Monday, May 7, 2012

Body Revolution Day 85 of 90

Day 85 = Workout 11

I will feel like a broken record if I keep talking about this workout.  Today was the 3rd Monday for it. 
I used a 10 lb dumbbell for the Reverse Squat(this was me pushing the UP button again).  I continued with the 8lb dumbbells for the Plank Tricep Kickbacks. 
As I mentioned during the first week of Phase 3, the 3 Part Push Ups, I am still substituting them with the Crow Push Ups.  I don't want to injure my wrists so I am sticking with the Crows.  Don't worry I am working just as hard, if not harder.  Remember LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  When I was still teaching spin classes, I would always tell my participants, "If I am saying GO, GO, GO but your body is saying NO, NO, NO...listen to your body".  Take a break or modify or change it so that you don't get hurt and once your body is ready to go...PUSH IT!  Challenge yourself!

Today's food...
Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with Cinnamon & Almonds

I went way back to the beginning for this morning's breakfast.  This one here is part of the 7-Day Kickstart Meal Plan.  When I first started, Plain Greek yogurt was not one of my favourite things to I have no issues with it at all.  I know many others felt the same way as I did, I hope you all have grown to like Greek yogurt too.

Lunch: Baked Cod with Baby Carrots
I had a piece of Cod that needed to be used up PRONTO.  So I threw it on a pan, sprinkled it with a bit salt, pepper and smoked paprika.  Baked it at 350F for about 20 minutes or so, then I turned the oven up to grill and grilled it for about 4-6 minutes.
                                    Another quick meal that was absolutely delicious!

Snack: Hummus with Veggies/Guacamole
Can you see the pattern forming of today's food?  This one too is from the 7-Day Kickstart Meal Plan(except for the Guacamole).  I need a bit of a detox.  Since the week of our friends' wedding I have been choosing some sweeter foods(chocolate snacks) still healthy, but just too much I think.  Plus, the bread that I purchased the last 2 shopping trips needs to leave my body.  Also, with trying out new snack recipes each day, I am finding I have too many on I must stop making some for a few days.  I had Guacamole in the fridge that needed to be eaten too...what to do, what to do???  The hummus that I made up this morning before my work day started, is a Herbed Hummus, from a cookbook that I have. 

It takes ALL of 7 minutes!!!!

Ready in 7 minutes
1 garlic clove, peeled
1 (16-ounce) can chickpeas(garbanzo beans), rinsed and drained
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp water
2 tbsp fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves(I used about a tsp of dried parsley, as  didn't have enough in my Secret garden)
2 tsp tahini paste(roasted sesame seed paste)
1/4 tsp smoked paprika

ONE: Drop the garlic clove through the food chute with food processor on; process until minced.  Add chickpeas and remaining ingredients; process until smooth, scraping sides of bowl once.  This recipes makes 10 servings(serving size 2 tbsp).

For nutrition facts enter YOUR ingredients into a recipe calorie calculator.  Check out if you don't use one yet.

Dinner:  Churkey Chili
I made this up yesterday, so that today it would be...Oh So Tasty!  I named it Churkey Chili because I used extra lean ground chicken and extra lean ground turkey.

And it was...Oh So Good!  I will be freezing the rest of it for future days.  This was not part of the 7-Day Kickstart, but I only decided this morning, that I would eat some meals from that meal plan.  As I said, I made the chili up yesterday, so that is what I ate for dinner tonight.

Since this Phase has an extra week in it, I am one week closer to P.I.T.A time.  So that would explain the puffy-yucky-feelings I am feeling.  Over the weekend I felt really...uuuggghhhh...and I was thinking..."oh MY, I am one week away from taking "After-Body Revolution" pictures.  Another reason why I wanted to buckle down on my CLEAN EATING.  It's not that I have been over eating, it's just some days I may have had more sodium or natural sugars, both which can mess you up.  So this last week of Body Revolution, I am going to Rock it! 

Just like I ROCKED my Plank Hold Challenge Revolution today...

I should mention this was done POST Workout 11...Remember this is that workout is tough on the arms because of all the plank style moves.

My time...5:07.3  WOW!!!  I even impressed myself this morning.  My arms started to shake at around the 3:30.0 mark.  But I held strong, and held it, and BEAT my Friday's time of 5:03.5.  WICKED!!!!

So this is my time to beat now. 
We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. I can't believe you're using 8 lb dumbbells for the tricep kickbacks. My tricep isn't the part that gives me trouble - it's my stabilizing arm holding me up. I think I'll try to push the up button next week (my last week!) just to see if I can do it with an 8lb dumbbell. Also, those 3 part pushups are insane. My husband is in the army and does pushups so gracefully and he could only do those on his knees! I have trouble with the bounce between the 3 parts... it's like I CANNOT get my arms to move because they know I'll fall flat on the ground. I love reading your blog - so inspiring and you're a week ahead of me so it always gives me a little heads up! :)

    1. Hey April,

      Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me.

      In regards to the tricep kick backs, make sure you don't hurt yourself. I started with 5's and then I became stronger and the 5's didn't seem to be doing much for me.
      Yeah...and those 3 Part Push Ups, I never really tried them from my knees, they just hurt my wrists too much. Maybe I will try one tomorrow in my last go of Workout 11. I will let you know tomorrow if I did them or stuck with the Crow Push Ups.

      Stay Strong!