Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 90 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 90 = Cardio 3...not quite

Instead...I ran my very first 5K Race.  It wasn't just your normal 5K race though.  It was the Santa Pur-suit 5K.  There were over 1000 Santa's running the races this morning...1K, 3K or 5K.

In yesterday's post I mentioned about the bad things happening in 3's, and I told you what had happened to me.  Well...good news...I had nothing to worry about with any of them.  I did rip my pants Santa pants!  LOL  I will get to that later.

The snow that had fallen yesterday and overnight made it a very festive event.  I live in Canada, and it's December 1st, there should be a little bit of snow on the ground.

My husband and I and our children arrived at the Stork Family YMCA just after 9am, race time 10am.  There was a sea of Santa's when we entered the building.
We waited inside for a bit so that I did get too cold before the race.  The kids were bundled up, so they were probably boiling.  We made our way outside and waited until they called all the Santa's to the START line.  I followed suit(the red suits of course)and found a spot near the front.  Almost race time.

After the singing of O Canada we had 60 seconds to get ready.  I started my HRM since my heart rate was already going with excitement and got ready to go.  I could see my husband and children but they could not see me.  I put my husband in charge of taking photos of the Santa Sea...
I don't know if I had already passed him at this point or not.

I was on my way with the other 600+ 5K running Santa's.  I am such an emotional sap though.  I was doing one of those silly happy laugh/cry thingys as I started out.  It was just such an AWESOME sight to see all these people dressed up in Santa suits bringing a smile to the onlooker's faces...and I was one of those in both cases.  I was a Santa and an onlooker.  No...I didn't break down in full tears, I'm not THAT bad, but it was a very happy and proud moment for myself.
After making it past the 1K marker, I was warm...very warm.  I think at this point I should not have layered up my clothing as much as I did.  That Santa suit was quite warm over top of my other clothes.  Next time I will know.  Since I was feeling warm, I was also feeling very slow and sluggish, but I think this is where the ripping of the pants happened.  The pants were huge and hanging down in the crotch area.  I guess with my strides, something had to give...BUT I did not know this was happening until I finished the race and was inside, I opened up my jacket and my son pointed and said, "Mummy you ripped your pants".  LOL too funny.  As I was running, other Santa's were losing belts and some were even taking their pants off...LOL.  If I would have realized my had ripped, I may have taken mine off too and then just finished in my new running pants.
During the second K, there were some cars waiting to get through the upcoming rush of Santa runners, but they waited patiently until we all passed by.  As I approached some of the cars, a lady had her hand out her window to "high five" the runners.  I was glad to give her a High Five.  A little encouragement goes a long way.  It brought a smile to her and to me as well.  Before I turned the next corner, I was dreading that it may be colder running down the next stretch of the course.  As I turned that corner I saw a man with his child holding a sign.  This bring in to account one of the "3 Bad things" that happened yesterday.  Many women refer to their period as TOM, Time Of the Month.  Well...this man was holding a sign that read..."Go TOM Go!"  I had to smile at this sign.  How did he know it was that time for me?!?!?! LOL  My thoughts exactly, Go TOM Go!  Anyway, that stretch of the course was not windy and cold and I was in my groove.  I passed the 2K marker and was well on my way.  I felt great, still sluggish, but great.  I was out there and running with the rest of the Santa's.  
As I was running, I felt like there was no one behind me until someone came up and passed by me.  Then I really felt like there was no one behind me.  I passed by a few runners that began to walk or stop to take their Santa pants off.  I knew that I was not the last, but it just felt that way.  The only time I looked back was when I made the last turn onto Fischerhallman Road.  I turned just to confirm that there were still some people behind me...not to be mean to them but rather to give myself a bit of a boost.  I was getting closer to the YMCA and the finish line.  I was almost back, "when, what to my wondering eyes should appear" husband and my daughter along the roadside cheering me on.  He snapped a picture of me, I gave my little girl a High Five and carried on.

They climbed over the hill and were back on the other side at the finish line.

Here, I was reaching to give my son a High Five.  Just before this, I could see the finish line and the timer, so I picked up my pace and finished the race.
My time was 31:30.7

My first 5K race completed and still smiling.
As you can see I wore my earmuffs because the hat barely covered my ears.  The earmuffs doubled up as head phones plugged into my iPhone.  
I know I look like a goof, but I DON'T CARE! I had a great time today!

I must cut this off now because I am going out tonight.  WooHoo!  The kids are being watched and my husband and I are going out.  This doesn't happen that often.  Tomorrow is my Rest Day and my planning day, to plan was is coming up next.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Have a great night!


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