Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 81 & 82 of Round 2 Body Revolution

A recap of yesterday and today...

Day 81 = Workout 11

Yes it happened today!  I was up at 6AM rather than 5:30AM, and had plenty of time to get it done.  I really do love this program, but I kind of have to disagree with Jillian about these last two workouts as being the "hardest ones" in this program.  Yes there are some tough moves in Workouts 11 & 12, but I find that some of the other workouts in the previous weeks have been tougher throughout the entire workout.  Like workout 7 for instance, I will be doing this one again next week as part of my last week.  I am going to mix up next week with some of my favourite Body Revolution workouts.  I found the first time I did BR, that last week of repeating 11 & 12 kind of dragged.  So that is why I am going to mix it up.

Tonight we took our little girl to my Mum and Dad's house for a sleep over.  She has been bugging me to go there since the summer time for an over herself...without her brother.  My son has school tomorrow but she does not.  So tonight would be the perfect night for that.

Once we returned home, I had work to do in my sewing room.  I had to stop and smile at the thought of my little girl enjoying her time at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  She was planning on sleeping in this tent that they have in the one bedroom.  She was so excited about that, and the fact that she didn't have to fight her brother for it.  LOL  "Good night sweetie", I thought to myself with a smile.

Day 82 = Workout 12

Today was the day I was supposed to be going Black Friday Shopping in the United didn't happen, but I knew that  many weeks ago.  I still had the day off from the daycare today, and went out for breakfast and shopping with my husband here in Waterloo, ON CANADA.  As I mentioned above in yesterday's recap, my daughter was at my Mum and Dad's and my son was at school, so it was like a mini vacation.  It was wonderful!

I started my day off with Workout 12 at 6:00 this morning.  I was going to try and get out for a run before I had to get my son up, but by the time I was done and cleaned up my workout gear I ran out of time.  I jumped in the shower and carried on with MY DAY OFF!

My husband and I walked our son to the bus stop and then shortly after we made our way out for breakfast.  KID FREE!  I love my children to death...BUT it's nice to have a break from them once in a while.  Every time we go to a restaurant they argue over which one is going to sit next to me.  It turns a very stressful time. So today, there was none of that.  After breakfast we headed for the mall...again KID FREE...SO VERY nice!  We actually did some Christmas shopping for them.  Just the boring stuff though, well at least to them it will be...CLOTHES...not toys.  It was a nice relaxing day.  After our son came home, we spent some quality LEGO building time together.  Just the 3 of son loved it!  I loved it!  My husband loved it too!  We had a surprise for our son.  He had some birthday money still that was burning a hole in his pocket so we were taking him to Toys R Us, to spend it.  Also to check out some toys for our daughter while she was still away.  My Mum called me this afternoon to let me know that my daughter wanted to stay another night.  Her cousins were at the house and they were staying over tonight and she wanted to stay again too.  That was fine by me.  She would have had a broken heart if we said no.  I know she is having a good time.

Sorry for no recipes the last few days and the missed days with recaps.  As I mentioned the other day, I am busy finding balance again.  Family, Fitness, Health, Work, Eating right, Writing and more work with Maus Wear.  I am also thinking about what to do next with my fitness regime.  I am going to continue with my running as well as mixed up weight training too.  I will keep you posted on what I do.  MAYBE I will get something for Christmas.  If so, that program with begin...after I open it.  LOL.

Today has been a picture less post so far.  Let me see what can I share with you...
While out at the mall shopping we stopped for a break and had some lunch.  I chose a Mango Chicken Curry from Tandori Indian Cuisine.
I felt that this was one of the healthier choices at the mall food court.  

You know how I could tell???
The line ups were non existent.
The lines up at the unhealthy food places were very sad.  
I know that people are busy, but they should not be too busy to make healthy choices.  The time they spent standing in that line was wasted.  Wasted on empty calories, and calories full of bad fats.  They could have stepped to the front of the line at the healthier places, saved time and filled their bodies with good calories, healthy fats and fiber.  I'm not saying that my meal was 100% CLEAN, but I think you may agree that it was better than say, oh, some greasy chicken or some fried riced.  Try and make healthier food choices while out Christmas shopping this holiday season.

Today has felt like a Saturday and with that I must remember that I have cardio to do in the morning.  I want to go out for a run, but the snow has started to fall here tonight and who knows what tomorrow will bring.  I know I can't let that stop me because next Saturday for the Santa Pur-Suit 5K run may be just the same or even worse.  My running shoes that I have may not be the best for these winter conditions, so I may be walking through some of my run, we shall see.  The last thing I want to do is slip and fall and set myself back.  That would SUCK big time!  I have already said that I am doing this run a something fun and to prove to myself that I can do it, plus to get my first race under my belt, my Santa Belt of course.
Santa Pur-
This is my outfit for next Saturday.  Isn't it gorgeous???  At least if it's cold, it will give me an extra layer of clothing, PLUS...I can use the beard as a face warmer.

If you would like to sponsor me in my Santa Pur-suit, you can follow this link...
Thank you for your support.

I am now going to end my day off by putting my feet up and relax for a few minutes before going to bed.  After my workout tomorrow I think I may just go get my nails done.  It has been a while and tomorrow's a girls night's been a while for that too.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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