Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Day After Day 90 of Round 2 Body Revolution

The Day After = Rest Day and Planning on the next part of my journey.

So this "Day After" post is not going to be like the one after Round 1 of Body Revolution.  There will be no pictures of Before and After, no weights or measurement comparisons.  I am about the same as when I started, and that's okay.  You all know that after about a month into Round 2, I came down with a nasty cold that hung around for about a month or so.  Energy levels were down and my eating was not on track as it usually is/was.  Even though I did not hit my goal weight by the end of these 90 days, I am still proud that I stayed on track and did not lose sight of my journey to A Healthier Version of Me.  My journey just got delayed a bit and I hit a plateau.  We all hit plateaus in life, and we just need to work hard and stay focused on ours goals to break through them.  I can feel that my body is ready to change again.  I just need to get a massage and get my neck/shoulder/back on the left side back to normal.  I will not let that stop me though, I will just be smart of the weight that I use until I get straightened out.  It has gotten much better since last Friday, but it's still not 100%.  I will get to more of my plans for what is coming up after I tell you about my night out last evening...

My Rest Day was called for after a late night out last night.  A very much needed night out.  My husband and        I went out to a Christmas party given by the band, The Wormwood Scrubs.  A local band and friends of ours ready to hit the BIG time.  They released their second album this year titled, Now Dig This!!

Check out their Facebook page and give them a LIKE...
On Twitter @WWScrubscanada
Check them out!!!!

We met up with our friends and had a great time.  My husband told me on the way there, not to let him drink too much, because he knew he would be paying for it today.  So last night I told him that he should not have anymore to drink and he just laughed at me.  I didn't really care or get mad because I knew that he was the one that was going to suffer today.  I drank WATER all night and that was fine by me.  Since we didn't get to bed until after 2am, we needed sleep this morning and sleep we got.  However, it was broken sleep as our children, well our daughter decided to shout at us to wake up and then she decided, coaxed on by her brother, to jump on our bed.  That got us up, well me anyway.

Anyway, we had a blast last night.  Laughing with great friends and listening to great music...

Thanks for the fantastic Christmas party boys.  I wish you much success in the New Year!
Last night when we were at Maxwell's Music House it reminded of the movie that I just recently watched a number of times...Rock of Ages.  The young lads of the WWScrubs were up on stage singing and playing their hearts out.  Doing what they love to do and having a great time doing it, with their fans, friends and family cheering them on.  While we were there, it made me think of my son watching that movie last week...him with no shirt on shouting..."I wanna Rock!...ROCK!"
The WormWood Scrubs...You ROCKED last night!

Alright...getting back to what is next for me and my own journey.  I think for the month of December, I am going to mix things up a bit in regards to my workouts.  My body is ready for another change, it's time to break through this plateau that I have been riding on.  I am going to continue with my running when I can.  Even though I completed my first 5K race yesterday, I still have not completed the C25K program App on my phone.  I don't like leaving things unfinished, so I will complete the 4 runs that I need to do in order for Sergeant Block's approval.  Yesterday afternoon I downloaded the app for the 5to10K program.  Hopefully it won't take me over a year to get this one done. LOL.  
I am hoping to get a new workout program from Santa this year to start at the beginning of 2013 or maybe right after I open it.  Even if I don't get something new from Santa, I have plenty to chose from right here in my own home gym workout library.   I know I won't be able to start my Christmas day with a workout(do you really think MY children are going to wait for Mummy to finish her workout before they open up their presents????) I don't think so!  So I will get something done while my husband is cooking Christmas dinner.  That's right ladies and gentleman...he has taken it upon himself to cook Christmas dinner.  He has done this for the past few years and it's always SUPER delicious.  I just wish everyday was Christmas...LOL.

Maybe I should write a letter to Santa and ask him for a new workout program...maybe that would work?!?!?!?

It would go something like this...

Dear Santa, 

I have been very good this year and will be even better next year.  For Christmas this year I would like a NEW workout program, for example...Les Mills Pump or TapOut XT or Zumba or Peak Fitness or anything that I don't already own.  I would also like a new pair of Nike Lunar Eclipse running shoes too, size 8.

P.S. I will leave you some healthy cookies, a big glass of water and some good chocolate for you to enjoy.  Well the chocolate may be gone before you get there, so I will put some extra cookies out.

Do you think that will work???

Well tomorrow is Monday and the start to a new week.  I will decided in the morning what I will be doing for my workout.  It's a toss up between 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30.  I have both of these workouts purchased through iTunes so I can load them on my iPhone and do them pretty much anywhere.  I did this last year so that I could keep up my workouts while on holiday in the summer.  I took a few weights with me and continued my workouts whether I was camping outdoors or staying in a hotel.  NO EXCUSES!  I might even combine the two programs.  Day 1 30DS, Day 2 Ri30, Day 3 Cardio of some sort, Day 4 back to 30DS and so on.  Variety is the spice of life they say.  I will keep you updated on what it is that I am doing each day...starting tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S. Make sure you check out The WormWood Scrubs.  Their CDs would make great Christmas presents for the music lover on your list.

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