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Body Revolution Day 89 of 90

Day 89 = Workout 12

At the end of Workout 12, Jillian and the gang, congratulate you, and she states that they will be there, whenever you need them.  Each time over the last 3 weeks whenever I did this workout, I didn't pay much attention to it because I knew I was not finished yet.  Well, today I listened and took it to my mind, body and soul.  I had completed ALL the workouts.  After tomorrow's Cardio 3, I will have completed this 90- day journey through Body Revolution.  It has been a great ride.  I have enjoyed it very much.  I have seen BIG changes in my body, through strength, fat loss and toning of the muscles that were hidden beneath all that fat that was once there.  As I have said, I still have some more fat that needs to be shed, in order for those newly toned muscles to really show up.  There is ALWAYS room for improvement.

Speaking of improvement...

The Wheel Push Ups-When I first seen a clip of Workout 12 from Jillian's site(this was 3 seconds before ordering BR)I saw them doing the Wheel Push Ups..."yeah right!"...was going through my head, I may have even said it out loud(<<<most likely)  My First attempt of this exercise on April 24th, I did 3 of them and then couldn't move for the duration of the move.  Second attempt-April 27th, I did 5.  Third attempt-May 1st-7 in the first round, then 6 in the second round.  Fourth attempt-May 4th-I didn't write it in my post that day and I can't remember, the number 9 rings a bell.  Fifth attempt-May 8th-10 first time around, 7 second time.  Sixth attempt-TODAY May 11th-I rolled that Wheel 11 times, BOTH rounds!!!!!   I didn't lift my leg as Jillian has some of them do, but I will in the next round of Body Revolution that I do.

So just because something looks hard and's NOT!  I tell my daycare kids, "We don't CRY, we TRY!"  I didn't lay there on the mat, on April 24th crying that I couldn't do it...I tried...and I did it...and I got better each and every time.  AND SO WILL YOU!!!  So don't look at them and think, "there is NO WAY in HELL that I will be able to do those" WILL!  Even if they are not that pretty looking and you can only do 1, it doesn't matter.  We are not supposed to look pretty while we are working out, that is what happens after we are done. 
<<<I had my husband take this picture just before finishing my post for today and I thought I would add it in.  My head is off the ground, you just can't tell because of all my hair.  AND I think my husband snapped the picture as my elbows bent into the push up, so that makes it look like I am on my head...BUT I wasn't...HONEST.

I used all the same weights as the other day.  Plus, I upped my weights from 5's to 8's during the Fly(while in plank)(<<<I can't remember what she called it again).  I used 5's for half of the first round, then switched to 8's, and then used 8's for the second round.  They were tough, but I did it.

It was a great feeling to reach the end of the workout, knowing that I stuck to my goal of completing the 13 weeks of workouts as described in the program.  There were a few ups and downs along the way, but I pulled through stronger than I was before.  And so will all of you.  Keep on pushing and you will get to this same day, knowing that you only have 1 more day of Cardio to go in the program.  It is a great accomplishment.  You should be proud of what you have done for yourself.  I know I am.

Let's talk food...

Today's food...
Breakfast:  Pumpkin Cranberry Muffin/Slice of Turkey Bacon
This morning's breakfast was a combination of something quick and cleaning up.  After my son ate his first breakfast, he decided that he wanted another egg and bacon sandwich.  So I made up some bacon and saved a slice for me.  In regards to the muffin, I want to eat up some of the muffins before making some more.  Which I would like to do this weekend.  So you might see another one for tomorrow's breakfast.

These are good muffins.

Lunch: Salmon Dijon Wrap served with Green & Yellow Beans and a Baby Spinach Salad

This looks better than it tasted.  I was experimenting today. 

While the daycare kids were enjoying their lunch, I was making this up.  The beans and the salad were great, but the wrap could have been better.  I really want to make up some more of that Basil and Walnut Pesto that was so delicious, that would have been nice in this wrap.

Snack:  Watermelon BRAIN Freeze/Almond Banana Smoothie
Experimenting again...the Watermelon Brain Freeze was just that.  I cut up some watermelon for the daycare kids first snack and I thought..."I will freeze some".  So I did.  Once it was frozen this afternoon, I blended some up in my Bullet, and tried it.  HOLY BRAIN F-R-E-E-Z-E!!!  I didn't finish the serving, it was hurting my head...I'm serious. 
I think next time I might try and mix some Greek yogurt into it, to make it creamier.

Since I didn't finish it, I wanted something else so I made the Almond Banana Smoothie.

No fancy glass for me on this one.  I just drank it from the Bullet mixer cup.
No Brain Freeze with this one.

Dinner: Calamari with Herbed Hummus and Sesame Rice Crackers
That's right!  I ate the last of the Calamari that I had prepared a few weeks ago.  I had thrown that last part serving in the freezer.  I took it out yesterday and thought I better eat that up so it doesn't go to waste.  The rest of my family had Subway Friday.  I bought these crackers tonight at Fiddleheads in Waterloo.  So I thought I would try them with the Hummus I made the other day.  It was all quite nice together.

While I was at Fiddleheads, I started talking to the lady at the counter, and I mentioned the apple pie that I made the other day.  I mentioned that I talked about in the blog that I am writing, she was very interested so I gave her my blog address.  She said she was going to check it out..."Hello to you at Fiddleheads Waterloo. I made it to the car wash just as my husband was going in, so I waited, and met them on the other side." <<<She will know what I am talking about.  LOL

Okay so I have talked about today's food.  Did you notice that I did not have my pancakes that I love so much this morning.  I told you I would save them for Sunday, and I will.  Isn't that perfect??? rest day is ON...Mother's Day!


This is from ctminnesota:  "So...have you told us what is next for you?"

Answer:  Sunday will be Rest day as it has been throughout Body Revolution.  Monday morning I am going to do Jillian's New Kickboxing DVD.  There is no set program for this workout, so I am going to review it this weekend and plan something out for the week.  I will probably do it for 2 weeks, along with some spinning, and then start the Brazil Butt Lift the week after.  I will confirm my plans on Sunday.  I want to plan it out and mark the workouts in my calendar just as I had done with Body Revolution.  Planning is key to staying on track.
I have saved the best for last in today's post. 

I hit another goal of mine...

I did it! 
 Lucky 7
I continued with my Plank Hold Challenge(Revolution) from my hands. 
I was determined to do it today, and I DID!
I discussed full arm planks vs forearm planks yesterday and tried doing one last night from my forearms.  I told you that I may do today's plank from the forearms, but something inside told me not to.  Once I hit Lucky 7 this morning, I thought to myself, "I will now try the forearm plank challenge".  It's funny, because after I decided to do this, I got an email noting a comment on my blog.  It was from Rae.  She suggested too, for me to try the forearm planks once I hit my Lucky 7 goal.  SO...

I will try it tomorrow after Cardio 3.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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  1. You are awesome and inspirational! Keep up with the blogs and journey while you kick butt back to your healthier version !!