Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Something New...

I know it has been a while, yet again, but I am still here. 

 My Half Marathon training is still on...well it's back on.  I took last week off to make a special gift for a special couple for their wedding.  I spent countless evening and early morning hours working on a queen size quilt for the couple.  I am happy to report that I got it done at 1:13pm on Saturday...the wedding was taking place at 2pm that afternoon.  I ran upstairs, jumped in the shower, threw on a dress and was out the door in a flash.  I just hope I didn't leave any pins in it.  LOL 

 The groom told me that I could have delivered the gift a week later. NO, NO, NO...that is not how I work.  It was a challenge that I set out for myself and I HAD to complete it on time.  I had fun making it and I hope they enjoy it just as much.  I loved it!  But I was very tired.

 So because I hadn't run in just over a week, I felt sluggish last night when I went out for my run.  But the main thing is that I got out and it felt great being out there on the road again.  And to help with getting me out there, I had my husband drop me off somewhere in the city and I had to run home from the drop off point.  I had to drop something off at a friends' home and I thought why not run from the halfway point.  It would have been too late if I would have run from the home that was located in Kitchener.  Maybe another day when it's not so late in the evening.  So from the plaza at Bridgeport and Weber in Waterloo to my home is approximately 8km.  I don't really like running through the city just because of the stoppage at street lights, but I did not have to stop once last night.  I try to watch the lights and time them so that I don't have to wait.  Yes, there were a few spots where I crossed the road before or after the lights when there was no traffic, so it didn't interrupt my run. 

 I like the idea of the "Drop Off".  I am getting bored of running in the area of where I live, so it's nice to change it up and with the "drop off", there are NO EXCUSES for getting out there to run.  If I want to get back home, I MUST run.  Yes I could walk, but what's the point???  I'm out there to run, so RUN I will.

 I must increase my mileage to prepare for the half marathon that is just 19 days from now.  Yes I have already run 21km during my training, but that was at the beginning of September and now I have to build again so that I feel awesome when I cross that finish line in Toronto, ON, on the 20th of this month.  I'm not in it to win it, I'm in it to prove to myself that I can do it.  I know I can do it, because as I said I did do it, on the 7th of September I ran 21km.  So I guess I'm in it to get the recognition of doing it and experiencing the atmosphere of being in the event itself, plus, I hope to better my time a little(or a lot), I'll take either one.

 I had restarted Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and was starting on weeks 7 & 8 last week, but I only did Workout 7 on Monday morning and then the late night quilt making sessions began and that was the end of the early morning workouts.  I know...shame, shame.  What happened to NO EXCUSES?!?!?!  Well lack of sleep and working out with weights don't work too well together.  After last night's run and a good night sleep, I think I have finally caught up on my sleep and hope to resume some strength training workouts again in the morning.

 Now getting to the "Something New".  As some of you may know I have my own little business called Maus Wear.  Maus Wear is hand made gear for babies, toddlers and BEYOND.  And the "NEW" is where the BEYOND is shining through now.  Maus Wear is all about cool gear for cool kids and their parents.  When I first started, I began with making bibs, blankets, burp cloths and aprons.  After my daughter was born, I began making dresses and also started carrying a line of super cool onesies and t-shirts.  Now some of Maus Wear's prints got some turned up noses and some nasty comments, but those same prints were also loved by many.  The prints that I am referring to are the ones with skulls on them.  I have always joked that Maus Wear started the trend of skulls on babies clothing.  When I started with the skulls, there was nothing else but teddy bears and bunny rabbits.  Maus Wear changed all that.  I have heard such comments as, "Who would put that on a baby?", "That's awful!", "You shouldn't make things like that.", and one man told me, "You should go to church." LOL  Well I listened to all the comments made about my products and just kept on doing what I do best...creating cool products for the cool people out there in the world.  Since starting my Home Daycare I haven't spent too much time sewing things for Maus Wear.  I have missed it.  My sewing room is my happy place. 

Yes, sometimes it is invaded by my two children(only one shown in the above picture), and then all HELL breaks loose, but for the most part it is my space, my time.  Okay, okay..."why am I telling you all this?" you might be thinking.  Well since I started working out I have always tried to find cool workout gear.  In the past year I have found some cool workout pants here and there and then I thought why not get them closer than here.  I am doing what I do best and that is sew and create cool gear.  Maus Wear puts the FUN in functional!  The last few weeks(well before the mad quilt making week), I have been in the trial stages and testing out different fabrics, styles and sizes. 

I have tested some out on the road and trails with my running, and sold my first pair over a week ago. 

So good news for you is that if you like crazy cool gear, stick with me and in the weeks to come I will show you some cool stuff.  Beginning with these...
The Instagram picture compliments of the @CocktailDeeva.com

If interested in ordering shorts, 3/4 length or full length workout pants, email me at phatsoslim.staystrong@gmail.com

I will be posting more pictures in the weeks to come.  More cool prints and the different styles available.

We train hard, so we might as well be seen crossing the finish line or lifting your personal best or getting into that most difficult yoga pose that you have been trying to do for the past month.  With Maus Wear workout gear, people will notice.
Here's a picture of my full length running pants worn while learn how to tap dance. 
That's right!  I have tap shoes and I will learn how to use them!
I don't know if I will be posting any of my tap dancing skills anytime soon, but you will see more cool workout pants by Maus Wear.
Until then...Stay Strong!
Good night

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