Monday, May 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home

May 21, 2012's nice to go away, but it's also nice to be home again.  Here is a picture of a home for butterflies, bugs or little little birds.  My daughter wanted to take a picutre of this little home...  
The helmut is..."just to be on the safe side, mummy".

My little girl also took these two pictures of her brother and myself...

After we ventured down to see this little house again, we ate breakfast, and then started to pack up our camp to head home.

I am taking today as my Rest Day...tomorrow I will resume my workout schedule.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Tropical Quinoa Health Bar/Turkey Bacon on Half of a Foccachia Bun

Lunch: Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Salad

After we got home and unpacked the truck, showered and bathed, we were too tired to cook.  My husband suggested Subway..."Okay", I said.  I wasn't going to get anything, but then I remembered that you can turn any 6" sub into a salad.  My favorite sub is the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, so that is what I got.  It was great!

So...remember Hannah's question about CLEAN S'mores??? It's a challenge for me now. I searched the cupboards high and low for some unflavored gelatin to make the marshmallow...I couldn't find it. I think I threw it out when I started Body Revolution because the only reason I had some in the house, was because I had made marshmallows before and I thought I would not be doing it again. NOW I need it! Since today was a holiday, all the grocery stores were closed, and some of the stores that were open, didn't have it. The marshmallow making will have to wait until tomorrow night. I did however make some homemade CLEAN Graham Crackers. I found a recipe for regular graham crackers and cleaned it up. That recipe stated it made 10 large crackers. I made 64 S'more-sized crackers=32 servings of 2 crackers each=96 calories per S'more SO FAR(without the marshmallow and chocolate). Once I get the marshmallow made, I will check to see how many servings the recipe makes and I will let you know. That's if the CLEAN recipe even works. It was nice to get back home to my kitchen too.  Stayed tuned...

Since we ate a later lunch, the rest of my rest day turned into a snacking-kind-of-food-day.

I had some cantaloupe, Chocolate Covered Carrot Cake Ball, Terra's Sweet Potato & Beet Chips and I tried my Homemade CLEAN Graham Crackers. It wasn't the greatest day of eating but I didn't eat any crap and I drank lots of water.
I got thumbs up all around from my family after they tried the Graham Crackers. Let's hope the marshmallow turns out. Then dark chocolate will be the only ingredient I need in creating a CLEAN VERSION of S'mores.  I enjoyed some chocolate today on the cake ball.  I didn't take any chocolate with me this camping weekend.  It's definitely something I LOVE but I don't NEED it all the time.  And neither do you!

I hope all the Canadian readers had a wonderful long weekend.  Here in Ontario, the weather was absolutely gorgeous ALL weekend long.  LOVE IT!  Happy Victoria Day!

My body was sore today from the combination of getting back to C25K and sleeping in a tent in the great outdoors.  I could feel it in my hip area(C25K) and my lower back(sleeping outdoors).  It will be so nice to sleep in my own bed tonight.  In the morning back to working out with some weights.

My friend and her daughter started Body Revolution today...I'm so happy for them.  Stay Strong ladies!!!
Day 1 & Workout 1 is under their belts now 89 days to problem.  They have already done the hard part...and that is STARTING.  Great job!

Well I will leave with a few more pictures from our great weekend...

Until tomorrow...Stay Strong!


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