Thursday, May 10, 2012

Body Revolution Day 88 of 90

Day 88 = Workout 11

ONLY 2 workouts remain...

I replied back to April's comment in regards to the 3 Part Push Ups...I told her that I had never tried doing them from my knees, and I said I may try them today seeing as it is the last time for Workout 11.  And...this is what happened...I did 3 from the knees and I switched back to Crow Push Ups from the toes. I found the 3PPUs did nothing for me, except cause me pain in my wrists(again).  DON'T DO THINGS THAT COULD CAUSE INJURIES.

Since this was the last time for this workout, guess what I did???... guessed it...pushed the UP button. I added two 10 lb dumbbells(20lbs total) for the Reverse Squats. Two 8 lb dumbbells(16lbs total) for the Bear Walks. I used an 8 lb for the first round of Jumping Statute of Liberty's, and then grabbed a 10 lb dumbbell for the second round.  This quote is SO true, and should be true for everyone.  You only have one body, so love the one you have, and do everything you can to make it better.

A move in this workout that I don't really like all that much is the Jumping Static Lunge with Shoulder Press.  I can do them, and I DO.  However, I just would rather not see them again...oh wait...I won't have to for a awhile.  Yay!!!!

Today's food...
Breakfast: Poached Eggs with Turkey Bacon & Guacamole
My son wanted a turkey bacon and egg on toast with ketchup for breakfast, so I skipped the toast and ketchup and went for two eggs and bacon for myself.

The guacamole I had made up last week didn't look so hot, so after getting my portion for this breakfast, I threw the rest out.  I'm sure it would have been okay to eat later today, but I have hummus in the fridge to use up too.

Lunch: Haddock & Spinach Salad/Sweet Corn
Another quick and easy lunch that was whipped together today.  I love spinach salads.  It's funny...when I was pregnant with my son, I couldn't eat them.  I would start to eat it and then...I just didn't feel like eating it because it kind of turned my stomach.  After he was born, I could eat them again.  STRANGE!!!!

Quick, Easy & Delicious!

Snack: Quick & Simple Apple Pie
Okay, I know what you are thinking..."she's caving"...No not at all!(my calories are all in check for today, even on the low side in fact)  I experimented today with this pie.  I had some of the crust mixture left over, so I added a bit of creamed honey and mixed it together...and...Voila!...a crust that sticks together much better.  So next time when making this pie, I will use some of the creamed honey that is called for in the filling and use it in the crust mixture, that way I won't be adding extra unnecessary calories.  I will still probably reduced the amount of honey used for the filling even more(even if by a couple teaspoons).  So here is my little pie...

Here is the crust in a little ramekin.  Cute, eh? 

Here is the finished pie.  And the crust that sticks!
Cutie Pie!

I cut out a quarter of this little pie to show you the new crust.  It was tough to get it out of the ramekin, but I managed to get it out in (almost) one piece.  But we all know that the first piece of pie out of the pie plate is always the messiest.  Right?!?!?! 
I'm sure this recipe can be adjusted to use others fruits as well.  MMM...just think...RASPBERRIES.  LOL

Dinner: Turkey Burger Topped with Homemade Salsa & Onion Crunch/Grilled Zucchini & Spinach Salad

Gotta love leftovers!

So may plank wasn't a record breaker today.  I knew that it wouldn't be.  I went heavier with weights during the workout, and I was tired and still feeling like...uggghhhhh...crap, from this cold/cough.  My time today was...4:21.4...not bad for a post Workout 11 plank.  Rae, made a comment on yesterday's post in regards to doing plank from my hands or my forearms.  I have done all my plank holds during my Plank Hold Challenge from my hands, just as Jillian does all of the plank moves in Body Revolution.  I never really thought of doing them from my forearms.  I may try one tonight and see what my time is...I'll let you know tomorrow.  By doing them from my hands, I am definitely working my entire arms, shoulder, back as well as my know what???...I feel it ALL over!  I know when I first started doing planks many years ago, I started on my forearms.  Most workouts that I have done in the past year, had the planks done from up on the hands, with straight arms. was curious......................................................I decided to try a plank hold just now.  From my forearms, my body full a day's food and lots of water...I held it for 1:31.9.  I could have gone longer I'm sure, but I didn't want to be sick.  I will try it again in the morning after Workout 12.
That might happen next time I go on vacation!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. I think that either way you hold a plank that you will feel it throughout your enitre body. It's tough either way. When you are doing cardio moves in a plank postition you have to do them on your hands. I was looking up how to hold a plank online and it all came up showing to do it on the forearms...which is how I've done it in all my exercise classes at the gym. I do find that holding it for long periods of time on my forearms is harder than my hands. But that could just be me. I think for you to tell which is harder would be to do your plank on your forearms first, when you're fresh, and see if you can hold it as long as on your hands. Maybe you could reach a goal time for your hands plank and then start the challenge over but do it all from your forearms. You've definitely inspired me to do the challenge. Once in a boot camp class I held it on my forearms for a little over 4 minutes. I'd like to do that again and then longer. :) Keep up the great work and congrats on almost being finished!

  2. So...have you told us what is next for you? I cannot believe you only have 2 workouts left?!?! You have been an awesome role model for all of us throughout the Body Revolution journey. I especially appreciate all of your food ideas, recipes, and pictures. You have shown that eating healthy and clean definitely does NOT have to mean tasteless and boring. LOVE IT!

    I enter Phase 3 next week, and am excited and nervous all at once. I'll keep your blogs in mind - - especially your comment about not doing things that cause injury. I've had to modify a few poses for various reasons related to my back and legs, and felt weak for having done so. I'm letting all that go now...and will push my body in the way that feels good and healthy.

    Lastly, I LOVE your quote today. Everytime I've come at a workout from the angle of punishment or un-doing some food 'wrong', it has been horrible. When I approach my workouts from the angle of becoming stronger, healthier, and a better me, they ROCK. Thanks.