Saturday, April 7, 2012

Body Revolution Day 55 of 90

Day 55 = Cardio 2

Last time for this one for me.  I am ready for Phase 3.  Well...after my well deserved Rest Day tomorrow of course. So long "Fast Feet"...yeah right!...Jillian will probably do them again in the next phase, only this time holding weights or something. That's okay, I can handle that, because that's what I did today again. I pushed my own UP button again. I did all the cardio moves, except the Burpees, with weights.

After I was done with Cardio 2, I placed the disc back in the folder and pull out Phase 3 from the box. It's so exciting, it's almost like Christmas. I pulled out Workout 9, put it in the DVD player and shut it off. It can wait till Monday morning. That is the greatest feeling about this program...after around 30 minutes of good hard are DONE! Done for the day. No more long workouts cutting into your family time, cooking time, shopping for REWARDS time, cleaning time(oh wait...I don't really like cleaning though), gardening time etc...

Once I had the DVD player prepped for Monday, I slipped on my rubber boots and jacket and headed outside before there rest of my family woke up. I had bought some dirt the other day to put over the bare spots in the lawn. I hit the start button on my HRM to track my calorie burn from doing this little bit of gardening. It was physical, so I thought I would log it today.
I burned 139 calories in 30 minutes.
So compare that to the 32 minutes & the 292 calories I burned off with Cardio 2.
Short workouts + high calorie burn = a very HAPPY Trina. 
Short workouts + having time to garden = A VERY HAPPY Trina!

Something that else made me happy, occurred last night.  Once I publish my post, I share it through,  Facebook and Twitter. And every night I plug my iPhone in and set it on my bedside table.  After I crawled into bed and closed my eyes, I heard my phone alert me of a email/Twitter notification.  Since I wasn't asleep yet I checked it out.  Here is the Twitter post that came up after mine...
Pretty cool, eh?
Jillian, I love Body Revolution!  And from what I have heard from my blog readers...they LOVE IT TOO!
Even the ones that don't have it, are wanting it, and some have told me they have ordered it.


Thank you Jillian! One of your B*tches, Trina.
I have chosen success!  Failure is not an option for me.

With Phase 3 yet to go, my Body Revolution success made itself known at the mall today.  After breakfast, we headed out the door to go shopping.  We have a wedding coming up, and I needed to buy a dress for it.  I was trying on dresses and I was enjoying it!  I found one that I liked at Le Chateau, but the store only had them in a size Large...too big.  WooHoo!  The sales associate called the other store that had a medium, and asked them to put it on hold.  So this size medium dress took us to another Le Chateau in another city.  Once I was at the Guelph, ON location, I found yet another dress that I loved.  Same print, different style...the only size they had was an XXS...too small...or was it???  I loved it SO much, I tried it on anyway.  I told the sales associate, "If I hear a stitch pop, I will stop".  I didn't hear a thing...but it was tight.  My husband stayed out in the car as our kids had had enough shopping.  I tried to text him to show him this new find, but there was no reception from the store in the mall. ARRRGGHHHH!  What to do, what to do???  I tried the size medium of the other dress on, I still liked it, but this other one, it shows off my arms...all my hard work, I have to show it off...right???
(Sorry the pictures are not that clear)

So...the first one is the medium dress that brought us into the Guelph store.
The second dress is the size XXS that I fell for.

The sales associate had already checked the other stores for a medium in the sleeveless such luck.  After trying it on and seeing how this one fit, she asked me if I wanted her to check the other stores for a size small.  YES PLEASE!  NOW...this dress took us to yet another Cambridge, ON.  I ended up buying both of the above dresses and then headed to the Cambridge location.  I ran into the Cambridge Le Chateau, and tried on the size small...MUCH better...however, I was still impressed that  squeezed into an XXS.  I exchange the XXS for the Small and was quite happy with the way the day worked out. 
Backing up a bit..Before leaving the Guelph store, I had mentioned that I had lost weight and was still in progress.  I think it was the manager who I was speaking with at this point.  She asked me HOW and what I was doing to do this.  I was more than happy to tell.  I told her how Body Revolution has changed my lifestyle, with Eating Clean and Body Revolution workouts.  I then told her that I was blogging about my journey, I even wrote down my blog address for her to check it out...Jillian you might have another interested participant. 

