Saturday, April 28, 2012

Body Revolution Day 76 of 90

Day 76 = Cardio 3

Cardio 3 in the hotel room in Toronto.  Nothing will stop me from getting through, and getting you through Body Revolution.  No excuses!!!

So this morning, I killed it! Cardio 3 that is.  I moved the ottoman out of my way and got down to it.  I answered Sarah's question yesterday about the space you need for Body Revolution.  I got through Cardio 3 with no problems in our hotel room.  If you lay on the floor and make yourself into an X, then you should have enough space for Cardio 3. 
The temperature of our room must have been much hotter than where I workout at home, because I was boiling during this workout.  It felt great though.  During the 3rd Circuit, I pushed the UP button for sure.  When doing my Rock Star Jumps...I think I may have bruised my bottom.  I kicked my self in the A$$ with each and every jump!
There was a little part of me that wanted to just blow off the workout and get on with our day...BUT...I didn't listen to that little part.  You know why????  Because there are still too many BIG parts on me that need to be made smaller.  Plus, it's only 33 minutes of hard work that needs to be put it, in order to move on with your day. 33 minutes...done...shower...dressed...out the door.  Feel FANTASTIC!  Priceless!!!

So added exercise for today...walking...slow to moderate pace throughout the day for about 6+ hours.  We walked and walked and shopped and shopped.  Well not too much shopping.  We ate too...

Today's food...
Breakfast: Mixed Berry Oatmeal
No fancy breakfast on this trip for me. After heading on of the hotel for the day, we stopped into Tim Hortons. I LOVE the oatmeal there. I also picked up a Apple Cinnamon Tea. I usually only drink water, but it was chilly outside this morning and I wanted, rather, needed to warm up.

Lunch: Mediterranean Lamb Burger with Split Pea & Ham Soup
We hit up another Pub today for lunch, The Duke of Richmond.

You can see the trend with the tea, the was and still is chilly outside today.

Snack: Nativa Popcorn, Nativa Rice and Sesame Cakes

Dinner: Mustard Salmon served with Garden Vegetables
We went out to The Keg for dinner.  Delicious! 

Dinner was so very good.  You know how much I LOVE salmon even when there is a choice of steak, I still went with my favourite.  It was delicious!

I see a pattern setting in with my Plank Hold Challenge.  Workout 11...I have sucky times with my Plank...Workout 12...I rock it...Cardio 3...I have sucky times.  Today's time...
Okay, so my times don't SUCK...I know that.  But it's just Workout 11 and Cardio 3 are tough on the arms, and therefore my Plank Hold suffers a bit.  I was watching the TV in the hotel room while I was holding this Plank this morning.  There is always tomorrow...oh wait...tomorrow is REST DAY!!!! Yay!!!

I will show you one of the REWARDS on my list, tomorrow.  I tried it on today and will order once I hit one of my goals.  I thought of this REWARD last year when I began my journey to a Healthier Version of Me.  It is expensive but I have and will continue to work hard for it.  Until tomorrow...
Stay Strong!

Good night

I will leave you with this quote today...

Start today, you will thank yourself a week, a month, a year from now.
You will become a Healthier Version of YOU!


  1. Hi! I just finished day 6 of 90 for the body revolution and your blog is AMAZING! AND OMG CONGRATS ON YOUR SUCCESS SO FAR! I am feeling really motivated to keep going and so far have really high spirits. I'm enjoying reading your reviews of the different DVDs. I find the first time I do a new DVD is the hardest, but the second time is always easier. I have a feeling that will continue :) Thank you for sharing your world with the blogging community, I am very thankful! If you have twitter I'd love to follow you, I'm @Kristen_TonesUp and am a PROUD member of :)

  2. Hey Kristen,

    Thanks for following my blog. Congrats on finishing up Day 6, that's AWESOME!

    I am on Twitter @phatsoslim

    Stay Strong! Keep up the great work!