Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 4 Day 7 of RushFit

Week 4 Day 7 = Rest Day

I started today off with Breakfast...

Today's food...
Breakfast: Spiced Broiled Grapefruit

After breakfast my husband, the kids and I went out for a walk in the woods...

It was nice to get out before the rain came down. 

This was the same path I ran yesterday...very hilly, the kids were tired after about 30 minutes out of the 48 we were out.

Lunch: Hmmmm...Shame on me...I didn't really have lunch today.

After our walk my husband got ready to go to the pub to watch England vs sad England lost.  I dropped him off at the pub and the kids and I went to my parents house for a visit.  While the kids played, I ended up having a nap...THAT'S RIGHT!  You heard me...A NAP!!! That is something I rarely do, but I guess I needed to rest.  And after all it was my Rest Day.

Snack:  Green Grapes/Stix/Dark Chocolate Goji Berries
I guess I took the whole Rest Day thing too seriously, because I don't have any more pictures of my day.

Dinner:  Pasta with Meat Sauce
My Mum made dinner for us...yummy!  This is not something that I make at home because my husband does not care for pasta really.  That's okay though because pasta can be one of those foods people can eat way too much of.

After Dinner Snacks: Sweet Cherries/Raspberries/Wasabi Peas
The Wasabi peas I had our friend's home when I went to pick up my saddened husband after the game.  The fruit I ate just now.  I know it was a little late in the evening but I haven't really eaten enough calories for my day. 
It's late now and I am ready for my bed.  Tomorrow I am starting with Week 5 of RushFit and as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am switching to the Advance Training Schedule tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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