Friday, April 6, 2012

Body Revolution Day 54 of 90

Day 54 = Workout 8

I was up at 5:45am, ready to workout by 6am. Remember today is Cleaning Revolution Day 1 of (hopefully) 2, in my home.

In Workout 8, there is a move with the resistance cable that I just don't feel anything really. It's the Seated Bicycle with Biceps<<I'm not sure if that's what Jillian calls them.  Anyway, I wrap the cable around my feet 3 times and I just don't feel like it's doing anything for me.  But it must be!  Maybe it's because I AM SO STRONG NOW!

In this workout, the move that I love is, none other than Weighted Warrior 3 pose. After doing this one the first time, and thinking my arms were going to fall off, I thought this one SUCKS! How things change, eh? This one is so challenging.  After completing it, you feel like someone should be there to congratulate you for holding the pose. Just pretend that I will be the one shaking your hand, and waving the happy flags. You DID IT! WooHoo! Another favorite is the "Suicide Runs". My tip for these, as I said way back at the start, during Cardio 1...count down from about 25 in this workout.(in Cardio 1 it's from about 23-24) Plus, you only have to do them once in this workout.

Today felt like a Saturday.  I had to remind myself to do Workout 8 instead of Cardio 2.  Ahhh...I LOVE long weekends.  With starting the day off so early, we got a lot accomplished around the house today.  I was hoping the Cleaning Revolution would ONLY be 1 day, but the Mess Makers, did just that...make more of a mess. 

This is my daughter's room. 
She told me she cleaned it up...this is what she was doing instead...dress up time!

However, I finally got our bedroom looking like a bedroom again, instead of a dumping ground for clean clothes that get folded, but never put away.  Then my daughter uses it as a closet, and she changes her clothes about 50 times a day.  Plus, she always has to match, from her hairband right down to her underwear and socks.  Tomorrow after my last day of Cardio 2, I will start to clean out my closets and drawers.  I have lots of clothes that don't fit anymore...YAY!!!! I will donate them. 
Enough about my messy home...let's talk FOOD!  All that cleaning made me hungry.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Steel-Cut Oats with Apples and Almonds + One slice of Pemeal Bacon(not shown)
Today I switched the pecans to almonds.  It was just as nice.  I also had the piece of bacon, only because I was making it for the rest of the family and there was one extra piece.  The pictures don't show the almonds because I added them after I took them.

Lunch: Roasted Salmon with Pepita & Cumin Seed Crust/Baby Spinach with Avocado, Pomegranate & Sunflower Seeds
This was SO good today!  The other day when I had the Salmon, I didn't care too much for the cardamon in the recipe.  Well, today I could barely taste it, and it was made at the same time.  Maybe with it sitting in the fridge for a couple days, the flavors blended nicely together.  I really enjoyed this lunch.  I paired the Salmon up with the Spinach Salad, so nice.  The sweetness of the Pomegranate seeds complimented the spices on the salmon.

Doesn't that look FANTASTIC!  I really, really enjoyed this one!
Oh yeah, I had a few cucumbers left, so I threw the five slices on the salad too.

Snack:  Baked Garlic Pita Chips/Guacamole
This was the best Guacamole that I have made so far.  I think because the avocados were just right. 

I also had a second snack after dinner.  I made the Chocolate Banana Bonbons from the April/May issue of Clean Eating magazine.  The same issue that had the Lemon Bars, the Crispy Apple Chips, Crunchy Garam Masala Chickpeas and much more...get this issue, if you haven't already.

Okay, so I dressed the up a bit with some chocolate transfer sheets.  I told you I was going to use the dark chocolate that I bought the other day to make some healthy Easter treats. 
So I HAD to make them fancy.

 Since I work hard cleaning today, I ate the extra snack to make up for those extra calories burned.  I did not log the cleaning into MFP, but the Chocolate Banana Bonbons are only 119 calories per serving, and I know I burned more than that.

Dinner:  Marinated Steak with The Best Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Paprika & Leeks
Another hit with the family with this meal.  My daughter came up to me and whispered in my ear, "Best Dinner".  Then my son followed and said, "This dinner was AWESOME!"  Here's a picture and you can decide on the looks...

The first picture shows without grated Parmesan, and the second with.  I remembered this time!
As my children said, "Best dinner" and "Awesome!"

Questions and Answers:

I had a few people message me in regards to the Salmon Sausages..."What are they???"

Answer: The are just as they sound...sausages made of salmon.  They look like any other sausage, only they are made with fresh salmon and spices.  I had never heard of them before until I went into the store the other day.  They were really good, but I think I told you that yesterday.  Go to a butcher shop and ask if they sell them.  I don't think you will find them in a regular grocery store.

Another reader, Daisy, asked me, "Do you use the log book that came with Body Revolution?'

Answer:  I started to, but since I already log all my foods into, I stopped.  I felt that I was spending too much time doing double the work which wasn't needed.  MFP keeps a record of all my entries, and I could even print them out if I wanted to.  If you are not on MFP, you really should be, but if not, USE THE LOG BOOK.  It has be proven that logging your food will help you lose more weight.  So USE IT!

She also asked, "Now that you are in Phase 2, do you notice any kind of different results?"

Answer: I am stronger, body and mind.  Plus, I am starting to see those "dents" in the sides of my butt.  More definition for sure.  There are still areas where I need to lose some more fat, but it is melting off each and everyday.  My waist was not really a huge problem area for me, it was/is my hips and butt.  However, I have lost about 2 inches off my waist.  If you have more to lose in that area, you will probably lose more inches then I have.  I will be taking measurements again at the end of this phase, which will be Sunday.  I will update my weight and measurements Sunday or Monday. 

Well I hope eveyone has a wonderful weekend!

Last time for Cardio 2 in the morning.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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