Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Body Revolution Day 38 of 90

Day 38 = Cardio 2

I was very tired this morning. My daughter came into our bed again last night. When she does she nestles right into my back...I love it, but it only gives me about a foot of bed to sleep on, I can't even sprawl out or roll over. Oh happens!
Cardio 2...I have mentioned the Burpees and some of you got scared. DON'T! Just like the Triceps, don't be afraid of anything. You can and will do them. This morning I did you all a favor. I counted out how many Burpees they do in each circuit. I counted the first circuit...13. So then I counted down from 13 in circuit 2...guess what??? They don't do that many in the next two circuits. After I had completed Cardio 2, I back tracked so that I could watch and count them out for you. This is what I got...Circuit #1-12, Circuit #2-9 and Circuit #3-8, so that's is a total of 29 Burpees.  Now this is what they do on the DVD, it doesn't mean you can't do MORE or LESS.  Like I said, in the first circuit I did and I thought they did 13 of them.  So you, WE can DO THIS!  Jillian is great but I have to plug my ears when I am doing the Circle Runs.  Last week when I did this I was unaware of what she would talk about throughout the workout.  In the second circuit, she talks about working hard that it will make you want to throw up...ugghhhh...blahhh...that just grosses me out.  I am only going to mention this once because it makes me want to get sick just typing it.(sorry if I have grossed any of you out, but I just thought I would warn you)  So after doing Cardio 2 the first time, I decided that the next time I had to do it, I would plugged my ears...and it worked.  I know it might be silly but at least it gets me through the workout. 
Back to Workout 5 tomorrow.

Today when I logged onto, a post came up to say that I have logged on 300 days. So I thought these photos would be appropriate for today...

"Prepare for Glory!"  And that is what we are doing.  We are getting our bodies ready for the glorious 'healthy' days ahead of ALL of us.  Whether you just joined MFP or you have logged in for 3, 30 or more than 300 days, the point is, that you have started your own journey to becoming a "Healthier Version of YOU", and that is what is important.  I'm just glad that I started 300 days ago, and that I can help others focus on their goals.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Turkey Sausage with Poached Eggs and Sweet Potato Hash
Leftovers AGAIN.  This time I remembered to make the poached egg.  This breakfast, beside the egg, that was made fresh, was frozen from the last time I had it.  It tasted just as I had made fresh.  So freeze any leftovers you have.

Lunch: Green Bean Salad with Shrimp
I thought I would try something different today.  Instead of tomato, I used blackberries.  I prefer it with the tomato.

Snack: Chocolate Cinnamon Frozen Banana Pops I had another one.  I told you I would let you know how they freeze.  I made this batch on Day 23, and it is now Day 38 and they are still in great shape, except that there is ONLY 1 left.

The banana has not turned brown as you can see from the picture, and it tasted WONDERFUL!

Dinner: Grilled Lamb Skewers with Plums

This dinner was good but I think I would have preferred it with some vegetables.  I didn't make the soup that is suggested to have with this meal, so I had about a 1/4 extra serving.  I think next time I will grill some peppers and zucchini along with the lamb and plums.

This afternoon when the daycare kids were napping, I started to make Chocolate-Covered Carrot Cake Pops.  They sound sinful don't they???  I found the recipe in the Clean Eating Magazine Issue January/February 2012.  You could probably still back order this issue if you wanted.  I made these, because tomorrow I have another birthday to celebrate in the daycare.  I think the kids will love them.  The only problem is they are not really POPS...after I started making them I realized I didn't have any lollipop sticks in the house.  Oh well, I'm sure the kids will still eat them.
In the magazine it states that the recipe makes 24, calories per pop is 190.  I was able to make 28 pops from the recipe.  I will calculate the calories tomorrow and decide whether or not to use the leftover one for my snacks.  They should freeze well.  If they are in the snack calorie range, I will share the recipe and share pictures(I don't want to tempt anyone with something that we should not be eating).

Well I'm going to chill out for a little bit and then get my butt in bed.  Let's hope my little girl stays in her own bed tonight.

Tomorrow is pancake Thursday...WooHoo!!!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night.


  1. Trina - let me just say that YOU ROCK!! I'm going to logged the # of burpees for 2 weeks from now when I start cardio 2. It really does help to count out so you know how far you have to go...

    Food looks awesome. I'm going to make the banana pops when I get back in town. I think my kids will snarf them up before I get too many :)

    Congrats on 300 days!!!

  2. Those lamb skewers look delicious. I haven't tried them yet. Maybe next week!

  3. Hi,
    I am doing BR as well as the eating plan. I notice that you are motifying some/most of the meals. I was wondering how many calories you are taking in each day? I am on day 19 so far and loving it.. following you is awesome!

    1. Hi singlovedance,

      Thanks for following. My calories per day are anywhere between 1050-1300. I back tracked to see what my calories were since starting BR and that was the range. The food I eat is "full" calories and not "empty" calories. Some might say I'm not eating enough, but I am eating well and the food is very satisfying.

      Take care and Stay Strong.