Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Body Revolution Day 65 of 90

Day 65 = Workout 10

This is the little one that got me out of bed this morning as soon as my first alarm went off.  Not that she climbed all the way upstairs last night, but rather I was worried about her and our other two cats. 

She was fine...
Our other two are actually afraid of her...hehehehe.

Okay...on to Workout 10...I really like this one. I can really feel it working my problem area of the hips, butt and thighs. I still have a chunk of fat hanging onto my hips(each side),so that would make 2 chunks I guess. I don't get frustrated about this anymore, because I know it will be soon be gone. I am happy with how I am looking lately, and more importantly, how I'm feeling. I feel healthy and strong.
In this one, I like doing the Curtsies with a Rear Cable Fly...this one is really gonna help take care of those fat chunks, PLUS bring sexy BACK.  Oh yeah, my back is going to look awesome from now on.  However, I one thing to pick on with this one...it is the way Omar does this exercise.  Jillian states to have your hands shoulder width apart, with resistance with the cable.  Well check out how far apart Omar's hands are, and check out the slack in the cable.  Yet Jillian says he's got "that crazy range of motion"...I would have that same "crazy range" if I had that much cable slack in between my hands too.  "As long as you feel it, you are doing it right", oh I felt it alright.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Blueberry Banana Muffin

Lunch: Tomato Sandwich on Garlic Rubbed Toast/Hard Boiled Eggs

Snack: Fresh Pineapple

NO...I didn't at the whole thing!  I could have though, it was SO good!

Dinner: Indian Cuisine at Koh-i-noor Restaurant in Waterloo, ON
We went out with friends tonight to celebrate their upcoming marriage.  The food was fantastic!
Thanks for a great night out Bill and Dawn and everyone else.  We will see you at the wedding on Friday.

This was just the start of the food...

It kept on coming out.  I did not pig out, but I did feel quite full when I was done.  Not sure how I am going to log everything into MFP, for today I might just plug a calorie count in.  I'll go high just to cover myself. 

I will sweat it out in the morning during Cardio 3.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


I know, I know it was a short one.  But we actually got out with some great friends tonight and had a wonderful time.  Now I have to get my kids off to bed.  I already know that it will be a nightmare in the morning to wake my son up for school.  Must go...Stay Strong!


  1. Hi Trini, Your new addition to the family is adorable! And I love how you picture your food choices. I found your blog after I ordered the program and have read it faithfully. I do have a question - I completed week 1 with performing the metabolic trainings followed by cardio ( 60 min time commitment) ... My question...for the following weeks, am I reading the plan correctly that you drop trainings back to only 30 min session & not the standard 60 min like week one? Did you continue with the 60 min regime or follow the 30 min schedule week 2 onward? Krista

    1. Hey Krista,

      Thanks for reading!

      Yes you are reading the plan correctly. You only double up for the 7-Day Kickstart and then start on Week 2(Day 8) with Workout 1 and that's it for the day! I have been follwing the Workout plan as it's stated in the book and have had great results. As long as you eat right and workout, you should get great results too. Follow the meal plan as close as you can, or at least stick to the suggested calorie intake and you should be good.
      The Kickstart is only to be done ONCE during the 90 day program. Jillian designed the program so that WE don't have to spend hours working out each day, whether it be at home or at the gym. So that's what I am doing. I don't want to spend hours working out, so that is why I LOVE this program. And whatever I chose to do next, it will follow in this same structure, even if I have to shorten the workout times myself. I may do BR over again too...haven't decided yet what I am going to do next.

      I hope this has helped.

      Stay Strong!

  2. Thanks Trina for your response. Meal plans are fine, although missing bread and lack of beverage choices ! Plan to keep it up and enjoy the variety and the fact that the workouts push us to strive and try harder. Thank you and keep it up through your last month.. You're inspirational with the daily updates! Krista