Friday, February 24, 2012

Body Revolution Day 12 of 90

Day 12 = Workout 2

Today was a good day but with one glitch...actually two glitches.
I shall start with the second one first.  I started to write my blog on my iPhone earlier and was nearing the end of it.  I went to check something on my phone to add to the blog, and I lost everything that I had already written. F#$kkkk!!!  It was a good one too.  Now, I am sitting here trying to trying to remember how everything was worded in the original one.  Blahhh!!!

Okay here comes the first one...

Yesterday I got a call from the store that I bought my HRM(Heart Rate Monitor) from, telling me that they got the replacement strap in.  YAY!!!!  So last night I went to pick it up, looking forward to using it this morning.  I had been without it for about almost a month, and I missed having it.  I had used my Suunto M4 HRM( almost everyday for 8 months.  Since I was bigger when I first bought the HRM, the elastic strap had kind of stretched out in a few spots.  That wasn't the problem though.  A few days before I ordered Body Revolution, I had just finished my spin and took the strap off, and noticed that the little clip snapped off.  F#$kkkkk!!!  I took it in to the store, as it was still under warranty, and they sent it out and replaced the strap with a brand new one...YAY!!!  I was SO hoping to get it back before I started the Revolution, so that I could get an accurate calorie burn count.  But I didn't.  But better late than never...right?  So I was excited that I had it this morning for Workout 2.  Stay with me...the first glitch of the day is coming up...

Since today was my last day doing Workout 2, I decided to turn it up a notch.  I used 8 lb weights for most of the weighted exercises and raised my legs for the pelvic thrusts(I haven't tried them with resistance band yet).  I only used one 8lb weight for the 'Good Mornings', and not two, like Omar does in the workout.  I am looking forward to moving on to Workouts 3 and 4 next week.  

Okay here it HRM is so smart that it tells me things.  For example, it will let me know how long my workouts should be to help me reached my goal, if I should push a little harder to get my heart rate up and best of all(or maybe not the best) when I first got it, it told me that I was OBESE...gee thanks.  Anyway...I had put it on this morning before starting Workout 2.  After about 20 minutes I noticed that the arrow wasn't showing on the watch to let me know if I should be going higher or lower.   Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!  I forgot to hit the start button.   F#$kkk!!!  I was so pissed at myself.  I then hit the start button and kept working out as I was almost done.  Once I was finished the workout, I hit the stop button.  At least I was able to get an idea of what I burned.  My watch logged about 14 minutes of my workout.  In that time I burned 99 calories.  So I wasn't that far off of my log in(222) calorie burns for the past 2 weeks.    I said my HRM tells me things, it doesn't really speak, because if it did, it would have said, "hit the start button, you cotton-headed-ninny-muggins".  Plus, it no longer tells me that I am OBESE, it now just tells me I'm OVERWEIGHT...LOL.  Not for long though.  I am only about 4.7 lbs away from being told I am in the HEALTHY weight range on the BMI chart.  WooHoo!!!!  I am over the halfway point to my goal.  My goal was to lose 62.2 lbs and so far I have lost 33.  In 9 months I have gone from an OBESE person to an almost HEALTHY weight person.  I didn't get to this place without hard work.  I worked hard because I am worth it and I deserve it.  I put my mind to my goals, and I am succeeding.  And so can you!

Today's meals...

Breakfast-Greek Yogurt Cup with Quinoa Crunch and Berries

Greek Yogurt Cup w Quinoa Crunch & Raspberries
Lunch-Salmon Fillet with Green and Yellow Beans

Snack-Baked Garlic Pita Chips(2 servings)

Dinner-Roasted Chicken(4oz) with Grilled Veggie Kebab and a Spinach Salad with Egg

Okay so I got through this without deleting it a second time.  Phewww! 

Tomorrow is Cardio 1 for me. 

Until then...good night.

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