Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Body Revolution Day 66 of 90

Day 66 = Cardio 3

Well after going out for dinner last night and going to bed late, I felt a bit sluggish this morning. My alarm went off at 5:30am as usual, however I hit the snooze button, again and again AND again.  I got up at 6am.  But that is why I LOVE Body Revolution...the short workouts and cardio allows me enough time to sleep in when needed, workout, shower, have breakfast and get my son ready for school before my work day begins.  So far I have done all of Body Revolution workouts in the morning, that way it's done and I don't have to think about how I am going to get in my workout after a long day of work.

Once I got downstairs this morning, I felt HEAVY, so that is NOT me in this picture, I don't wish it to be me, I want it to be me and I know I will get there.  With Phase 3, I am feeling like my butt looks more like this, but I still have a ways to go.  And that's okay.  In Cardio 3, Jillian says, "if you believe, you will achieve".  I believe! I BELIEVE!  As I am standing, doing whatever I am doing during the day, I can feel each and every lunge, squat, kick etc creating new BUNS for me.  It's AWESOME!  Once  I get to >>> that point I will get my husband to take a picture of ME and I will post it.  Of course after going to the spa and getting a Sea Salt Scrub Body Polish and maybe a tan.  hehehe.  Oh and a manicure too.  Why not?

So getting back to feeling feet barely got off the ground through the first set of Fast Feet.  To tell you the truth...I always seem to suck at the first Circuit of these in Cardio 3.  After I got through the first circuit, I started to find my groove again.  It's not that I wasn't working hard through circuit 1, I WAS, it's just I felt tired, sluggish and HEAVY(remember?)  I ROCKED IT! 

During ALL the plank style exercises in this one, I kept thinking I will only be able to do 30 seconds in my little Plank Challenge.  I was even thinking of not doing it today.  Then I looked down and I saw my Stay Strong necklace dangling from my neck and I thought, "I can do it!"

And I did!...

The sweat was dripping off of me, onto my mat, as I trembled at 1 minute 34 seconds.  I thought to myself, "OMG, at least another minute to go"...again I looked down at my necklace and I thought, "HELL YEAH!"...and this was the outcome...This little challenge of mine is NOT part of Body Revolution, it is just something that I chose to do.  It only takes a few minutes of my time right now and it's a challenge.  When I am actually in Plank, I think about doing a Side Plank and I wonder how long I could hold those on each side.  Maybe that will be next...
Speaking of what is coming up next.  I am still going over things in my head and wondering what to do.  I would still like to blog about Life After the First 90 Days of Body Revolution, and also keep offering support to those of you who are still doing the program OR just starting out OR wondering if it is right for them and if they should purchase it.  I will tell you right now...If you think "is it worth the money?", just think YOU ARE WORTH IT, then order it!  I also want to offer my support with the food too.  Many people have messaged me or left comments on how good my food looks.  It doesn't just look good, it tastes good too.  Just because I am eating around the 1200 calorie marker doesn't mean I am not eating enough.  I am eating WELL and so can you.
I am definitely getting Jillian's Kickboxing DVD as a REWARD so I will be doing that at some point.  I have heard good things about a few other programs too.  However, I do not want to be working out for any longer than 26-36 minutes as Body Revolution has been in length so far.  I want to be able to sleep in those few mornings. LOL Whatever program I chose to do, I will shorten the workout if I have to.  I may even start Body Revolution over again, and get my husband on board with the workouts.  Unfortunately with doing that, we would have to workout at night...that makes me want to rethink things.  I am a morning person, he is NOT.
Let me know what you would like to see me do.  Send me suggestions in regards to programs, and I will look them over and decide on what to do.

Today's food...
Breakfast:  6 Egg White Omelet with Peppers, Onion & Turkey Bacon
When I saw this in the pan while it was cooking, I thought, "I'm not going to be able to eat all that!"
Well I did!  And it did not make me feel stuffed either.  I heated the pan and just threw in some red, orange and yellow peppers along with some onions and turkey bacon.  Let that cook for a few minutes and then added the egg whites.  I used the wrong pan and I couldn't flip it properly without it breaking up, so it doesn't look perfect, but it tasted that way.

That's a lot of food!  But it was only 188 calories total.

Lunch: Roasted Salmon with Pepita & Cumin Seed Crust/Russet Potato Salad with Spinach and Lemon
I told you the other day I would be enjoying this meal again. 

If you like salmon, you have to try this recipe.  It's in the Fat Bruning Meal Plan recipe book.

Snack: Crispy Apple Chips with Cinnamon

These make a nice light snack and SO easy to make. 
Check out the April/May issue of Clean Eating magazine.

Dinner: Chicken Burger with Onion Topping/Sweet Corn
We bought some chicken burgers from The Healthy Butcher the other day.  Very, very good.  I ate mine with no bun, along with some sweet corn.  My husband picked up a onion topping while we were at the grocery store the other day.  I was quite impressed with him.  He actually read the ingredients and he said there were under 5 ingredients listed.  He listened to me when I was telling him about Rule # 26 from Tosca Reno's, Just the Rules, book.  Good job mate!

