Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 89 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 89 = Workout 12...I did Workout 6 again

Workout 6 is another great workout.  I think Workouts 6 & 7 will be my go to workouts when I want to mix things up with other workouts in the future.  Don't get me wrong all the Body Revolution workouts are great but these are two of my favourite.

They say bad things usually come in 3's.

#1 - I got my period this morning.  I really wasn't hoping to star in a commercial for "Tampax was there!" for my first 5K race but I guess it's going to happen.

#2 - I pulled something in my neck/shoulder/back area on the left side.  Remember a few weeks ago when I tried moving the table from the daycare up 3 flights of stairs for my son's birthday party, and I pulled something in this same area?  This morning during my workout, I was doing the Lat Pull/Sit Up with 10 pound dumbbells and during the second round, the pain came back.  Thankfully I was almost done with the workout.  Once I got upstairs, I could barely get out of my workout top.  I have been in pain pretty much most of the day.  I won't really affect me in my running, but it just sucks that the pain is there.

#3 - The weather is crap for my first 5K race tomorrow.  So at around 2pm today it began to snow here.  It continued on into the evening, the roads are crap and lots of accidents around because people don't remember how to drive in the snow yet this snowy season.  The first few snow falls always create accidents on the roads.  Anyway, that gets me back to my third point...crap weather.  For me, the person who is slowly coming out of their shell of running in not-so-perfect conditions, I am being christened with everything for my first race.  The weather for tonight is freezing rain and in the morning too.  GREAT!!!! 

Well...with all this going on, it will show me how strong I really am.  I will get through it all.

Tonight I went to pick up my race kit which included my new running clothes for tomorrow's race...
Sorry...I forgot to shave for this one...hehe
At least it will help keep my face warm...I hope.
The hat is a bit on the small size.  I was hoping to wear a toque underneath the Santa hat.  Maybe I'll wear some ear muffs.  I will have more pictures tomorrow.  Once I tried on my suit, I went upstairs to show my husband and kids and this is what happened...
This was the second time my son has sat on Santa's lap.  He has never wanted to go to the mall Santa and I have never pushed it either.  Maybe he knows something we don't.
And this was my daughter's first time on Santa's lap.
is this a little doll from Santa's workshop????
Either way, she is SUPER cute!

I was going to get into today's food, but it is getting late and I must get some rest before tomorrow.  I want to get rid of this shoulder pain.  Hopefully a good night's sleep will help it out.  In regards to my period...well...thankfully I'm will be wearing red tomorrow...sorry.  And with the weather, well...I just hope I don't slip and fall.  If I have to walk at some be it.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Until then...Stay Strong!
Good night

Santa Trina

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