, and that is what we need, to get the results we are looking for.  If a workout is too easy, you will not benefit much from it, so push the UP button.  However, if you are not feeling the greatest, sometimes an easier workout is better than nothing at all.  With all 4 of these workouts, I could always feel the "soreness" in my body the following day, and THAT felt great.  Now in regards to weight loss during this program...for ME...there was much...BUT that's ME.  Others may have great results in the weight loss department.  I am going to try this one again in the winter months and I'm sure I will have different results.  I have already told you that the summer months are much harder for me to see a lower number on the scale.  Speaking of the is something that you should not depend on to show you your results.  Rely on the way you feel, the way your clothes are fitting, the compliments that others are giving you, "By the way, YOU do look great!", the farther distance you were able to run today, the number of pounds you are able to curl now.  There are SO many other ways in which you can measure your progress, so put the scale away.  A friend on had her husband hide the scale so that she would not keep using it.  Great idea!  Some times it can be a very motivating tool and other times it can make you want to give up.  Giving up is not an option!  So if you are one to hop on the scale daily...STOP...put it away, do it on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis if you really need to know.  The only scale you should be using in your house, is your kitchen food scale.  For FOOD!  The best way to see progress is by taking pictures.  I never used to like getting, taking or even looking at pictures of myself.  Now that's a different story.  I NEED to see those pictures to make sure I am staying on my journey's path.  Now sharing those pictures of myself is ANOTHER different story.  I will try and get some more pictures up this week.  You don't have to share your pictures with anyone if you don't want to.  Keep them for yourself as a reminder of just how far you have come.  See where you started your journey with your "Before" pictures and look at the road in which your journey has taken you with progress pictures. Once you have reached your BIG goal of A Healthier Version of YOU, take another picture and be PROUD of what YOU have accomplished.  Don't compare your results with anyone else because everyone is different.  It's okay to have an image in your mind of what you want your body to look like, but because we are all different, don't get down on yourself if you don't look exactly like the girl or guy next door.  You are YOU, and you are beautiful.  Your hard work will pay off and the girl or guy next door will be wanting legs like YOURS.  You will then become an inspiration to them.  Go for it!

Today's food...
Breakfast: Ricotta and Fruit & Fiber Cereal

Snack: Coconut & Fig Granola Bar

I made some Guacamole and some Baked Garlic Pita chips this morning.

Just in time to enjoy some for lunch.

Lunch: Grilled Chicken with Guacamole and Baked Garlic Pita Chips

With some leftover Grilled Chicken, it made for a nice lunch.

Snack: Guacamole and Baked Garlic Pita Chips
I couldn't help myself to have some more for a late afternoon snack after grocery shopping.

Before dinner tonight I began to make the "Best Burger Ever" from the August/September issue of the Clean Eating magazine.  You can't miss it, it is the BIG burger on the front cover.  I mixed them up and put them in the fridge until tomorrow.  I will have pictures of this in tomorrow's post.

Dinner: Grilled Chicken Salad
A light way to end my day.

After dinner, I made up some Walnut & Basil Pesto.  I bought this huge bunch of Basil from the store yesterday and I knew just what I was going to do with it.  I picked up some more walnuts today and I whipped up this taste pesto.  I will definitely be having some of this from lunch tomorrow.
I would like to Thank all my readers/followers/friends of my blog, A Healthier Version of ME and YOU.  As of this morning, my blog has reached over 60,000 page views...Thank you!  You ROCK!  The contest through my Facebook page will happen soon...only 22 more LIKEs and then I will pick the contest winner. All you have to do the be a part of the contest, is go to my page
and LIKE it.  Soon I will be sharing more recipes on the page, as well as here on my blog.  The summer has been busy and I haven't posted very many apologies.  With the fall coming up, you can be sure to find a Pumpkin Pie recipe as well as some ghoulish ideas for Halloween.  I am the Queen of Halloween you know.

I'm back on my bike tomorrow for some cardio.  I may even tape my spinning Vlog tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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