Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shed & Shred

May 24, 2012

This morning I chose to Shed & Shred, with Jillian as my workout for today, Extreme Shed & Shred.   I just did Level 1 as I was slow to start this morning and didn't have time to do both Levels.  It's a good workout!  If you have done Body Revolution, you can do this one.  You will see some of the same moves, and some new ones too.  Level 1, you will only need weights for a few of the exercises...Lunge Chops, Good Mornings and one or two more.
I know I went off my schedule of KickBox FastFix but I just felt I needed something more.  As I mentioned yesterday, I was feeling a little bit soft.  Plus, I had a pain in my right arm, which could have been caused by sleeping on it wrong OR it was a hint to get back to the weights. After about 5 minutes of this workout, the pain in my arm was gone.  KickBox FastFix is great for a quick cardio workout, but I have missed the weight training that I had been spoiled with over the 90 days of Body Revolution.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Steel-Cut Oats with Berries
Raspberries of course.  I picked up some beautiful raspberries last night at the store, I just had to have them today.
Don't they look Delicious???

Lunch: Baked Tilapia Topped with Cantaloupe Salsa served with Asparagus Spears

The Cantaloupe Salsa is so nice on top of the Tilapia. 

I never thought I would like these different types of Salsas that I have been making up.  This one, and the Pineapple-Mint Salsa, I have really enjoyed them both very much.  The Cantaloupe Salsa had been put in  the freezer, I  defrosted it, and it was just as good as it was fresh.

Snack: Colourful Clean Sugar Cookies
I made these for the kids today...

These were really fun for the kids!

I found a refrigerator cookie recipe and cleaned it up.  I will post this recipe another day, with pictures of the Making of Them.

Dinner: Sirloin Burger Topped with Onion Crunch and Sweet Corn & Carrots/Slice of Potato Chive Bread 

I didn't really feel like cooking tonight, so I made my husband fire up the grill. 
These burgers were nice and lean, and very good.

My husband and I and the kids, went out for a short walk after dinner tonight. 

Post-Walk and After Dinner Snack: Poppers and Roasted Red Pepper Dip
Just a little after dinner snack to help bring my calories up.

I haven't forgotten about all of you out there who took up the Plank Hold Challenge. 

I hope you are all doing your best and meeting the goals you set for yourself.  I hit my goal of Lucky 7 minutes, but I will be starting up again soon.  I love doing Side Planks, so I may challenge myself with those.  I want to get into my next workout program first and see how that goes before I start.  Keep rocking those planks!
This past week and a half since I completed Body Revolution, it has been a bit of a break for me.  I haven't felt the muscle soreness that I did with BR.  I am looking forward starting next week's new program, RushFit.  I will be starting with the Beginners Training Schedule.  I have it all planned in my iPhone and will be ready to begin on Monday morning.

Have you all been busy making up the Graham Crackers and the Marshmallows???

With the second batch of Marshmallows I made(the ones with no syrup), I used them for the making of a Fruit & Nut Bar...

I just melted some Coconut oil in a pot, threw in the Marshmallows, stirred them over a low-medium heat until smooth.  Removed from heat and stirred in Large Oat Flakes, Dried Cranberries and chopped Almonds.  Let them set, cut them into bars and then wrapped them individually in plastic wrap.  I will work out the calories of these tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. Weights make a huge difference, don't you think? Those rainbow cookies look crazy. I think my kids would love them. I'll have to give them a shot.

  2. I would really LOVE that sugar cookie recipe!!