It was so great to share my success with others, just like is great sharing it with all of YOU!
And I like hearing about your success too.

So since we were out and about...what would I eat for lunch at the mall????  Coming up...

Today's food...
Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with Quinoa Crunch & Berries

Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Avocado Panini
While my husband and children chose something different, I checked out Cultures in the food court.

It was healthy and satisfying.  You don't have to eat badly when you are out, even in the mall food court.  There ARE healthy just have to Stay Strong and make them!

Snack: Next Organics Dark Chocolate Bananas
I found some in a store at the mall, and since I thought we would be home sooner rather than later, I didn't pack my snack.  So I bought a bag and we shared them.  These are what kept me searching for the right dress.
Remember these from the other day?
I just looked up the website for you...check it out..
You might find something that you like too.  Just make sure you read the labels and eat in moderation.

Dinner:  Mediterranean Lamb Burger/The Best Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Paprika & Leeks
Leftovers...we got home from our 8 hours of dress shopping and I did not want to prepare a new meal.  So leftovers it was...which was great!

It definitely hit the spot after a full day of shopping. 

I walked and walked a lot today, but I didn't bother logging it into MFP as exercise. 
After dinner, I did have another snack only because my calorie count was not high enough. 
My additional snack: Baked Garlic Pita Chips/Guacamole
I had to eat the Guacamole up so that it would not go bad...I HAD TOO!  LOL

Seriously my calorie count finished at 1273 calories for today.  Can you believe that ALL that delicious looking food could be so low in calories, but very filling and very satisfying?  I CAN...because I'm living it and LOVING IT!

Tomorrow is Rest Day...and Easter.  I hope the Easter Bunny brings me more Next Organics Dark Chocolate Bananas.  Tomorrow I will talk of REWARDS again.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. Girl congrats on the lower dress size! Your reviews have made me decide to purchase BR myself! I found and start reading your blog 2/3 weeks ago. I'm ordering my copy this week. By the way, in the second photo I can see those "dents"/definition in the outline of the dress you and Jillian are talking about! Keep it up, girl! LOL

    1. Hey Doadoubletake,

      Thanks so much! Thanks for reading and following my blog. Congratulations on taking a step, by ordering Body Revolution, to becoming a Healthier Version of YOU. It's a wonderful program, I think you will enjoy it.

      Stay Strong!

  2. How cool that Jillian tweeted you! The food looks delicious and you look fabulous!! Great job! Keep it up. You are an inspiration! I love being one week behind you and hearing what I'm in for next!! :)

    1. Hi mzjstef,

      I thought it was pretty cool! Thanks for the compliments and for reading my blog.
      I will let you know what happens in Workout 9, tomorrow.

      Stay Strong!

  3. Hi - I'm Liz from Marietta, Ohio, USA. I saw JMBR on TV and did a websearch and came across your blog at day 3. I've been reading it ever since. I've ordered the program, and MONDAY I start! I'm nervous. Anxious. Excited. and scared to death. But like you - failure is NOT an option and I've made that choice. I'm most nervous about following the meal plan because I've not been an adventurous eater in the past. But I'm going to try every recipe at least once before substituting in something else (if I don't like it). Thank you for the motivation. My goal is 25lbs. I am 5'4'' and I weigh 147. I'm 27 and have 3 children. I want to take control of my life, my choices, myself again. SO...Here we go! Again - thank you.

    1. Hi Liz,

      That's AWESOME that you are starting tomorrow. Don't be scared, you will be able to do this program. Do the modified moves if you need to and then move on from there. You will do it!

      Stay Strong!