The Onion Crunch ingredients: Onion, Palm Oil, Wheat Flour, Salt
I thought the sodium would be quite high, but it's not.  It tasted really yummy on the burger.

Evening Snack:  Chocolate Covered Carrot Cake Pop/Ball
After a busy day and busy evening, I needed to have another snack to raise my calorie count up higher.
You know how much I like chocolate and I love carrot cake too.  So it can't get any better than this.


I have a helper tonight while writing this blog...

I don't get much done when he sits on my lap though because he puts his head right on my hands.  I gave him some fuss and then he got down.  Now he's following Sok around.  Remember this little cutie...

Have a great night everyone! I'll be back tomorrow again.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night

Trina and Indy(the cat) Meow


  1. Wow, great post! We all have our heavy days, good on for your busting through! When you are finished your 90 days, I will want to hear about how you maintain your weight, or progress, once this program is done. Will your meals be similar? Will you continue to workout 6 days per week? Do you have further goals on your journey? I would be interested to read and follow that.

    1. Hey Jessica,

      Thanks for following and reading my blog. Thanks for your input on what you would like to hear about once I have completed the 90 day program.
      Maintenance can be harder then losing the weight itself.
      I will keep you updated on what's coming up.

      Thanks again and Stay Strong!


  2. Hey Trina! Have you done P90X before? I bought this program and Jillian's at the same time and was going to return one. I went with Body Revolution because I thought I would be more motivated as a beginner to do 30 minute workouts. I am down to the wire on time to return it and am looking for feedback from someone who has done the program. I have heard great things about Les Mills and that program is only 1/2 hour. Very excited to see what you decide on next since we are on the exact same day of the workouts. I do have kickboxing fastfix too, but like the structure of a 'program'.

    1. Hey Meghan,

      I have tried P90X before. It was probaby about 3 years ago, I never completed the 90 days though. The workouts are good, but they are long. Like the YogaX is 90 minutes in length. Last year I was mixing some of the P90X workouts into my mix of workouts, usually just Kenpo X, Cardio X and Ab Ripper X. I am stronger now than I was 3 years ago so I could give it another try, but I would want to shorten the workout times somehow. I was also looking into the Brazilian Butt Lift program, seeing as that is still a problem area for me.
      What Les Mills program are you talking about. I used to be an RPM instructor and that is a Les Mills program and I started to take the training for Body Pump as well. Both those programs are 55-60 minutes in length at the gym. Have they come out with a home program?

      I will keep you posted on what's next.

      Stay Strong!

    2. Yes, they have a home program through Beach Body. I know someone who is doing this program and has got great results. Just not sure i want to buy another program when I have P90X laying around.

  3. I'd like to keep up with your post-90DBR life, too! Maintenance can be just as challenging as weight loss!

  4. Hi Trina. Have you thought about Insanity? I see that you seem to thrive on the cardio, and it is shorter than the P90X workouts. The first 1/2 is 40 minute workouts; the second 1/2 is 60 minute workouts. It is a 60 day program & my colleague who has done both P90X (3x!) and Insanity really loves this set. It is another BeachBody set...

    You are so inspirational! Congratulations on all of your success.

    1. hey ct,

      I was checking out some of the workouts today. I looked at Insanity, Brazilian Butt Lift, Turbo Fire and Les Mills Pump. Still undecided. While I was looking at Insanity, I was thinking I may just do BR again OR at least start it again and see how it feels second time through. I would probably do the Kickstart again and move on from there. But like I said, I am still undecided.

      Thanks for the input!


  5. Hi Trina!

    I am so sad that I got to the end/present day of your blog! I literally read EVERY blog and looked at EVERY picture! Such an inspiration. For anybody else looking at this comment I am making, I am currently in week 3 of p90x and you are right it is long workouts, PLUS training for a tonight is Yoga and a 40 minute um..2 hours and 10 minutes..without kids though it is fairly easy to do.

    I LOVE Jillian! I saw the advertisement the other day on TV and HAVE to get it when my p90x is done..I would now, but I don't want to give up on my goal of finishing this. I am not doing the p90x diet I probably won't get the ripped look everybody else gets..but that is okay, as a girl I am not totally into that :) BUT I think that making my workouts only 30-35 minutes a day, plus running a few times a week..I will want to follow Jillians meals.

    I am kind of picky when it comes to eating, in fact I am just now learning how to eat bananas..and some of the food you you are brave! BUT I am intrigued and CANNOT wait until the first week in July!

    1. Hey amilynn,

      Thanks for following!

      Wow that's quite the workout for you tonight. I totally think they could have made Yoga X only 60 minutes instead of 90, it's just too long.

      You will LOVE body Revolution. The workout times are AWESOME!

      The meals are great! You can definitely modify them to suit your likes...but just make sure they are HEALTHY likes. I know one meal that I probably won't be making and that is the Calamari Dinner. (I might) Who knows??? might taste like chicken!

      Stay Strong while you finish off P90X.