Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Body Revolution Day 52 of 90

Day 52 = Cardio 2

So.....I gained 4+lbs this morning...

NOT REALLY!  That would have been a good April Fool's Day joke. 

All joking aside.  I did gain 4+lbs this morning during Cardio 2.  For the first 3 moves I grabbed my 4lb dumbbells(one in each hand) and did the cardio moves with weights.  For the rest of the moves with exception to the Burpees, I used a 2 lb dumbbell in each hand.  So the extra weight that I put on this morning, I was able to take it right back off when I was done with Cardio 2.

Remember you don't have to use weights in the Cardio workouts, that's just my own UP button version.

One more time with Cardio 2 on Saturday, and I will be moving on to Cardio 3 in Phase 3.  Looking forward to it.

I had a comment/question from a friend, Erika, on Facebook, she asked me how much more weight I wanted to lose???...I want to be in the mid range the "Healthy" range of my Body Mass Index, which would be around 130-135lbs, so I have about 20lbs to go. I will watch how I am feeling and looking, and if I think that will be too low, I may raise it to 135-140lbs.  I'll see.  Then it's maintenance time!!!  That will probably be harder than losing the weight. 
I had another friend, Jennie, from MFP ask about how much toning I have noticed from doing Body Revolution???...My arms have certainly toned up QUITE a bit, there is still room for improvement though.  She was concerned with the butt and thigh area...AREN'T WE ALL???  I have noticed my quads are looking really good, BUT, it's the butt and hamstring areas that I need to lose more fat from, before the real toning, that I know is already there, can be seen by others.  And it will happen, I'm sure of it!  I will make it happen!

I saw a glance into my future this morning too.   I stepped on the scale and one of the readings read in the 140's, but most of the others were still around the last weight I have kept my weigh-in log the same for now.  Maybe by the weekend I will be under 150lbs...that is MUCH better than Easter Chocolate. 
Speaking of chocolate...I bought some more last night.  Since everyone will be eating chocolate this weekend, I thought I would make some healthy chocolate treats for me and my family to enjoy.  I bought Lindt 70% Dark Couverture Chocolate and  Valrhona Organic and Fairtrade "Andoa Noire". Not sure what I will make yet though. I will look over some recipes and let you know.  Sorry you won't get any samples to try, only pictures.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Whole-Grain Toast with Soft Cheese Spread & Raspberries
I have had this before and you have seen this before, but not like, I mashed the raspberries before I put them on the toast. 

Lunch: Roasted Salmon with Pepita & Cumin Seed Crust served with Creamy Chive & Onion Sweet Potato Mash with Pecan Topping
The salmon recipe is from the Fat Burning Meal Plan recipe book, and the Sweet Potato Mash is from a recipe book, Inspired, put out by Sobey's grocery store here in Canada.

I have made the salmon before but I didn't have any ground cardamon last time.  Since then, I bought some and wish I hadn't.  After tasting the salmon, I didn't really care for the taste of the cardamon very much.  Maybe I used just a bit too much and too little cumin.  I made 2 servings of this meal so I will freeze the other one to eat again next week.

Snack: Meyer Lemon Bars
I thought I was the only one in the house that liked these, so I put the rest of them in the fridge.  My husband ask me, "Why did you put  them in the fridge, they tasted better at room temperature".  I then told him to take them back out.  He said he had been snacking on them after work.  The kids didn't like these very much.  I think they may have been a little too tart for them.  That's okay though...they enjoyed the other snack I made today...Cinnamon Pita Crackers.  Both these snacks are from the Clean Eating magazine April/May issue.
Dinner: Mediterranean Lamb Burger on a Whole Wheat Bun
Tonight was swimming for the kids so it was leftovers again.  I decided to change things up by having the lamb burger on a bun tonight.  I used some of the dressing from the Creamy Cucumber & Yogurt Salad, and topped it off with 4 slices of cucumber.


Well I am going to leave you with this delicious burger. 

I am tired today.  I always find when we go to swimming lessons, I feel drained when we leave there.  It's so hot everywhere in the pool area and up in the viewing wipes me out more than my workouts...LOL

Tomorrow it's back to Workout 7

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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  1. I'm really looking forward to hearing what you think about phase 3. Two more weeks and I'll be there too!